Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Ink

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Chapter 040 – Voice [D]

The sky filled with clouds moving suspiciously. Even as Alpha and others thought it would rain at any moment, they arrived at the city to subdue the demons as ordered.


“We have some time. Why don’t you have lunch?” 


The four people walked as Marumaru said so. Fay intended to go alone, but Gamma and Beta were following him around before he knew it. 

He merely glanced at the two, said nothing about that, and continued walking. Alpha couldn’t let her two sisters go alone so she also decided to go with them. Gamma and Beta were trying to draw Fay’s attention by talking to him and paid attention to Fay’s eyes, but their gaze suddenly stopped elsewhere. 



“Yoo, Alpha. I see that Gamma and Beta are also still alive.”

“…Sugaru, long time no see…”



Gamma and Beta recognized the man. Both of them stopped their feet involuntarily as they saw the man who had similar circumstances to them. Fay also noticed something was wrong and stopped his feet to look. 


“You, why are you here?” 

“Well, I was put into the wanted criminal list, so I am laying low right now.”

“Heeh, isn’t it courageous of you to show yourself in front of us then? Don’t you recognize our blue uniform? We are paladins here.”


Alpha drew her sword. Gamma and Beta were also taking battle stances. However, the criminal in question didn’t seem to intend to fight. 


“Alpha, I have no intention to fight against you. That includes your sisters too.” 

“…What do you mean?”

“We gathered together after a long time. I just thought of inviting the three of you to team up with me.”

“Hah? There’s no way we would team up with you, right? It would be better for you to obediently be caught by us.”

“No no, Alpha. Don’t you still hold a grudge even now? About your father.”


“There’s no way it would disappear or be forgotten as it is. We suffered in that hell. I also tried to relieve my anger by venting on the people around… but it still didn’t disappear. It would persist until the source of it is eliminated. That’s why, come along with me. I need capable companions.”

“…Sorry, but I refuse. I have my little sisters to care about.”

“I see… that’s too bad.”


Alpha casually rejected his request. Even though it was true she still held a grudge over her father, she still had people she treasured around her. 


“The people who hold you back from taking action… are they your sisters… or… is it the man over there?” 



The eyes of the man named Sugaru, who was obsessed with Alpha, turned toward Beta and Gamma, then toward Fay. Beta and Gamma felt a chill from his gaze and took a step back. Meanwhile, Fay still wore a cool face and kept staring at Sugaru. 


“Fay, be careful. He’ll do something.” 

“…So it seems.”

“Let’s kill the guy for the time being…”


Sugaru drew his sword and slashed toward Fay. Sugaru’s sword was filled with jealousy. Fay drew his katana lightly and parried the sword in response. 


“Ah? It seems you’re not just a small fry.” 

“…I wonder about that.”


Fay unleashed a barrage of attacks after a brief reply. It produced a gale-like speed which easily exceeded Alpha’s expectation. She remembered the scene where Fay fought the living dead. His ability back then and right now were so different it was practically incomparable. 


I can’t see the appearance of his ability from back then… Rather, my eyes can’t keep up with his movement?! 

He managed to produce this kind of speed even though his art strengthening doesn’t boost his ability by much. His swordsmanship is beautiful and flowing, accurate yet sharp. It is several times stronger than mine… 


Fay’s sword moved smoothly like a clear stream yet roughly like a torrent. The two contradictions existed simultaneously and mixed into the swordsmanship. Alpha couldn’t find a word to express it, but it looked beautiful to her. The man in front of her who received daily guidance from a swordsmanship specialist to improve himself to greater height every day was, 

Continuously growing at an unusual rate. 


His art strengthening is awkward, but he possessed superior physical strength, combat experience, and swordsmanship that was enough to make up for that defect. Fay was overwhelming Sugaru. 

The sword and katana clashed for a moment, but Fay immediately managed to slash his opponent’s left shoulder. Sugaru furiously raised his sword and slashed downward. Sugaru’s art strengthening was better than Fay’s. However, if one took Fay’s superiority in physical strength, then the physical capability of the two were about the same. 

Then if one added swordsmanship into the calculation, Fay was able to come out superior. 

Namikaze Seishinryuu, first movement, Namikaze. 

Fay received the downward sword vertically then quickly turned his katana horizontally. His opponent’s sword fell to the ground like a waterfall. After that, Fay slashed his defenseless opponent from left to right. The man managed to avoid having his body cut out of reflex, but his right hand flew away. 


“Ah, gaguagea… you bastard!!” 



Fay swung his katana to disperse the blood on his blade. Alpha was just astonished at the strength of the man in front of her. She did think it was natural for Tlue to be strong, but she felt Fay possessed a different type of strength compared to Tlue. 

The thing that surprised her the most was how he could cut down his opponent’s arm without hesitation. There was no trace of naivety. It was the figure of a doll-like man who seemed demon-like, inorganic, and didn’t have any emotion. 


To think despite his growth rate, he lacked any naivety at all… 


“Haa haa… it seems, I’ve let my guard down for a bit… I guess I was too focused on Alpha and didn’t concentrate in battle… no, rather than that, what should I do right now is,” 


Sugaru murmured alone, but Fay turned his katana toward him again. The moment Sugaru recognized that, Sugaru used his kotodama. It was something close to a suggestion that would force his opponent to perform certain actions. 




However, Fay didn’t stop. The katana swung again. Sugaru parried the katana with his sword while he was surprised. 


Is kotodama… ineffective against this guy?! 


Sugaru was surprised again. However, he immediately spoke another word. 




Then Beta and Gamma swung their sword toward Fay. Fay didn’t expect he would be attacked by his comrade, well not that he thought of them as one, but at least he didn’t expect that an attack would come from people other than the opponent he was facing. His back was slashed twice. 

Fay vomited blood and Sugaru made use of that opening to kick Fay from the side. Fay blocked the kick, but was then skewered by Beta and Gamma’s swords from behind. 


“F-Fay!!! G-gamma is…” 

“gh!! …A-ah, no, I-I’m not trying to…”


Gamma and Beta trembled due to shock at how their body moved on their own and attacked Fay. Then as they realized their swords were still skewering Fay and his blood flowed, they oozed tears of sorrow. 


“Alpha should just look from there… I will show more of my strength from now on.” 

“…gh!! I’ll kill you if you dare to touch that guy and my little sisters!!”

“…As expected, they are the reason that you are staying on that side.”


Fay forced his skewered body to move. He pulled the sword away, blood spilled from the open wound, and he wielded his katana again. However, his movement wasn’t as sharp as before. He lost a lot of blood, and his movement became duller due to his wounds. 


“What’s wrong? Your movement is not as sharp as before, paladin!!” 




Sugaru’s fist neatly slammed on Fay’s solar plexus, blowing him away for several meters. He crashed into the wall of a private house as it was, and he temporarily sunk into the wall and stuck on the spot. His eyes weren’t dead yet, but Sugaru quickly came in front of Fay and stabbed Fay’s belly with a sword. 

Fay still swung his fist despite that, but the cost of bleeding heavily was great, it was so slow that it was comparable to the snail’s movement to Sugaru. He easily avoided the fist and swung his sword to tear Fay’s belly. He stabbed his shoulders, thighs, and several other spots while avoiding the occasional fists that came toward him.


“Don’t worry, they are not fatal. I won’t kill you quickly. You still have a debt to pay regarding my arm. Let me enjoy it for a while. Well, I guess you would only last a few more minutes before dying though.” 


“Did you see this, Alpha! This is my power! You witnessed the power and ability of kotodama. Isn’t it amazing! This is me! Things are so different with my kotodama ability than without! I could turn back the difference in power! I was convinced when I looked into your eyes! You hold a grudge just like me, assholes who hate other people’s happiness! Let’s rampage together!”


“I’ll also kill your father, Alpha.”



Sugaru was boasting to Alpha who couldn’t move. Beta and Gamma were crying as they saw Fay dyed red and seemingly dead. 

Alpha was trembling with anger, but she also realized how useful Sugaru’s ability was at the same time. He managed to turn around his disadvantage. She realized it could be a force to be reckoned with as long as it was used well. 

However, Sugaru was a hateful person to Alpha since he made her sisters cry. 




Suddenly, a bloody man uttered a small voice. Sugaru noticed that. The man, who was about to die because he bled too much, was making a small sound. Sugaru thought to listen to it, thinking it might be his last words. 


“What’s up, loser? I will at least listen to it, your last words, that is.” 


Sugaru brought his ear closer to Fay’s mouth and waited for the words. 




What came to him wasn’t a word. It was a roar. It was a voice that reverberated across the sky. A voice similar to a dragon’s roar echoed throughout the city. 

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6 months ago

..did he strengthen his voice and use his immortal dao heart/absolute soul to channel his sheer rage? Oh bro you’re dead. Goodbye eardrums.

11 months ago



his head must be crack know

11 months ago

Thank for translation as always Tsukiisite! Fay-Sama Dragon Roar, an upgrade of his intimidate skill, make enemy stun for 1 turn, gain fear status for 3 turn!

11 months ago
Reply to  Robinx211

I don’t know,I think it’s a attack already, he so stupid cause brought his ear closer to Fay, isn’t die are blessing

11 months ago

Fay-sama is so cool…

11 months ago

Thanks for the awesome translation Tsukii!!

11 months ago

I wonder if it’s just Fay being Fay or something actually happened

11 months ago

This cliff is too steep I’m already feeling that this week will last a year

11 months ago
Reply to  Insufferable

Yeah,i think too but what we can do?

Prajwal Dhiman
Prajwal Dhiman
11 months ago

Author-san u dropped this

Last edited 11 months ago by Prajwal Dhiman
11 months ago

A dragon roar itself, holy shit
I knew fay would reach the very sky itself but didn’t expect a majestic dragon would be the one shine out of fay himself


11 months ago
Reply to  tsukiisite

Well dragon roars are often described as sound filled with mana that can cause fear or stun in mass

11 months ago

When you decided that you should torture Fay first and then kill him, you’re already lost

11 months ago
Reply to  Jester

YESSS hahahahaha he naivety make a hole and Fay make a instant grave to him hahahahahahahahaha