Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 63 – Oppressor of Darkness [C]


Dark art, huh……Ooh~, the protagonist’s awakening event finally happened, I guess.


[“Don’t take it so casually, will you! Dark art has a great effect on its wielder’s mind! And the mind will also affect the body. That’s how abyss became some sort of creature that had become separated from the ecosystem!!”]


Ah, so abyss was actually something like that. Was it okay to spoil the truth at this point of time? 


[“You better not use it in the future. Or rather, you should never use it. That paladin named Gawain had changed greatly from how he once was. That thing was no longer human.”] 


I guess that meant I was able to defeat such an inhuman existence. 


[“I am Arthur.”] 


I know, but what about it? 


[“I fought against dark art in the past. It was so powerful that even I couldn’t completely defeat it. That’s why I’m well aware of how scary it is, and it’s definitely not a power that should be used lightly. I’m also speaking to you, Baragi.”] 


[“You manipulated the darkness in his body, albeit slightly, didn’t you?”]


[“That’s nothing to laugh about.”]

[“That’s not a problem to me. In the first place, I’m an oni after all.”]

[“It makes me worried. There’s no race called oni to begin with. However, since you said you became an oni, was it due to an effect of dark art?

[“Wrong. In my case, it’s simply an accumulation of resentment and envy affecting my body. I was originally pure human.”]

[“……The darkness will swallow you too.”]

[“I won’t be swallowed. Rather, I will just blow them away. I somehow understood how to manipulate the darkness. If I can use it well, I’ll be able to take over this kid’s body.”]

[“You… Fay, you heard me, right? You shouldn’t use that. You’ll be swallowed just like that, be it by the power, or by her.”]


I wouldn’t be swallowed. I’ll just overcome it and turn it into my own power. Or rather, it’s impossible for me to be swallowed by power plot-wise. I am the protagonist after all. 

Of course I will eventually be able to handle such a forbidden power. There was no need to be scared. 


[“Um, can you at least listen to what I said? I’m saying this for your sake here.”] 


Hey, who is stronger, you in your prime or the current me? 


[“At least have a catch ball for the conversation. It becomes like a dodge ball instead, you know. Well, that’s fine. Let’s see… I was still stronger. In the first place, the light emits great power against darkness. Darkness changes the essence of things to its base. Light is originally bringing things back to its origin. That’s why light is so good for things like healing.”] 




[“The regeneration that darkness offers is not a natural regeneration. Light and dark are conflicting forces. However, the ability to restore things to its original state is very effective. That’s why light has an advantage over darkness. If you fought me in my prime, I would win. However, things might be different if it was a simple physical battle to the death. I was a weak girl, so I wasn’t so good at rough things.”]


Fu~hn. Well, I’ll be getting stronger anyway. So I guess we could say I would be effectively stronger. 

After defeating Yururu-shishou’s brother, we returned to Britannia. 

Yururu-shishou thanked me. She kissed me, then we stayed in the same room and did a lot of stuff, but it wasn’t that important, so let’s just skip it. 


[“That’s super important.”] 

[“Aren’t you too much a scum of a man to say that isn’t important?”] 1


When I returned to Britannia and started training again, I noticed I was getting more gazes than usual. Well, I was always attracting attention, though. 


“U-um, you’re Fay-san, right!” 

“It’s Fay-senpai!!”



Who were these people? There were several female paladins. This was troublesome. I was in the middle of training, so if you want my signature, do it later. 


“Fay-senpai! Is it true that you were recommended to be a first-grade paladin?!” 


“If it happens, please give me your guidance!!”


I haven’t heard of it before. That was the first time I knew about that! 

But well, it seemed the knights finally realized my value. But even that still wasn’t enough. I wish they made a grade above first-grade knight.



“Arthur, huh.”

“Yes. We are being summoned, you know? To the hall of the Round Table.”

“I see.”


Oka~y, I guess I should meet all the first-grade paladins! 


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