Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Kiro

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Chapter 038 – New Year’s Break [D]

I didn’t understand what happened, but Yururu-shishou regressed to an infant mentally… Well, such a thing could happen in the story, so I wasn’t that much surprised.

In fantasy stories, the so-called regression to infants was a basic procedure. Besides, it was caused by that Ector person. Since it couldn’t be helped, I would take care of her, I was always in her care after all. 


“Fay, hug me strongly!!” 

“…I refuse.”

“Hic… Ueeeeeehhhnnn! Fay doesn’t want to hug meeeee!!!”


Ah, she cried. She really was selfish, it gave a completely different atmosphere compared to her usual self, but there was no problem in particular. Things like these could happen after all. Also, I would pretend to not particularly care about it once she returned to her former self. 

She was always riding on my thigh and burying her face in my chest too. I might be a cool-type character… but it couldn’t be helped, so let’s stroke her head for a bit. 


She really felt like a child now. 23-years-old infant… huh. 

After putting Yururu-shishou to sleep, I drank tea with Mei the maid. She was telling me her opinion about the dungeon and worried about my eye, so I appreciated it. She was a good person, despite being a mob character. 


The way she pulled a magic stone out of her chest was interesting. It didn’t feel bad to spend time with a mob character sometimes. Mei was an interesting woman despite being a mob. 1 




Few days passed since the incident of Yururu turning mentally into an infant and it was a cold day of winter. Fay was swinging his sword alone. He was doing that every day, as he sought to better himself…

However, it caused a heavy burden on his body and as he kept training with a devilish expression and concentration to the point he forgot to breathe… so he would naturally faint. 


When Fay woke up, he saw a familiar ceiling. He woke up on the bed in Ector’s medical office where he was surrounded by Yururu, Maria, Mei, and Ector. 


“Ah, you’re awake. You see, I told you to not become a regular of this place, right?” 

“…Sorry to trouble you.”

“Haah, you make people worried… don’t you have to apologize? To those three.”

“Fay-kun! You’re always overdoing it! I am really angry about this!”

“Fay-sama, please obediently get scolded by ojou-sama.”

“Fay… I really got worried about you.”


The three spoke various words as reprimands while looking at Fay worriedly. 


“Yururu-chan and Mei-chan found you fainted then they met Maria when they were bringing you here. Be sure to thank them properly.” 

“Sorry to trouble you.”

“Haah… well, I know well Fay-kun won’t listen even if I told you not to overdo yourself… I’m also sorry. I didn’t notice the burden my disciple’s bearing turned heavy. I’m also sorry to Maria-senpai. Even though you entrusted Fay-kun to me, it ended up like this.”

“I-I don’t mind. Also, thank you very much, both Yururu-san and Mei-san.”


From Maria’s perspective, the two were part of the few people that were close to Fay so she had decent gratitude and concern toward them. She wouldn’t get angry or complain at them. 


“Mei is also indebted to Fay-sama. We also talked the other night.” 

“…At night.”

“At night… Mei-chan, when did you-”

“It’s when ojou-sama mentally turned into an infant.”

“Ah, you mean during the period I wish to forget…”


Fay, I wonder what you were talking about with Mei-san, just the two of you? 

Mei-chan… I wonder what they were talking about when I turned mentally into an infant back then. That period is my black history so I don’t want to mention it though. 

Fufu, the three great beautiful heroines are gathering together for the first time in a while. Mei personally felt these two were the biggest and strongest rivals. 


“Fay, you shouldn’t make Yururu-san and Mei-san worried too much.” 



Fay said that and got up from his bed. The three knew well that he had no intention to listen and tried to return to his training as it was. Yururu, Maria, and Mei were holding their heads. Even if they told him to not overdo it and warn him they know he wouldn’t listen, so they were wondering how to convince Fay to not do ridiculous things, but didn’t know how. 

“He seems to be returning to his training… Ah really, what should I do with Fay… I’m sorry, even though both of you are already being considerate.” 

“No, I already knew it would turn out this way somehow… you don’t have to apologize, Maria-senpai.”

“Mei also does not mind.”


Fay touched the door of the medical office and was about to leave. However, he turned to the three before he left. He then muttered with his usual cold tone and his usual expression. 


“Sorry to trouble you.” 


He left after saying that. 


“Fay is not a bad person. I think you will be troubled about him from now on, but can I ask both of you to watch over him?” 

“Yes, leave it to me. Fay-kun is my disciple after all.”

“Mei is also entrusted for that.”



Fay was swinging his sword again. Since the three told him not to overdo it, he swung his sword while being considerate to his body. As he continued to form a sword movement that cut the air, a golden shadow appeared and approached him.

“Fay… good morning.” 



Arthur greeted Fay while waving her hand. Fay glanced for a moment, but he said nothing and continued to swing his sword. 


“Fay, you’re always working hard, but your sword swings felt different today.” 


“I found a fashionable café the other day, how about we go there together?”


“Muu, you ignored me too much. I know you are embarrassed, but you have to respond properly.”

“…I’m not embarrassed.”

“Fufu, you’re being embarrassed… it’s so cute.”



Arthur was trying to poke on Fay’s cheek. As Fay evaded that, he glared at Arthur. Fay didn’t like her attitude which showed off herself as superior whenever they were together. 


“Fay… is your left eye okay?” 

“I think I told you before, there’s no problem.”

“I see, then… how about doing it with me after a while?”


She turned the wooden sword she brought along toward Fay. It seemed that she called him out with that intention from the beginning. For Arthur, who mostly only interacted with Fay this way, such spars were important moments for her. 


“Very well. I’ll play along.” 

“Then let’s do it lightly… I will show you how mighty onee-chan is.”


Both of them kicked the ground. Both of them had leisure during the spar so neither of them changed their expression from the beginning to the end. However, Fay was forced on the defensive side. 


Although Fay couldn’t see the future, he knew her swordsmanship well. He experienced fights against Mordred and Kyle back in the Free City who used similar swordsmanship. But even if he knew it well, the skill unleashed by her talent was astounding. 

The speed of her sword wasn’t inferior to Mordred’s. And it was precise too. The scary part was this was done without use of art whatsoever. Be it Mordred orf Arthur, Fay couldn’t reach the level of their strength yet.


“…Huh? You’ve getting stronger compared to before. What have you experienced in the Free City? Tell me about it.” 

“Don’t talk unnecessarily.”

“Okay. Then tell me when I win.”

“…If you win, that is.”

“Yes, that’s a promise! Let’s talk about it at the fashionable café I mentioned earlier!”


Arthur increased the stake without asking Fay. And she was happy that she managed to get his promise so she couldn’t help but to show more of her capability than usual, which ended with a strike on Fay’s solar plexus. 


Fay fainted for the second time today. Fay fell into darkness. However, his resilience and tenacity quickly woke him up. 


“Ah, you’re awake.” 


He was on Arthur’s lap when he woke up.” 


“I’m getting worried. Are you okay?” 

“…No problem.”

“I see… How does it feel when you get your eye transplanted?”

“Nothing in particular.”

“I see…”


My eyes are also not what I was originally born with… that’s why, we’re matching now… I won’t say that… But Fay is not alone, you know? 


The wind blew through her. A vision of bright red rotten blood revived in her. She was always all alone… but now… 




I fainted when I trained in the morning. Well, to think I got so focused on swinging my sword that I forgot to breathe… I have to remember to breathe properly when I do practice swings from now on. 


There was Doctor Ector when I woke up. I sure became a regular at this place. Perhaps I should prepare my personal bed here? I think I will often come here from now on after all. Maria, Yururu-shishou, and Mei were making a fuss too. 


I was happy for their worry and telling me not to overdo it… but being a protagonist meant I would be reckless. There was nothing I could do about this. 


I just woke up, but I have to return to my practice swings… It had been so peaceful without any event occurring recently so I had to do my practice properly with this opportunity… 

Well, the three have been worried after all, so I had to breathe properly and be considerate while swinging my sword. Just as I thought of that, Arthur came. 


We got to spar, but I was beaten down. Damn it… I was the protagonist but I kept losing against her. It was already around my 3,000th defeat. 

This must be because of that… Her character’s strength was definitely ranked above mine, something like the strongest person in the series… I didn’t read much spoilers about “Round Table Heroes,” but I guess Arthur was the strongest character there? 

After all, she managed to win against me, the protagonist, 3000 times in a row. My winning percentage dropped because of her. Even during my time at Free City, my defeats were more than my victories because of Mordred. 

I was still losing against Tlue too… I was the protagonist here… yet my winning rate was less than fifty percent… I think a person like Arthur who had good looks gained popularity and was thought to be the protagonist by players. 

I was the real protagonist here. 


Well, I was the hardworking protagonist, so I guess it was about working harder. To raise the number of my victories… there was no way but to work harder. 


I would do my best as the protagonist. Also Arthur, stop with the lap pillow. I wasn’t happy about it at all. 

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10 months ago

Number one about exercise isn’t the movement or the stretches, but correct breathing, remember to inhale and exhale.

1 year ago

Fay :Also Arthur, stop with the lap pillow. I wasn’t happy about it at all. 

Me: repair your eye again Fay and see her true appearance

Thx for update

1 year ago
Reply to  Carrion

Her true appearance? You mean a giant panda?