Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 020 – Who is that Person Next to Fay?! [B]

Bouran: “Hey hey, can we sit together? We wanted to eat here…” 

Fay: “I don’t like noisy—“

Arthur: “Fay doesn’t like being crowded, so I don’t think you can, you know? (Arthur acts like a know-it-all).”


Arthur spoke out before Fay made his remark. Moreover, it was a miracle that Arthur’s thoughts actually hit the mark. Fay ended up closing his mouth. 


Bouran: “Eeh-? But I wanted to eat pasta! (Bouran the spoiled brat).” 

Arthur: “…It might annoy them.”

Maria: “I don’t mind. You are Fay’s friends after all.”

Bouran: “Really?! Thank you, blonde nee-san!”

Saint Maria unexpectedly declared her willingness.

Arthur: “Then, I’ll… sit next to Fay.” 

Arthur naturally took the empty spot next to Fay. And then, Bouran sat next to Arthur’s other side.  


Bouran: “Err, I’ll have a napolitan then.” 

Arthur: “I… guess I’ll have a shrimp pilaf?”

The two placed their order and sat like it was natural. 

Bouran: “Err, that nee-san over there is…” 

Maria: “I’m the sister of the orphanage where Fay lives. Nice to meet you.”

Bouran: “Ooh, I’m Bouran! Nice to meet you!”

Arthur: “I, Arthur.”

Maria: “Bouran-san and Arthur-san, please take care of Fay from now on, okay?”

Bouran: “Leave it to me!”

Arthur: “Of course… I’ll do so even if you didn’t ask.”


Bouran and Arthur proudly puffed their chests out as they said to leave Fay to them. Fay had no intention to bother them, though. 


As Maria answered Bouran’s questions…

Waiter: “Sorry to keep you waiting! It’s the shrimp pilaf!” 

Maria: “Ah, looks like Fay’s order has come.”

Fay: “You’re right.”


Fay, who was silent all this time, had his order arrive first. 

Arthur: “Fay also ordered the shrimp pilaf?” 

Fay: “That’s right.”

Arthur: “Me too. We have similar tastes.”

Fay: “It’s just a coincidence.”


Fay stayed expressionless with his arms folded and didn’t eat despite his dish having arrived. Seeing that, Arthur tilted her head in wonder. 

Arthur: “Fay, you aren’t eating?” 

Fay: “…”

Yururu: “I think Fay-kun is waiting until everyone’s food comes.”

Maria: “You’re right. Fay is a kind person after all.”

Arthur: “Muu… I also knew that much.”


Arthur exuded the feeling that she actually understood Fay’s intentions as well to compete with Yururu and Maria. 

Yururu, Maria, Arthur, and Bouran. The four, or five to be more specific, were beautiful people who would invite the envy of others. Some people would find them unpleasant. Among those people, there was a certain person who was so angry that killing intent leaked out from him. 1 2


Tch, to think I got to witness this unpleasant thing while monitoring Arthur!! 

It was Sajinto, the person who was married to his excessive work. 

Ah? Oi, oi, what’s with him! I never liked him before, but now I don’t like him even more!! 


Sajinto was sharing a table with an uncle who didn’t know of his agenda. He had changed his clothes and hairstyle then behaved like an ordinary person that could be found anywhere. 

Nobody would expect that he was a third-grade paladin. 


Bouran: “Eh? That shrimp pilaf looks delicious! Give me a bite!” 

Fay: “I refuse.”

Bouran: “What’s with that, you’re so stingy. You surprisingly have low tolerance.”

Fay: “Tch… there.”


Fay clicked his tongue and passed his plate to Bouran. Bouran ate a big portion of the shrimp pilaf. 

Bouran: “Oh- this is tasty! I’ll give you mine later.” 

Fay: “I don’t want it.”

Maria: “Really, Fay. You shouldn’t treat your friends coldly like that.”

Bouran: “I’m fine!”

Arthur: “Fay is always like that, but we think that’s good (Arthur compliment).”


Maria: “Fay, is the muffler I made the other day comfortable to use?” 

Fay: “It’s decent.”

Maria: “Really, Fay. You shouldn’t say it like that.”

Fay: “Ah, I’m fine.”

Arthur: “Fay is always like that (Know-it-all Arthur).”


Despite being surrounded by beauties, Fay behaved like it wasn’t a big deal. 


What’s with this, shouldn’t you repent for life? I’m really jealous… that’s Maria, isn’t it? Then there is also Yururu, Arthur, and Bouran, all of them are cute! Why are you acting so casually there! 


Yururu: “U-uhn, Fay-kun, if you don’t mind, you can take a bite of my spaghetti… ple-please open your mouth wide.” 


All the other customers at the store found their table unpleasant. When Yururu shyly brought her fork closer to feed Fay, the customers clicked their tongues together like an orchestra of unhappiness. 





“Tch.” 3


Obviously, Fay wouldn’t open his mouth for that. However, he couldn’t have known how much of a dream it was, and the noble intentions Yururu put into doing such action. The surroundings felt even more annoyed. 

Customer 1: “That really puts me on my nerves.” 

Customer 2: “Does he think acting like that is cool?”

Customer 3: “Isn’t it tiring to be with women while acting like that? Isn’t it more casual to be with fellow men?”


The male customers looked at Fay while spilling tears of blood. Looking at him surrounded by beauties, it puts a heavy burden on their mentality. 


Maria: “…Fay.” 

Maria felt sad looking at Yururu trying to feed Fay. Maria began to think she wasn’t suitable for him after all. 


Fay is mine!! 4 




Her red flower hair accessory fell onto her knee. She then put it away and put on the blue flower hair accessory. Immediately after that, she also twirled her spaghetti around her fork. 


Lilia: “Fay, open your mouth wide, will you? This spaghetti is very yummy, you know?” 

Fay: “I don’t need it (cool type).”

Yururu: “Fa- Fay-kun, wh-why don’t you take a bite?”

Fay: “I don’t need it (cool type).”


It’s normal for the cool type of protagonist to refuse being fed. 


 His refusal of the two beauties made the surrounding customers furious. Since it was clear to them that Lilia and Yururu were mimicking the actions of a lover, the people around became even more jealous. 

However, the object of their envy observed the situation in a cool manner. 


This situation… so I got to be fed by two women… of course I won’t accept it. However, even if I did, I only have one mouth. Despite that, both of them want to feed spaghetti to me. Since Yururu-shishou did it to me, in other words, this means… 


This should be the hint that something I cannot handle alone would eventually happen, since the spaghetti is coming from two different directions. 


I am a cool type of protagonist, so I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to ask for help. However, there were also cases like Ese and Kamase the other day. I guess having help from time to time should be acceptable… Then, if I have to have a partner, who would it be?  


When he thought of that, Arthur also put her shrimp pilaf on her spoon. With this, it came from three directions. 


Arthur: “Fay, how about my shrimp pilaf…” 

Fay: “I don’t want that the most. I’m already having the shrimp pilaf myself.”


It’s basic to refuse Arthur’s shrimp pilaf. 


Bouran: “I’ll also give mine! I’ll just put it on your plate, okay?” 


Bouran, I guess I’ll take yours. 


Bouran immediately put some of her spaghetti onto Fay’s plate. In the end, Fay only took what Bouran gave and didn’t take from the others. 


Afterwards, Fay charmingly paid for everyone’s meals, and needless to say, the surroundings became even more hostile. 


Fa- Fay-kun, I’m happy since it feels like I’m being escorted by you! 5

Fay, I really love you! …Fay, thank you… 6 

Fay is a gentleman after all… I already knew that though.  7

So I don’t have to pay and can eat for free if I go with him… Isn’t this the best! 8




Well then, things were quite hectic during noon… but I have to resume my sword training now. Moreover, if what happened earlier was some sort of hint, I guess I also need to look for a partner? 


I went on ahead to the three trees spot before Yururu-sensei while doing post-meal light exercise for warm-ups. Then, someone approached. 

“Fay… So you are still training your swordsmanship, huh.” 

“…Tlue, huh.”

“…I have something to say to you.”


“It’s about Sister Maria. I heard you protected her.”

“Is that so?”

“…It’s an important matter to me.”

“I see. It’s not a big deal to me, though.”

“Even so… I’d like to give my thanks. If something happened to Sister Maria, our orphanage would have ended.”

“Did you come here just to say that?”

“Yes, I only came for that.”

“I see.”


Even though he usually never talked to me, Tlue appeared in this situation… Perhaps Tlue would be my partner? 

For a moment, I thought of a scene where I fought together with Bouran, or Arthur, or Yururu-shishou, or even Maria in an unexpected situation… But, I see, there was Tlue. 


Now that I think about it, he regained his vigor once I hit his solar plexus back then. Perhaps he may possibly come to respect me and become a partner character. 


—I want to propose a theory where Tlue is possibly my partner. 

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9 months ago

I love that it’s probably accurate with him needing another person.

Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
1 year ago

Thanks for chap
I really can’t get how ppl expect to have dialogues without the speaker’s names. The readers who want that are weird.

So tlue also trying to be the main heroine?

1 year ago

In japanese, author can express the way character speaks in written form (dialect, word choices etc.), and quiet possibly that lost in translation

2 years ago

So tlue is his partner?


2 years ago
Reply to  Carrion

Fay think so… but no instance they fought together other than this so far

B then M
B then M
2 years ago

I beg of you dear sirs and madams,please remove the name tags. It’s very distracting…. except for the customers I guess.

2 years ago
Reply to  B then M

last time i asked there are more opinion “for” than “against”… so i have to respect the majority. sorry.

B then M
B then M
1 year ago
Reply to  tsukii

I understand . I simply hope society develops enough to understand of my otherworldly ideals.

1 year ago
Reply to  B then M

as you can see, someone else voted against name tags so it removed in future chapters

2 years ago

Thank you for the chapter!!
T’was good

Edit suggestions:

killing intent leaked out from him.

*from them

2 years ago
Reply to  Takusaka

it refer to certain person (Sajinto) on that paragraph, so it shouls be correct.

2 years ago

i think ‘five’ was referring to lilia and also the thoughts after the lunch were pretty easy to recognise

2 years ago
Reply to  storm

the thing is, technically not even Fay is sure Lilia is there, he only thought that maria would act like different person sometimes so as far as everyone but maria concerned, its four women.

but well, we all know about it, so i guess its five then.

1 year ago
Reply to  tsukii

Fay doesn’t know true but the monologue is more like Narration by the author or just telling the story by someone who knows what’s what right? so….

1 year ago
Reply to  storm

well, let’s just assume its counting Lilia then