Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 044 – Doll That Imitated Human’s Appearance – Original Timeline & Alternate Timeline [C]

Alpha’s group ran as they searched for Fay. They thought it wouldn’t be easy to find Fay, but they actually found him relatively quickly.


“I found you.” 


“You’re not supposed to say ‘what’ here. It makes us worry about you going on your own.”

“I can do what I like.”

“…Well, I guess that’s true.”


As Fay responded to Alpha, he was about to step into one of the many caves around. 


“There are a lot of caves here… but is it really the right place?” 

“I dunno.”

“Why did Fay come here? Is it for that girl’s sake?”

“You’re wrong. It’s for my own sake.”


Fay touched the damp rock wall. Then he saw a somewhat unnatural bulge. He pushed it with his palm and the door inside moved. An artificial cavity that was different from a natural cave was there. 


“So it’s here after all.” 

“You… it’s amazing you managed to guess there’s a switch there immediately, even though there are other caves nearby as well.”

“I guess that’s just how it is destined to be.”


“It’s just nonsense.”


Fay proceeded inside, and Alpha’s group followed him in. Alpha was familiar with the structure inside and she felt her anger rising. 

They saw something like a human packed in liquid. As they saw that, Beta and Gamma began to tremble. Alpha’s anger rose even further. 


“…You can still turn back now. You don’t have to force yourself to proceed.” 

“…Beta, Gamma, how is it? It’ll be dangerous beyond this point.”

“Gamma will go.”



Gamma said she would proceed and Beta nodded. Fay received their will and proceeded onward. Be it the scared expression of the two or the structure inside, it made Alpha think she had returned to that time. 


As expected, it feels familiar here… I think he is definitely here this time. I can feel it. 


Alpha clenched her fist so hard to the point of bleeding. She didn’t seem to be bothered about the wounds. Her head was boiling with that much anger. 

As they continued walking, they arrived at a beautiful door. 


“…I’ll open it.” 


Fay opened the door. Beyond the door was an eerie liquid in something like a large test tube, and there was a doll that was still moving despite its neck being separated from its body. It was clearly hell-like scenery. 


“Alpha-san, Beta-san, Gamma-san, it’s been a long time.” 

“Mai… I guess we were surely meant to meet… so? What about that bastard?”

“Of course he’s here… It’s just I’ll have to kill the disturbing insects before that.”


Mai looked at Fay, Beta, and Gamma. 


“People other than Alpha-san are unneeded.” 


Mai wielded the magic sword that could deal direct damage to one’s psyche, Direct Pain. 


“…Very well. I’ll deal with you.” 

“Me too…”

“You are to stay with your little sisters. I think you need to do so.”



Fay stopped Alpha with his words as he drew his katana. The one who made the first move was Mai. She swung down her magic sword from above. 

Fay blocked it with his katana with a relaxed expression. 


“…It seems you are quite capable.” 

“I’m better than you, at least.”



Fay might be inferior in terms of physical strengthening using art, but he was better in technique and in predicting his opponent’s movements compared to Mai. Before Mai even swung her sword down, Fay already moved his katana to block it. 

And while focusing on defense, he counterattacked with his katana whenever there was a slightest gap, blowing Mai away in the shape of the く letter. 


“Kahah, gehoh, I-I see… To think you are this capable… I guess it’s the capability of fifth, nah, fourth? Perhaps you are a third-grade paladin…?” 

“I dunno. Rather than that, come out already. You are to fight with me next, right?”


At the spot where Fay looked at, an old man emerged. He wore a lab coat and had a big smile on his face. 


“—Well well, this is surprising. To think a third-grade paladin actually came to this place…” 

“Are you the owner of this place?”

“Indeed. However, I thought it shouldn’t be possible to reach this place normally… I guess you gathered information from other laboratories.”


The old man had his arms crossed and nodded in understanding. Alpha’s expression was painted in anger as she saw him. That very man was the father that Alpha always wanted to kill. And he was now right in front of her. 


“The experimental subject you abandoned is still alive.” 

“Alpha, it’s been a long time. I see, I abandoned that thing since I thought it would die anyway and I was already done with it, but it turns out it actually survived. What a blunder, I guess I would sometimes make mistakes without me knowing since the past. Perhaps that’s the reason you sisters managed to escape to begin with.”

“Shut up… ShutupShUTuP. I’ll kill you who hurt me and my sisters.”

“Alpha, do you have something you want? I have something I want no matter what. It is known as eternity, and I’ve always been trapped by the thought of obtaining it.”

“SHUT UP!!!”

“That’s why, I’m really happy that you, who I loved, actually came bringing it.”

“Me that you loved? Really happy? Hah? Even though you hurt us that much…”


Alpha was about to move away from her little sisters’ side. Her hand reached out to her sword and she was about to turn into a doll whose only purpose was to kill the man in front of her. 


“Don’t move.” 


“There are still two enemies in front of us. We shouldn’t spread out here. More than anything, what would you do about your little sisters? I won’t protect them, you know?”


Alpha looked behind her. Her sisters turned pale ever since their father appeared and their bodies trembled. They were the family she had left, her little sisters that she valued more than anything else. Even though the target of her vengeance was in front of her, she drew her sword and stood her ground. 

It was for the sake of protecting her little sisters if something happened. 


“…Alpha actually stopped despite the fact that I’m in front of her? No way… with just a single phrase? You are intriguing. Be it your strength or your way of thinking. I’m greatly interested in the human body, but I’m also interested in the mental structure as well.” 


“One’s way of thought, feeling, faith, even a mere belief would bring an unexpected effect on people. Especially the Holy Grail sect, that place is really intriguing… oops, perhaps I talked too much?”

“Aah. I don’t give a damn about your story. Come on.”


A whip-like thin sword appeared around the white coat. Each one gave a creepy and horrifying feeling like a living tentacle. 


“You’ll die if you touch it. Show me how much you can endure.” 

“Hou, interesting.”


They were moving, writhing, and vibrating living swords. Each of them was a devilish magic sword that would directly inflict death upon hit. And there were dozens of them, all of which rushed at Fay without preliminary movement. 

They moved like living creatures and performed unpredictable attacks, so Fay had no choice but to concentrate on avoiding it. 



“You avoid them really well. You… a paladin who could move like you should have been famous, yet I’ve never heard of you. It really is a wonder.”



Fay didn’t bother listening to the old man’s words and kept wary of his surroundings. None of the tentacles went toward Alpha’s group but instead aimed at Fay’s blind spots. 


“…I guess things would only become worse if I kept avoiding them.” 

“Exactly. But could you overcome these dozens of living swords?”


Fay stared at those swords. It looked similar to the sword held by the woman earlier. He recalled he had seen similar swords before getting the answer from his memories. 


“I see…” 


He seemed to feel something. He stopped on his feet and took a stance. He thought the tentacle-like swords would chase after him, but they stopped instead. 


“You will die if this keeps up. It’s not like you have infinite stamina, right? But you don’t want to die, do you? Well then, there are two choices in front of you. One of them would guarantee your survival. I would be satisfied as long as I get my hands on Alpha. That’s why I will offer you mercy.” 

“—Your first choice is to rush at me while risking being hit.” 

“—Your second choice is to turn your tail and run away.” 


Fay was offered two choices. However, he already decided which one to choose from the beginning. He used his art to strengthen his whole body and rushed like a bullet. 


“Well, well, you chose poorly…” 


The old man muttered disappointedly. The tentacle magic swords struck Fay, however he didn’t let it stop him and kept running straight forwards before cutting Alpha sisters’ father in two. 


“—No way… what’s wrong with the mental interference?” 


He collapsed as he was cut in two. However, the tentacle swords were still moving. He didn’t die yet. He was still laughing even though he was split from his torso. He must have modified his body.


“Kukuku, really, it really is!! The perfected, pure golden soul I sought for is actually right here?! I thought it was impossible to emerge naturally!! Yet it is in front of me!! Wonderful!” 

“Let’s end this already.”


Fay aimed for his upper body. The magic swords attacked Fay again, but he didn’t bother with them. Even though his body and mind were supposed to take damage from that, his katana moved in a flowing manner and slashed at the old man’s head. With the man’s brain cut apart, the sisters’ father was completely dead this time. 

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