Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 60 – The Power of the Holy Sword Replica [B]

Holy Sword Excalibur. Everyone has heard of that name. It was the legendary sword that was said to be wielded by Arthur, the Origin Hero. 

The legend exists in the land of fairies. However, there was a strange part of the legend regarding the existence of a counterfeit of said holy sword. 


“Aah, aah, I really don’t like this. Why do I have to steal the replica of the holy sword? Aah, aah, I really don’t like this. What a hassle.” 


The sound of something scraping the ground could be heard. The holy sword was stuck in the pedestal and this man simply dragged the entire pedestal across the ground. 

It was a pale, thin man with messy hair, vacant eyes, and dirty clothes. And the most conspicuous thing about him was the large amount of bright red blood that stained his clothes. 

The blood was still fresh, and the metallic smell irritated one’s nose. 


“This smell of blood too, aaahhhh, I feel nauseous… I was asked by that person to awaken Aliceia but-” 

So it was here.


The man dragging the holy sword suddenly stopped because the killing intent made it as if gravity that was increased by a dozen times was directed at him. 

There weren’t many people in the areas farther from Swordsmanship City and the arena. Furthermore, most were gathered there for the tournament choosing the bearer of the holy sword replica. 

However, the low voice came from above. Fay was looking down from a brick house.


“It’s Aliceia- Nope, it’s not. Geez, I was told to deal with Aliceia here. That person wanted Aliceia to, no wait, you are… I see, you are Fay.” 


“I see I see, so you really are Fay. I heard a little about you recently. My name is Shrill. I’ll just introduce myself since it’s the obvious thing to do. Aah, aah, I see, I was told that you ought to be killed. That is why you have to be killed, aah, I guess I’ll kill you then.”


A creaking sound was heard from Shrill. A spike of bone protruded from his arm and split like a branch, becoming like leaf veins. 


“Nebular Bone (White Bone Arrow Rain).” 


The bone spikes parted into many pieces and flew toward Fay. They surrounded Fay from all directions like a prison. 


“Aah, aah, thank you for your hard work. Good night.” 


Shrill mistakenly assumed he had finished Fay off with that. He thought that there was no way his opponent could escape from his prison of bones. 

Crack, crack, crack. Instead of the sound of a prison lock prying open, it was the heavy sound of pressure applying from above. The swordsmanship ground the bones.


“What? To think you shook off that prison with your strength…” 

“Too shallow.”


As Fay sheathed his katana, hundreds of pieces of broken bones fell. Bones were split and scattered around. 


“Ooh, to think a mere human is capable of this much. You’re definitely stronger than when I was still pure human, as I definitely would lose if not for the abyss’ cells I have.” 


Shrill’s eyes glowed crimson from surprise yet he still laughed ferociously. He was enveloped with dark art that gave the impression of hatred as his body swelled in size. 


“I have already surpassed humans. I am the ideal human species that has taken in the cells of the abyss. That has surpassed fairies, beasts, and humans, and adapted to it. That’s the power of a demonic human.” 

“Demonic human, huh.”

“That’s right. I am a new human species that has already been pursued by the Eternal Foundation.”

“Eternal Foundation. It’s a name I’ve heard from somewhere before.”

“Aah, I guessed as much, since we know you had a relationship with Alpha. We heard that you have defeated several agents. You might have somehow managed until now, but it’ll be impossible against me. I, I, I, I, am the perfect, accomplished, and complete form of humanity.”

“So you call yourself the best. You, who feel satisfied with your current state, on what grounds do you have to declare you can defeat me? Why don’t you draw out the holy sword beside you then?”

“The holy sword reacts to the light art. Are you that much of a fool who doesn’t know that? Well, I guess you are. The holy sword requires light art just like Arthur-”

“Don’t make me laugh. The moment you stopped walking in the realm of understanding meant that you won’t be growing any more. You are far from the best.”

“Aaahh, you can talk as much as you want.”

“Fuh, then let me show you, the thing beyond the understanding, the new possibility that I’ve reached.”


Fay took a deep breath. It was a shallow breath, but he took a breath and held it in. Aliceia and Morgol, who were watching in hiding, couldn’t hide their amazement. 


“Fay-oniichan is actually regulating his breathing. So that’s how he does it. At this moment, he will reach out for the holy sword.” 

“To think onii-chan looks nervous…”

“I told you he’s not your onii-chan. Fay will now finally draw the holy sword and become a legend.”


Once again, Fay ran at full speed. He swung back and punched. Shrill raised a defensive fist in response. A storm-like gust was generated by the collision of fists. 

Shrill was blown away, while Fay remained in his spot. However, his arm was red and swollen due to the reinforcement magic applied beyond its limit.

However, Fay didn’t care about that and slowly reached out to the pedestal of the holy sword. 


“There’s no way you can draw it. You see-” 


Shrill, who was blown away, immediately returned while laughing. Fay slowly took the hilt of the holy sword with his injured right hand. 

A second, two seconds, and three seconds passed. 


“So you can’t draw it after all. Aaah, I knew it. That requires art-” 


Fay was so still it was as if time had stopped. But the next moment, he seemed to notice something, then- 

With the sword still stuck in the pedestal, he swung it around as hard as he could. The pedestal struck Shrill’s body and blew him several meters away. 


“Gahah, hah? W-what, what the? What are you doing?” 

“This is the true use of the holy sword.”

“Haah? Hah? Haaaaahhhh? I don’t understand what you mean. Are you an idiot? Leaving the holy sword stuck in the pedestal and swinging- gahahh?!”

“Shut up.”


The pedestal was swung again to silence him and it hit. The thing that was supposed to be a holy sword was being used like a short maul. 1 2

Although the pedestal’s length was short, the holy sword stuck there was so heavy, it made it difficult to use. But that was only for ordinary people, there was no problem for Fay. 


“Are you an idiot, to think you would use the holy sword while it’s still stuck in the pedestal, there’s a limit to how much of its original power you can use. It won’t even exert one-tenth, nay, one-hundredth of its true power!! It’s an inefficient, foolish, and barbaric way of using it!! That sword has tremendous energy in it!! As long as Aliciea wields it, then she will-“ 

“I’m the one who uses it, so I’m the one who decides. This is the true power of the holy sword. The holy sword answered to me.”

“You mean that?! I won’t allow such a ridiculous thing to be approved! We spent a long time enhancing our bodies and researching cells, and I am the successful specimen from that research, so like hell I’ll accept being defeated through such a ridiculous use of the holy sword!!!” 

“My holy sword and your Eternal Foundation 3 will fight till our deaths. I also want to confirm the power and sensation of the holy sword.”

“The holy sword’s power doesn’t come out at all!! You’re just swinging the pedestal around!! Gahah?!!”


Shrill was hit from above by the pedestal. 


It’s agile and heavy?! Is this the power of the holy sword?! Like hell it is!! He is just swinging a hard rock and smashing it at me! 

His arm was injured in a clash of fists with me, but to think he actually produced such a high force from it. Without genetic manipulation, without adapting to foreign cells, he actually managed to reach this height of power, what a monster. 

What will happen if that adapts to cells? That person said the man named Fay had practically empty art so he intended to research what would happen if the void is filled with dark art… that person also told me to pass Fay’s corpse over if I managed to defeat him. 

But, but but but but, that’s no good!! If a man like that is given abyss’ art, the dark art, then… 

He will literally crush the whole Eternal Foundation, growing into a threat that could swallow us whole!!! 


The high attack power from swinging hard rock always caused concussions. Berserker (brain dead super high firepower swing) was played out. 4 


“Tch, damn, it’s impossible. Aahh… Mephisto-sama…” 


The battle between the best cell adapter and Pedestal Fay’s victory went to Fay. The holy sword that was supposed to be drawn by Aliceia ended up in Fay’s hand, thus erasing most of Aliceia’s future events. 

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2 months ago

Swinging a sword with a pedastal on it isn’t boring, it’s hilarious.

2 months ago


Incognito Reader
Incognito Reader
4 months ago

The power of holy hammer LOL

4 months ago

Fay sama’s amazing as always.