Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 044 – Doll That Imitated Human’s Appearance – Original Timeline & Alternate Timeline [E]

[“Fay-kun! Fay-kun is unexpectedly easy to be deceived, so be careful!”] 


Right on the day Yururu-shishou told me that, Alpha invited me to go to the beach with her. I was a cool character so I thought vacation was unnecessary, but apparently, there was merit to going for special training. 

Alpha… You… are the best. It was a good thing to change the place of training for a change. 1  

As I was training on the beach, I found a girl washed up on the beach… she was incapacitated, so I treated her wounds appropriately … Apparently, she was an experimental body that was treated badly nearby or something like that. 

There was no way I could just ignore such villains as a protagonist. Let’s crush them. 


When I found caves along the coast and explored them, Alpha’s group also joined in. Then I found a switch in a cave?! There was no way this could be known without prior information. 

People would definitely miss the switch on the first glance. 

Well then, we went in and there was a woman… didn’t I meet a woman with a similar face before? Her sword was also similar… Well, there was no need to think deeply about it and since she was a villain, let’s defeat her for the time being. 

After fighting to some extent, I noticed there was someone else. Who was that? Alpha was glaring at him. 

Hey, hey, what were you trying to fight him for? He was my enemy, you know? I was the protagonist, so of course I had to defeat the boss. Also, you had your younger sisters with you, so you had to protect them properly!! 




She stopped. Well then, I somehow blocked and avoided the swords attached to disgusting tentacles. Apparently, one would be immediately dead if they got hit by that… 

However, I didn’t hate facing this kind of risky opponent. But things would only turn for worse at this rate… Hm? Now that I think about it, be it the swords attached to those tentacles and the sword held by the woman, perhaps it was that magic sword with a somewhat weird name I fought before. 

Didn’t it feel just the same way? They might be attached to the tentacles, but they gave off a similar atmosphere after all.

It wasn’t that big a deal last time, so perhaps it was the same this time? In that case, I would be fine even if it hit me. Just as I thought of that, 


“—First choice is to rush at me while risking being hit.” 

“—And the second choice is turn your tail and run away.” 


The man on the lab coat gave me two choices. Was this the so-called picking options…? This world was the Round Table Heroes, a novel game world… But I never played any novel games, after all. I heard galge also had similar option picking… 

Picking options…? Well, in any case, of course the choice was to attack. I rushed at the opponent and used damage exchange as usual to cut the enemy down. The hit from the tentacles made blood come out all over my body though… 

Well, I came to the beach after all. Having the protagonist losing blood was something normal, it was just the usual business. 

I cut him in half through the torso, yet he was still alive. Oi, oi, were you really human? Well, I think I could also survive that and fight back, though. 2 

So I cut him one more time, then I defeated the woman. I used potions to heal my wounds, and since Alpha was weakened, I carried her on my back. 3 

It was already dusk by the time we came out. Time sure flew by fast, perhaps because I had a fulfilling time? I spent them for both training and real combat after all. 


“You see, I… recalled everything. Be it the moment I died… and how vengeance had held back from moving on. However, I… am still alive. It makes me wonder if it might be you who held me back in this world this time.” 


“All my strength escaped my body earlier. My consciousness faded… even so, I could feel that you were still fighting to protect me. You have fought our father for that girl’s sake, and you even dodged in a different direction so we didn’t get caught in the combat a while ago… you really are a kind person.” 


Alpha suddenly told a story. Was this some sort of event? 


“You’re overestimating me. I had no such intention.”


Alpha talked a lot now. Was it an event? Or she was just talking to me…? As I was worried about that, 


“Take responsibility, okay?” 


“My body can no longer live on without you, so take responsibility…”


W-was she a heroine? At least the lines sounded like one…? There was the main heroine Maria, the violent, losing heroine Mordred. Perhaps Alpha was actually the sub-heroine?! 

No, Yururu-shishou warned me to be careful since I was easy to deceive. I shouldn’t immediately conclude she was a heroine. I should pay more attention. 


“What do you mean?” 

“Eh, ah, don’t you know?”

“I don’t know.”


Fumu, I need to confirm it at least. I would be grateful if she said something that was easier to identify. I extended the conversation to judge whether she was a heroine or she was just a red herring.  

And then… 


“…Y-you’re lying. You should understand what I meant by that, right?” 4


Hm? Aru? Aru? Alpha? Hm? Hmm? I guess I should extend the conversation a bit longer. I couldn’t judge whether she was a heroine or not with just this— 


“I have no idea.”

“I told you, it’s quite a common story… how one gets rescued and their feelings flutter…” 5 


Hm-, this… a common story… aru story, aru, story, aru, aru, arufa. 



“U-uhm, it’s that thing… you see, it’s a somewhat common story in the book, you know? Just like a princess being rescued… or something like that.” 


“T-there’s no way you don’t know, right? It’s quite a common story in fairy tales, you know, it’s that.”

“…I don’t know.”


This is a red herring!!!!!6 

Aru aru Alpha, huh. That sure was an ambush. Her latter sentences rhymed a lot. Certainly, there were Beta of beta development, Gamma of gammachi, and there was aru aru Alpha.

Ah, okay okay. This one was also done beautifully. She was a beautiful person. She was just a mob though. As she used the creator’s consideration to make use of rhymes to make them easier to remember. 

Three mob sisters, huh. So the event this time was something like this, an event that emphasized the bonds of the three mob sisters? Stories like that would sometimes appear in weekly magazines. 7

It was a short story that had nothing to do with the protagonist. It was like a side story in between story arcs for a long-running story. 


It sure was a common story, really. 

I thought it was an event where the heroine fell for the protagonist, but it turned out to be the bonding event of sisters… 

I liked such events the most. 

Get along well with each other, sisters. 

To be honest, I had no idea how much I mattered in this event, but there was no way everything was thanks to me. Beta and Gamma also did their best. They stood in front of their elder sister to protect Alpha when she collapsed. 

I lowered Alpha and set her down on the beach. I wouldn’t interrupt, so you had to talk a lot with your sisters behind you. 

With that said, I left in a cool manner. 

I had to wash my clothes. Maria would look sullen if she saw my clothes stained with blood after all. 




“Haah, haah… damn it! I can’t win!!” 


Emilia, who had proceeded to the temporary enrollment period to the special unit of the paladin group, trembled with anger. It was because the other members of the special unit, Heimi and Galahad, were way too strong. 


“Galahad is the daughter of the chief paladin… I could at least feel convinced to lose against her. But that Heimi.” 

“It’s been less than a year since she started swinging swords and learning magic on her own… she said?” 


Heimi was strong. Although she wasn’t as overwhelming as Galahad, she also possessed natural talent. That fact made Emilia panic more than she expected. Being caught between two people with intense talent pressured Emilia immensely. 

Moreover, it was despite the fact she trained longer… 


“Even I.” 


Emilia swung her sword impatiently. She was hungry for power. This would produce a big ripple later on. 

On a side note, the reason Heimi was strong was because the creator half-jokingly made her with fairly high specs since Heimi was meant to die early in the story. 




A woman was walking under the beautiful night sky. She had golden hair and held a staff in her hand.


“So it is here…” 


She stepped into an abyssal city. It was a lawless city which was filled with various people with most of them being thugs and abandoned children. 


“One of the Sevens (seven apex predators) is here.” 


Her name was Merlin. She also belonged to the Cage of Hundred Children like Arthur was and also injected with the cell of the origin hero. She was determined as she stepped foot in that place. 


“An existence like me is created on top of many sacrifices. That’s why, I have to make the world—“ 


Around the same time, Tlue woke up at an orphanage in the Britannia Kingdom. When he got out of his bed, sweat was oozing all over his body. 


“Haah haah. It’s another dream… of my other self?” 


The day of Tlue’s awakening was approaching. 




A lot of things happened, and, as I ate my meal in the lodging, Alpha’s group sat at the same table. Ah, have their sisters’ bond deepened? 




Somehow, it felt worse instead… were they really okay? Well, I guess there was something that sisters understood that I, as an outsider, couldn’t. 


“Fay, do you have someone you like?” 


Alpha asked that. Then Beta and Gamma squinted. 


U-hn? A person I love, even if you ask that… I guess it would be Maria? I wouldn’t answer honestly though. 


“I dunno.” 

“What kind of woman do you like, Fay?” 


Gamma was asking me this time… even if you ask that… if I had to answer, it would be Maria? Well, I would avoid answering in a cool manner though. 


“Nothing in particular.” 

“…The color you like?” 


Ah, Beta didn’t speak her usual English words. As for my favorite color… if I had to answer, it might be gold? It was Maria’s hair color after all. 8 


“Nothing in particular.” 


The four of us ate our meal while I was questioned just like that. 

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