Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 51 – Oni, Fay, Fay [C]

[Aliceia’s POV]


When I woke up, Fay was next to me. Well, to be precise, it would be more correct that I slept next to him without his permission.

I was the one who walked into his room when he was sleeping and crawled into bed to sleep by his side… and by the way, Mordred also did the same. 

It irritated me, so I wanted to tell her to stop it since it would bother Fay, but I think that I, out of all people, couldn’t say that, so I kept silent. 


“Fay-sama~ fufufu.” 


Mordred embraced Fay while mumbling in her sleep. Since she smiled happily while doing so, I found it hard to disturb her. But, she slept naked as usual so I wanted to say something about that, though… 

Come to think of it, this was Felmi’s house. We lived here for an extended period of time so it felt like home, though… Perhaps it would be better to buy something to thank her next time? 

For the time being, I decided to get up and look out the window. 

――It was raining outside.


“It’s cloudy…” 


For some reason, I had a very bad feeling. That kind of feeling came to me from time to time. It was vague, but my anxiety grew little by little, like ashes piling up in my heart. 

At times like this, misfortune usually happens to me… 


“I wonder what would happen…” 


I felt uneasy, but I shook myself and admonished myself that there was no way it would happen. I got up and headed to the kitchen. 

Fay was about to wake up and go to training, so I wanted to prepare breakfast for him to eat when he returned. 

I baked bread, made a salad, fried ham, and proceeded with various preparations. I usually felt happy when I made breakfast. My heart skipped a beat when I thought Fay would eat it.

But today… anxiety struck me. 

Once I prepared portions according to the number of people, I decided to go outside for a bit. And if I took some fresh air, it might make me feel better. 


“Maybe I should train together with Fay for the first time in a while…” 


When I entered the bedroom, Fay was preparing to go to training. Mordred was still sleeping. 


“I’ll be going as well.” 


“I’m thinking of joining your training sometimes.”

“Do you think you can be my opponent…?”

“I can. I’ve also grown stronger after all.”

“I wonder about that.”

“…Maybe you’re afraid of losing to me and choose not to fight?”

“Very well, come along.”


He was easy. Well, that part of him was cute and I liked it, though… Even though he was scary like an oni usually, he had such a simple way of speaking, which made him attractive. 

There was a certain vacant lot in the Free City. Fay always did his morning practice and training there. 

When we arrived there, we started warm-up exercises. Fay was a serious person, so he made sure to loosen his body so he could move properly. 




He muttered as he was done then started his practice swings. His swordsmanship as he cut through the air looked beautiful. Fay had two weapons with him, one a normal sword, and another one was the Sword of Exorcism, a magic sword. 


Since the magic sword had its drawback, he didn’t use it now. He used his normal sword for practice. I was fascinated by his appearance. 

After a while, he turned to face me. I could see myself reflected in his black eyes. 

My face was totally flushed red there…!! 

I read a book about love the other day, and it said it was a bad move to have one’s love for another revealed, so it would be better to make the other party fall for you and confess their love instead. 


“You said you’ll be my opponent for practicing swords.” 

“Ah, y-yes, you’re right.”

“Draw your sword, it’s time to fight.”



I didn’t think there was a way I could beat the current Fay, but I was the one who said I would be his practice opponent. Thinking it couldn’t be helped, just as I was about to pull out my sword… 


“I found you, the shitty descendant of disaster.” 

“Just as the information said, she’s definitely Aliceia, nii-san.”


Who were these guys… they were a pair, one looked strong and ferocious, while the other one carried a book and looked timid. Looking how similar they were, perhaps they were brother and sister? 1 


“Ah, we’ll introduce ourselves at least. Being killed without knowing anything is just pitiful after all. I’m a member of the Stigmata clan, Zero.” 

“I’m Zero’s little brother, One.”


Stigmata clan…? I never heard of them. 


“Fay, do you know them?” 

“I dunno. However…”

“What’s wrong?”

“It seems they have business with me.”

“They’re calling my name, so shouldn’t they have business with me instead?”

“No, that’s not what I meant. Ultimately, it will become my business.”


I didn’t quite understand, but since Fay said so, that should be the case. 

One of the two was a ferocious man named Zero. When he finished introducing himself, he suddenly drew his sword and attacked me. 

However, Fay pulled his sword and blocked it. Fay was expressionless, but he was laughing like a beast. 


“Oi oi, I only have business with that descendant of disaster… but if you get in a way, I might have to kill you, you know?” 

“You can’t kill me.”

“I see, so you’re her man. Are you aware how much of a shitty bastard that woman is?”

“She’s not my woman. I only fight according to my soul.”

“Fu~hn, I don’t really care about the reason, but do you understand what it means to protect her?”


Fay’s sword crossed with the strange man’s. However, I took some distance, and the man called Zero pointed at me. 


“That girl… is a descendant of Oumagadogi.” 



Involuntarily, such a voice escaped me. It was because what the man said was beyond my understanding. 

Oumagadogi, the existence that nearly ended  the world. It was the creator of the abyss, the monsters that harmed humans. He said I was its descendant…? 


“To be more precise, she is a descendent from when the calamity was still a human. It was a famous story that Oumagadogi was a human that went beyond humanity through experimentation. That calamity left descendants during the period of those experiments. Although it wasn’t a complete monster back then, it already surpassed the realm of humanity. 


“There are descendants of Oumagadogi, the being that incorporated the cells of all living things. They are elite people from the moment they are born. However, their descendants have many unnatural points.” 


“They might possess dark art, they might be cursed… for they are born from the seed of the King of Calamity, who possessed a bloodline of strange beings. One of those descendants is you, Aliceia.” 

“…gh, I, it’s, me…?”

“That’s right. Well, your elder brother should also be one, but let’s leave that aside for now. Aliceia, you have clues as to why, the fact that misfortune follows you as if you are being cursed.”

“…Eh, ah… t-that’s…”


They said mommy tried to hurt me.

I was a bad child and bad things happened when I was around.

Even back in the village, everyone said the same thing.  

Was this why the world hates me?

Was it my fault? Everyone ended up in misfortune because of me… was I cursed because I was a descendant of calamity? 

It was hard, painful, and sad. Even though I didn’t do anything wrong. Even though I was finally able to find joy recently, I was in pain again. My heart was hurting, it made me suffer. 

Once again, the place I wanted to belong to will… 


“It is our ancestral mission to kill the descendants of the calamity. Their existence is a nuisance to the world. Once they awaken their dark art, they begin to attack people.” 

“…gh, I won’t do such a thing!! I am… a human.”

“There’s no place for things like you to belong to, so just get erased obediently. It’s for everyone’s sake.”

“Nii-san, you said things too far. Even if we try to erase them, you should put it more kindly.”

“There’s no point to be nice――”

“――You guys love to talk about irrelevant things.” 


A voice that contained no fear, awe, or expectation resounded. I was sure my expression was distorted in fear. However, Fay didn’t change. 



“There’s no way she is that kind of big character.”

“Listen, wherever she goes, there will always be disaster accompanying her.”

“You’re wrong, it’s because I am there.”


“I am there, therefore the world moves accordingly. The world revolves around me, its center. However, I’m the only one that noticed that fact.”

“Are you an idiot?”

“If you don’t know, you should remember this. Everything that happens is just a trial for me. Everything is just a path laid out to where I will go. Only I am special and everyone else is just a figurine ――”


Fay pointed out at the duo. And after that, he pointed his index finger at me as well.


“――Be it you, you, or Aliceia.”


There was no deceit in his jet-black eyes. I could tell that he meant it from the bottom of his heart, and even without looking at his eyes, I remembered that Fay was a person that doesn’t lie. 

Thinking about it, what exactly was Fay? 


“You guys talk as if you people are the center of the world… However, that’s not the case. You’re just getting further away from the truth.” 2 


Fay grabbed me by the collar. I felt as if his sharp eyes were piercing through my own, seeing what lies inside my heart. 


“Aliceia, have you forgotten what I said before?” 


He must have meant what he told me when a large stampede of demons occurred in the dungeon last time. Back then, I was saved by Fay. But even after that, I saw Fay getting hurt again and again. 

I got to see the man I loved hurt in front of me and I couldn’t do anything about it. I hated myself so much and I felt like I was always being protected. 

In the end, I thought I was bringing misfortune because I was cursed. 

It made me wonder many times. Even now, when I was told I was a descendant of calamity, I found myself convinced by that. 

That was why――


“――Don’t make me repeat myself. It is me. I am the center within the vortex of chaos. Everything is just moving towards me.”


Fay was expressionless. There was nothing contained in his eyes. There was no rejection, fear, or anything at all. He just spoke of what he thought of himself as it was. 


“…Oi oi, what the heck is he talking about?” 

“Nii-san, that person seemed to seriously mean what he said. Fufu, he sure is an idiot.”

“Aah, he really is. Aliceia is a descendant of calamity, so she should be killed, as the innocent will be hurt just with her being here, that’s all.”


The two who attacked me found Fay stupid. However, I could tell that he was serious. 


“B-but you see, even the other day, even yesterday, Fay ended up wounded because of me… even now, you’re having to fight people who attacked me… I’m sorry…” 


It was my weakness. I didn’t want to be hated by the person I love, so I wanted to apologize. I actually didn’t get scared of others ending up hurt because of me. I was scared that he would hate me because of it…


“I’m sorr――”

“――Let’s talk about me for a bit.”

“About Fay…”

“This is part of the path leading me, from the beginning to the end. Be it the mystery of this world, the calamity, and demons. Everything revolves around me.”

“I don’t quite understand…”

“If you don’t understand, it means that’s how much you are capable of. Both you and those guys just happen to be struggling in the wrong place.”


Fay gently let go of the hand that was holding on my collar. He seemed to be looking at me but he didn’t really see me. I was sure he was looking at the world on a larger scale. 


“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything, including the foolish misunderstanding of these people and the calamity of the world…” 

“Okay, okay, stop your flirting right there. We are the Stigmata clan, and we have hunted down the descendants of calamity for generations.”

“We don’t have time to talk. Nii-san, we already know that Aliceia is a descendant of calamity so we should kill her without hesitation.”


The duo turned their killing intent toward me. Their eyes looked at me as if I wasn’t a human but a piece of garbage. 

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8 months ago

Absolute will in the face of tragedy.. even if twisted, the unhesitating, absurdly resolute push that Fay has at every moment really is the difference maker for genres.

For Alicia’s ears he might as well be saying ‘whatever you are, it doesn’t matter. I will overcome all of it. So don’t ever blame yourself, because I am the cause of everything.’

8 months ago

I guess Tlue does have it. That’s one meta way to explain why the game setting is so filled with misery.

8 months ago

Calamity ? ha! talking such nonsense to Fay is stupid! because he doesn’t care lol (btw, can this arc build a lot more, so sad 🙁 )

8 months ago

Hi, just wanted to report that the content section is so empty because there’s no link to next chapter in chapter 48E and another few chapters down has the same problem, I only found out today that the novel is actually still updating, thought it got dropped

8 months ago
Reply to  AcelShock

Thank you for letting us know. It should be fixed now.

Akatsuki Chan
Akatsuki Chan
8 months ago

Thanks for the chapter!

Go Fay!
Show them who the true calamity is!

Although Fay may look like a lunatic to other people, they keep forgetting that he is a *Strong* lunatic.

You do not underestimate a crazy person! That’s just common sense!

8 months ago

Is comment section not popular now?

Thx for update