Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 052 – Baragi-san inside the body [B]

Baragi POV 

I wanted to have the body of a man named Fay. Originally, I was an existence sealed inside a sword.

Exactly because exorcists sealed me into the sword, I thought it would also be an exorcist who would break my seal… but the one who actually did was a man named Fay. 

I couldn’t manipulate his body since his body had too little art. I couldn’t even grasp the control of his body no matter how much I struggled. 

He was someone who had his spirit move his body. It meant I would have to do something with his spirit first, be it loosening its link to the body, crushing the spirit, or making it disappear. 


“Umu, I think I’ll put this human skull-like thing around here…” 


When I invited Fay to the spiritual world, I would make sure to intimidate him to make it easier to take over his body. Therefore, I made the place dark and spread the illusion that human bones were scattered around. 


“Oh, isn’t it Baragi? Did you change the design of your room?” 

“This is my true nature. It shows how pitch black my mind is.”

“Ah~ I see. So it’s the so-called scenery of the inner mind. I’ve heard about it.”


Fay, who had fallen asleep, arrived in my world. He looked carefree as usual and it annoyed me. Oh? He seemed to notice the bones I put around? 


“Hm? Is this a skull?” 


Most people shuddered at the sight of this pile of skulls. It was the same with all past exorcists. 


“Oh~ you got a good taste there.” 

“No, it’s supposed to be a bad taste.”

“To think you put skulls all over… it gives a perfect effect, I’m impressed.”

“You’re supposed to deny it and get scared. Why does your impression sound like one from a devil…”

“The production is also stylish. You know your stuff, Baragi. I’ll give you a hundred points.”


This guy is so annoying. Wasn’t it clear that I was trying to freak you out no matter how you think about it…? 


“Don’t get too carried away, Fay. If I was in my prime, I’d be able to shatter you to pieces in an instant.” 



“That’s good. Things wouldn’t be interesting if you aren’t that prickly.”

“Y-you, how much do you want to make fun of ――”

“――So what are you calling me for?”

“Listen!! Listen to me!!”


Calm down, I am an oni. I was a former exorcist woman who was betrayed and became an oni. If my pace got disturbed by such a young man, my dignity would be broken. 



“Come to think of it, Baragi’s face is quite cute.”


“You look attractive visually. But your clothes are a bit revealing, don’t you feel embarrassed?”

“Shut up, I feel embarrassed now that you mentioned it!”


I certainly wore clothes that exposed a lot of things. However, nobody ever cared about such a thing. Everyone else had pale faces and freaked out after all… 


“You look similar to Barbara, but were you an exorcist?” 

“…She’s a descendant of my little brother. That’s why we look similar.”

“Hou~ you have a good appearance, but Baragi has horns and a strange pattern on your face. Is that your hobby?”

“It’s not a hobby… I cursed my body to increase the power output. It just appears like a pattern.”

“Fu~hn, that pattern looks cool. I have one on my right arm, but can you make it flashier?”

“Eh? W-well, it’s not impossible…”

“Oh~ then do it.”


Hey, why did I behave like a maiden here?! 


“Eeih, shut up! Aren’t you quite something to be able to react like that?! Have you forgotten what I did to you last night?!” 

“…Ah~ I did have a lot of dreams where my acquaintances killed me one after another, so it was Baragi’s handiwork after all. I think I got killed about 555 times in total.”

“That’s right! I was thinking of destroying your mind! How is it? You’ve come to hate me, right?”

“Nah, not really?”


“You see, I’m the protagonist after all, so I won’t give up on you just because of mere dreams like that. You will definitely lend me your power and get along with me, and that thing is already determined by the market.”


“Well, it’s 555 times after all? It’s a repdigit anyway? So I’ll just forgive you.” 1


――He made a peace sign with a carefree face, which seemed to be a vulgar expression to me.


[“Someone like you should just disappear――”]

[“I’m sorry, but your power is just too strong.”]

[“Someday, that power will bear its fangs toward us――”]




“I’m tired. Just go home for today.”

“Eh~ even though we confronted each other in the spiritual world, it turned out not to be a big event.”

“Event? I don’t quite understand, but I’ve had enough for today. I’ve lost interest in talking with you. I’ll just sleep for today.”

“Just try to hijack my body!”

“That’s the first time that my host is inviting me to do it… but I’ll stop for today. I can always do it later after all, so I’ll just wait for the opportunity inside you.”

“I see, if you think you can take over my body, I don’t mind you doing it anytime. I’m a protagonist after all, so being attacked from both inside and outside makes me excited, it’s a hot turn of events after all!”

“Okay, okay, just go home already.”

“Well, see you later, Baragi.”


Fay raised his hand lightly as he disappeared. See you later… huh. 




1 Anonymous God

Baragi-chan, she’s so cute for being active while wearing such a revealing outfit LOL


2 Anonymous God

I am an amazing oni after all? ← says the person whose face flushed upon being called out for wearing revealing outfit LOL


3 Anonymous God

Nobody ever pointed that out before, so it can’t be helped.


4 Anonymous God

Nobody would do that normally. He has been shown the dream of being killed by his acquaintances, you know? And 555 times at that.


5 Anonymous God

He forgives her because it’s a repdigit ← I don’t understand the logic.


6 Anonymous God

Fay-kun is god taken (Fay-kun make even gods taken aback)


7 Anonymous God

I’m not worried about Fay at all, but will Tlue be alright?


8 Anonymous God

Tlue-kun is Aliceia-chan’s onii-chan after all. It means he’s a descendant of calamity, right? Then he would have dark art as well?


9 Anonymous God

I know about that. That’s exactly the case, but not only did Tlue-kun already have such potential to begin with, he was also experimented on, so it got even stronger. It was kept in bay all this time, but he soon reached the limits.


10 Anonymous God

Oh, that sounds terrible.


11 Anonymous God

Does that mean dark art has consciousness?


12 Anonymous God

That’s not it. Tlue-kun got experimented on so many times so the dark art gained consciousness.


13 Anonymous God

Tlue-kun has been like air recently, so it makes me relieved he reappeared. He is supposed to be the protagonist after all, right?


14 Anonymous God

Well, he is certainly the protagonist in the game version, but it really feels like it has been a while since we last saw him.


15 Anonymous God

That aside, Fay-kun has gotten quite strong, right? Won’t he be considered as strong as a second-grade paladin?


16 Anonymous God

You’re right. But since use of art is out of question for him, he is someone who would win the battle while being wounded in the process, so he’s considered bad cost-performance wise.


17 Anonymous God

No, maybe he can already be considered first-grade paladin now.


18 Anonymous God

Who would win if he fought Arthur now?


19 Anonymous God

I think Arthur still wins, you know? But the difference has become smaller. I think Fay could now reach out to Arthur’s back in terms of ability. It is said that Mordred is among the strongest in terms of pure physical ability in that world’s standard. If the fight was done without use of art, not even Mordred could win against Fay.


20 Anonymous God

Mordred has become yandere so I quite like her, well, Aliceia also comes into the category.


21 Anonymous God

Don’t you think those two went too far? LOL


22 Anonymous God

What the heck did they do to Fay while he was sleeping? Fay said his mouth was wet when he woke up in the morning after all.


23 Anonymous God

It’s dangerous to make a yandere angry, that is a basic knowledge.


24 Anonymous God

Come to think of it, isn’t it about time for the event where Bouran-chan dies? See, it’s about the time when she returns to the beastmen village and fights her parents who got manipulated by dark art.


25 Anonymous God

Ah~ that did happen. When I played that in the game, I shed tears of sadness.


26 Anonymous God

It is saddening to see the purest character Bouran-chan die!!


27 Anonymous God

No good, it’s over…


28 Anonymous God

Well, Fay will do something about it.


29 Anonymous God

You’re right.


30 Anonymous God

Fay-kun VS Bouran’s parents, duel standby!!


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Baragi is seriously my type…

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