Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 044 – Doll That Imitated Human’s Appearance – Original Timeline & Alternate Timeline [B]

 Alpha was walking toward the location where Fay was always training. Her reason was to fulfill her promise with Beta and Gamma, which was to invite him to the beach.

When she arrived at said location, she found him. 


That guy… he’s still swinging his sword after all… 

I think it is rarer to see him not swinging his sword. 

Well, I do find his attitude of working harder than anyone favorable though… 



“…So it’s you.”

“It’s not ‘you’, it’s Alpha, okay? My name is Alpha.”

“I see. So what are you coming to me for?”

“…I told you, it’s Alpha… oh well. I’ll just say it straightforwardly… would you go to the beach with us?”

“I won’t.”


A-an instant answer… It’s not like I want to see his expression like he’s making a painful decision, but could he at least look more apologetic when refusing? It feels like I just got rejected here. 


“D-don’t say that. Maybe you can practice footwork on the beach, you know? It might make you grow stronger than you are now, it allows you to run harder than usual, which produces greater training efficiency.”

“Hou…I guess I’ll go there on my own then.”


…I don’t know if he’s being difficult or easy here. He said he’ll go there on his own, but there’s no problem as long as we follow him to his destination. Okay, I fulfilled my promise with the two. 


Alpha was overjoyed at fulfilling her promise with her little sisters. However, she had no idea. 

That the destination they arrived in would be a place where a great turning point would decide their fate. 




Ripples of small waves hit the beach many times. The sky was clear and many people of all ages were smiling.

There were couples flirting, grandchildren playing ball with their grandparents, and everyone enjoying the beach in their own way. Among them, there was a man wearing thick clothes and running on the beach. 

It hadn’t reached midsummer yet, but the temperature was considered on the high side. If one practiced hard under such a situation, it would be extremely taxing for their physical strength. He already trained himself harshly at first, but he didn’t find that enough so he wore thick clothing in addition to that. 

He didn’t let his body heat escape, making it gather on the thick clothes to produce a sauna-like effect, causing him to sweat an abnormal amount. Furthermore, he tied barrels to his waist with rope, treated it as weights, and dragged them as he ran. 

Everyone else on the beach saw him as a crazy person and tried to not look at him. Also Beta and Gamma, who were attracted to Fay, dropped their shoulders in disappointment. 


“Fay… Gamma wanted to play together with Fay…” 


“W-well, cheer up, both of you.”



The two were enthusiastic and wore their swimsuits: a purple bikini that emphasized their chests. Their body lines were clear to see and drew gazes from both men and women due to their cuteness. Both of them had a good face and proportions, so they were motivated to appeal to Fay. 

However, the person in question didn’t seem to care at all so it couldn’t be helped that they were depressed. 


“But Fay is wonderful when he is doing his best!” 


“Okay, okay, I understand how you’re feeling already.”


The three were watching over Fay. He kept training for a few hours until he was about to faint before he finally took a break. 


“Good work…” 

“…Haah, haah, what are you doing here?”

“H-here’s a towel…”

“Don’t bother.”

“……this is water.”

“Don’t bother.”


Gamma and Beta passed a towel and water to Fay. Fay, who swayed in exhaustion, gave indifferent replies to them as usual. 

Alpha looked at her little sisters as if it couldn’t be helped, then she looked away toward the sea. The calm and beautiful sea was illuminated by the sun. Alpha was immersed in the calm atmosphere, but then she noticed. 

There was something floating in the sea. 


“…Huh? What is that?” 


When Alpha pointed her finger, Fay, Beta, and Gamma looked in that direction. The next moment, Fay was running there. He grabbed the figure on the surface of the water and pulled it up to the beach. 

He ran there faster than anyone and checked its condition. The figure belonged to a girl. She had a terrible scar and pale complexion, like a candle about to burn out at any moment. 


“She swallowed the seawater, she’s also riddled with scars…” 

“Hey, Fay, isn’t this girl in a dangerous condition?!”

“So it seems.”

“We’ll help as well.”


The four of them cared for the girl. After giving the girl artificial respiration and potions to treat her wounds, she miraculously passed through the critical stage, they carried the girl to the nearest inn, and brought the girl in to rest. 


“There’s no need to worry. It seems the emergency treatment went well and she is now sleeping peacefully.” 

“Thank you very much.”

“But she was pretty weak. It really is a miracle for her to be saved. Do you people have any medical knowledge?”

“W-well, yes. We are paladins.”

“I see, that’s understandable then. I will return to my work, but please call me if something happens.”

“Um, thank you very much.”


Alpha thanked the manager aunty of the inn. 


Fay… I thought he’s cold, but he’s actually gentle. He ran faster than anyone else to help and his treatment is also accurate. 


Alpha looked at the bedridden girl in a room in the inn as she recalled Fay’s action. Since Fay often was injured to the point Yururu and Maria worried about him, he unexpectedly learned quite a lot of medical knowledge. He was more knowledgeable regarding treatment using potion and nursing wounds than Alpha’s sisters, so he was able to handle the situation appropriately. 


It seems this girl will survive it… He might unexpectedly be a good guy… I think I can understand Beta and Gamma’s feelings just a little bit. 

Well, rather than that… this girl… be it the wounds she had and the lab coat-like clothes that she wore. Perhaps, no, it is most likely as I thought. She is the same as we are. 


Alpha’s eyes turned cold and lifeless. She was convinced the girl in front of them was the same experimental subject of Eternal Foundation like they were. Her guess was correct, and the girl’s identity was an abandoned experimental subject of the Eternal Foundation. 


“Alpha, will this girl be okay?” 

“Yes, she’ll be fine. I’m sure of it.”


As Alpha replied, Gamma entered the room. After that, Beta also entered the room and the three waited until the girl woke up. 


“Hm, mn…” 

“Ah! It seems she’s about to wake up!”


The girl slowly opened her eyes, sitting up and looking around. As she understood her situation, the girl spoke with a very frightened tone. 


“Um, where is this place? Who are onee-sans?” 

“This is a room in an inn. You were unconscious on the beach, so we brought you here.” 

“…Ah, I see.”

“—I’m glad.” 


The girl felt relieved and began to shed tears. Seeing that, Alpha stroked the girl’s head. 

The girl cried for a long time, but she finally regained her composure.


“Hey, where did you come from?” 

“I don’t know… it’s just, my mom was a fanatic of the Holy Grail sect… she  sold me… then I was in a place like a dark prison all the time…”

“I’m sorry for making you recall such painful memories… But I really want to know about that prison-like place you mentioned. Do you remember anything about it?”

“…When I was first brought to that place… I think there was a secret passage in a cave. It was mentioned by the person who brought me there. I also heard the sound of waves… and then they said I was no longer useful as an experimental subject since I was dying so they threw me into the sea… so I think the place is hidden in a cave near the coast.”

“I see, thank you. I think I know where I should go. Take a rest.”



Alpha moved away from the girl and touched the door of the room. 


“U-um, thank you very much!” 

“I’m also thankful to you. Also, I’m not the only one who saved you. There are other people who worked hard for that… tell them your gratitude as well.”


I’m just using this girl to gain information after all… it feels weird being thanked for that. 


Alpha opened the door and went outside. She intended to investigate the cave on the coast thoroughly, her hatred for her father swelling. 



“Gamma. You don’t have to come along.”

“No! Gamma is going too!”

“…I don’t want to drag you into a dangerous situation.”



Gamma also heard the girl’s story so she knew what they were talking about. She was also aware where her elder sister was trying to go. As Gamma worried, Beta was running toward them. 


“…Beta, what’s wrong?” 



Beta made various gestures and told them something. Alpha’s eyes widened as she saw that. 


“Eh?! Fay heard that girl’s story earlier and went to the cave on the coast alone?!!” 


“Geez, he is just… I’ll go there as well.”

“Gamma will also go.”



The three ran towards the cave on the coast. 

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