Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 51 – Oni, Fay, Fay [D]

[Aliceia POV]

These people… were scary… 

A ferocious man named Zero swung his sword toward me again. I could tell he was serious about killing me. 

“Turning the garbage of the world into pieces of meat is for the best. Your mother also asked us to kill her cursed daughter.”

He said I was garbage… 

[“I wish I hadn’t given birth to you… disappear, just disappear!!”] 

[“That child is cursed.”]

[“She is to be banished from the village…”]

[“How about sacrificing her to the god of the holy grail…”]

Be it my mother or my friends… 

[“I’m sorry, but you can’t stay with us… because of you, our reputation is going down.”] 

[“I beg of you, please leave this town…”]

They always told me things like that… 

“――Believe me more than anyone, Aliceia.

――When I was cornered and had no chance to escape, every time, this person was always…

“No way… He defeated Zero in one hit?!” 

The man named One widened his eyes in astonishment. Fay defeated the man named Zero, who swung his sword, and crushed him with a single blow. 

Before I knew it, Zero was floored. His swordsmanship was seen through and Fay smashed his fist as a counter. 

Fay’s arm was reddish-black from a wound. Since Fay wasn’t good at art manipulation, he always ended up like this. But Fay didn’t care. 

“Impossible…there’s no way he could see through his swordsmanship in an instant… don’t tell me he analyzed Zero’s movement in that single exchange and utilized that information?” 

“…It’s not a big deal. His movement just happened to be inferior to the opponents I’ve fought so far.”

“Zero is known as a genius swordsman among the Stigmata clan, and yet to be able to defeat that fast swordsmanship that is capable of cutting lightning… that’s a godly achievement.

“…I don’t give a damn. You guys should just leave. You people aren’t even good enough for any experience. Oi, let me fight you instead.”

Fay looked at an empty space somewhere and spoke out, and then I could hear a familiar woman’s laughing voice. 

“Ara, even though I completely erased my presence… as expected of Fay-sama. To think you actually noticed me.” 

“Your presence indeed completely disappeared. However, I’m sure that you were watching somewhere.”

“Ara ara, should I say I got blindsided? You didn’t notice my presence but read my actions through intuition… fufufu, it’s something that couldn’t happen if you don’t understand me, so I think we’re close enough to be husband and wife!”

“Shut up.”

Mordred… so you have been watching. I didn’t notice at all… 

“I’m sure an opponent like that feels lacking for Fay-sama. I have no idea who you people are, but I think you better leave quickly. You should understand that you can’t win against Fay-sama considering what happened earlier.” 


“Take this guy back.”

Fay grabbed the unconscious Zero by the neck and threw it at the man named One.

“You’ll regret the fact you turned the Stigmata clan into your enemy.” 

“I won’t. I always stick to myself and nobody can stop me… try to seriously kill me next time, if you still want to kill Aliceia, that is.”

“Screw you, that thing that you’ve protected… you’ll know your mistake soon enough.”

After saying that, the man named One disappeared with Zero on his shoulder. Then Mordred gave me the middle finger. 

“W-what’s with that?” 

“No, I just don’t like you. Also, I hope you die now.”

“…W-what is it that you don’t like?”

“I’m envious, to think Fay-sama actually said so much… it’s like a knight protecting his princess.”


Fay wouldn’t look at me. I would usually feel annoyed that he didn’t look at me. But right now, I was glad he wouldn’t look at me. 

After all, Fay was so cool that I was going crazy. 

I was sure my face was definitely flushed red right now, I could tell even without seeing a mirror. And I was also sure that despite this situation, I was grinning at the moment. 

[“I won’t. I always stick to myself and nobody could stop me… try to seriously kill me next time, if you still want to kill Aliceia, that is.”]

Geez, those words made me the happiest!! Wasn’t that roundabout way of saying he would protect me!? 

Aah, I was glad to be born in this world… 

[“――Believe me more than anyone, Aliceia.”]

I have already believed you more than anyone else in this world. Oh, what should I do…? I love him very much… 

I definitely have become dependent on him… I wouldn’t be able to live without Fay from now on… 

I think I would be hungry for his attention, and I would definitely attack him at night… I already did that several times together with Mordred, though… 

“Fay-sama, are you okay?” 

“This level of injury isn’t a problem.”

“Fufu, that might be the case… but you seem to have a fever.”

“…That’s just your imagination.”

“What do you mean?”

“Fay-sama is probably not feeling well. His body temperature is abnormally high, as proof, you even broke a sweat when fighting against that level of small fry.” 

“F-Fay, for my sake… you actually protected me despite your bad condition…”

“…You’re wrong. It just happened that way. Besides… Having an abnormally high temperature is a good opportunity. It means I can force even more burdens onto my body and mind than usual.”

“What a wonderful answer, as expected of Fay-sama!! Well then, let’s train together until I knock you unconscious!!”

“No! Fay! If you’re sick, I have to take care of you at Felmi’s house!!”

“Hah? Do you think Fay-sama would collapse with just that?”

“That’s not the problem here. His arm is also wounded on top of not being in good condition. That’s why I’m thinking of taking care of him until he is healed.”

“I don’t have a problem with continuing.”

“No! Come with me!”

I took Fay to Felmi’s house. Somehow, I felt refreshed. 

As we arrived, I laid Fay on the bed. 

“I told you there’s no problem.” 

“No, I’ll have you sleep for today… you’ve protected me after all.”

“It has nothing to do with you.”

“I know… but I can’t help but worry…”

After a while, I succeeded in persuading Fay to take a rest. I received a loud boo from Mordred, but I decided not to mind her. 

“Fay… Thank you.” 

“I’ve done nothing to be thanked for. That’s-“

“You meant to say that’s your trial, right?”

“It’s good that you understand. It means there’s nothing for you to worry about. You being the descendant of calamity is just a misunderstanding. Maybe… I’m the real descendant.

“Are you seriously saying that?”

“Aah, I’ve been dying many times. Even from before I met you… When Britannia was occupied by a certain paladin’s magic eyes, I was the only one who could move then.”

“…I read about that case in the newspaper. So Fay is the one who solved the problem…”

“That’s right. You understand what I mean that things revolve around me now?”


Since Fay was saying that, it should be the case. Then I… probably just misunderstood. 

I hesitated for a moment, but… 

[“――Believe me more than anyone, Aliceia.”]

Yes, I will believe in you. It was Fay who said it after all. It meant everything was just my misunderstanding. My mother and everyone in the village were having the same misunderstanding. Fay was saying that, so that should be the case. 

Rather, be it about my mother, my brother, or the village, I really no longer cared about it. After all, I have found someone I want to devote everything to now. 

It was my own life after all, so it was up to me what to do with it. Everyone just misunderstood me. I put down the burden after all. 

I want to devote the rest of my life to him… My everything, be it my body and heart, has fallen for him. 

I could only think about this person.

“No good!!” 

Just as I was thinking of flirting with Fay, Felmi ran into the room, holding a newspaper in her hand. 

“L-look at this!!” 

In the newspaper, it was written “Descendant of calamity, Aliceia, and the adventurer who protected her, Fay.” 

The article said it was too dangerous to let these two stay in the city, so they ought to be “exiled.” 

“Exile, it said… me and Fay…” 

“It’s probably the handiwork of the Stigmata clan. It’s probably to get back at you guys.”

“…How stupid.”

“This kind of article has no credibility, but it causes a lot of fuss to some people. Most people have no idea that both of you are staying in the house of Felmi, the former chief of Romeo, so… you should lay low here for a while.”

“…Fay, you――”

“――Kukuku, hahahahah, exile, huh. Interesting. Finally, something interesting happened.”

Fay was laughing. I never saw him laugh like this before. 

“So I am to be exiled, huh… I don’t mind. I’m just sticking to myself. Besides, there’s a meaning to this. About how things would become because of this, for example. Kukuku, but it’s an exile huh? How enjoyable.” 

“…Fay, I’m really thankful for you. You have saved both Barbara and Rhine. You even saved this city. I don’t mind if you use the name Felmi as you like. You should rest for today.”

“Fay, I also want you to rest for today.”

“…Oh well. I’m always ready to leave at any time anyway.”

Felmi was a kind person and said it was okay for us to stay. Certainly, most people didn’t know we were staying in this place. Mordred was also on the wanted list in the Britannia Kingdom, so the fact we were staying couldn’t be spread to begin with showed its advantage now. 

“For the time being, Fay and Aliceia, you two should stay here. I’ll take care of you.” 

After saying that, Felmi left the room. 

Surprisingly, there was another person who was willing to accept me… as I thought, it was as Fay said. It was just my misunderstanding. 

“Fay, you shouldn’t go outside today. Take a rest. Things might be noisy out there, so it might take longer for you to recover if you go outside.” 

“…I don’t mind.”

“But I mind… please? Stay here for today.”


He closed his eyes and said nothing more. After that, Fay was reading a book on the bed. I guess he was considering my feelings. 

I was aware he was kind… but somehow, it made me happier than usual. 

We were in the room now… just the two of us… 

“Are you reading another book about swordsmanship?” 


“Ah, it depicts the Namikaze Seishinryuu that Fay uses.”



Fay remained silent as usual. I think I’m quite beautiful and sexy, but he wouldn’t be conscious of me. 

“Hey hey.” 


“Can you show me too?”

I closed the distance and pressed my body against Fay’s arm. But he showed no particular reaction… 

Even though I was giving him such a good opening as a woman… Well, being cool was also a good part of Fay, though. 

But I thought Fay might actually be a covert pervert. He seemed to be conscious of that Maria person after all… 

“Fay-sama! Let’s have dinner together!!” 

Mordred intruded into the space of just two of us, forcing the pleasant atmosphere to dissipate. After that, we ate dinner, did a lot of stuff, and it was time to go to bed. 

“Oi, don’t sleep in my room.” 

“Well, don’t mind it.”

“I’m worried after all… you’re not in good shape after all.”

Fay made an annoyed expression but decided to go to sleep for tomorrow’s training. After Fay slept, I climbed on top of Fay. 

“What do you think you are doing?” 

“… I just think he is cool, you see. Don’t you think Fay has a cool face?”

“I don’t really care about his face, but I agree he is cool because he is Fay-sama.”

“Hey, what should I do? I love his everything. I love everything about Fay, so much so that I might become crazy. I can’t hold my feelings back.”


“Hey, Mordred, you often hit and kick Fay, right? It’s training and Fay himself wished for it, so I didn’t mind… but you see, if you ended up killing Fay, I will chase you to the end of the world to kill you, so remember that.”

“You won’t be able to do that. Even if the world turned over, you won’t be able to kill me.”

“I wonder about that. Once you get old… maybe I could kill you by surprise. It’s just if, though… if you end up killing Fay… I will resort to everything to kill you.”

“…Fu~hn, I see that you’ve become similar to me.”

It was a dark voice that even surprised me. Fay was already everything to me after all. I wanted him to live no matter what. Because he was precious to me, so regardless of what happened, I wanted him to live on. 

“I love you… It doesn’t matter what number I am. I don’t mind being number five or even in the second digits of your women. That’s why, please allow me to devote my lifelong love for you.” 

I was sure I love this man more than anyone else. 

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