Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Intermission – Thread Discussing Fay

Fay returned to the royal capital of Britannia. He obtained dark art and returned stronger. 


“Fay… what happened?” 


“Arthur” was shocked when she saw him. Normally, she would hold respect and fear toward Fay, with her intimacy toward him being greater. 

But now, she felt primal fear. 

It was because the art overflowing from his body was abnormal. An energy that was out of place from the natural world around him. That power miraculously fitted his vessel, and Arthur could even feel it adapted to him very well. 


“……Arthur, huh.”

“That’s dark art, isn’t it…?”

“So it seems.”

“Can you control it?”

“Of course I can.”

“I see. It should be putting a strain on your body, though.”

“I already strain my body on a regular basis.”

“That is certainly true. Well, I won’t mind if Fay is okay. You’ve sure changed. You’ve grown even stronger. I wonder who’s stronger now, you or me.”

“Should we try it, here and now?”

“Let’s not. If we do it here, whoever gets caught in it will die. Sensei would die too.”


Arthur glanced at Yururu who stood next to Fay. Arthur judged that she wouldn’t be able to keep up with their battle. It was even worse than just getting in the way, as Yururu might die just by getting caught in the crossfire.


“You’re right.” 

“Yea… huh? Sensei, is your neck okay?”


Arthur noticed something strange on Yururu’s neck, little red spots here and there. 


“Did you get bitten by an insect?” 

“Eh? Ah?! T-this is, well, you know. They’re insect bites! It’s definitely not hickies?!” 1

“I see, so they’re insect bites. I’ll give you some balm for them.”

“Ah, thanks. For some reason, I feel guilty since it’s like I’m deceiving her…”

“Fay, are you free tonight?”

“Are we going to fight?”

“No, let’s go out to eat.”

“I’m not going.”

“Eh? Why?”

“On the contrary, why should I eat with you?”

“U-um, Fay-kun has plans with me tonight! How about tomorrow, Arthur-san?!”

“Muu, okay. Then let’s do it tomorrow.”


Arthur took out her notepad and wrote that she would be having a meal with Fay tomorrow. Once she left, Fay started walking toward the orphanage. 


“……Ah, Fay-kun.”


“Can you stay with me tonight?”

“Isn’t that just an excuse to keep that fellow away?”

“T-that might be true, but I still want to be with you.”


“Ah, err, I’ll be waiting in my room.”


Yururu completely forgot that there was a maid in her room. 

Fay still went to her room in the end. 2 3




1 Anonymous God  

Fay… What happened to him?


2 Anonymous God 

He became strong.


3 Anonymous God 

The expression of a flower blooming would be very apt.


4 Anonymous God 

It fits his body well.


5 Anonymous God 

Eh? You’re talking about the art, right?


6 Anonymous God 

What else could you be referring to?


7 Anonymous God 

I thought you’re referring to his relationship with Yururu-chan.


8 Anonymous God 

You immediately thought of lewd things. It’s definitely Zeus.


9 Anonymous God 

You god of carnal desire!! Shame on you, I’m talking about Fay obtaining dark art!!


10 Anonymous God 

Eh? Aren’t you curious about it as well?


11 Anonymous God 

I guess so.


12 Anonymous God 

Of course I am.


13 Anonymous God 

In the end, he did things to her after all.


15 Anonymous God 

Who the heck was he? 4


15 Anonymous God 

There were hickies on Yururu’s neck after all.


16 Anonymous God 

Fay’s nose is big, so his stuff below should be big too.


17 Anonymous God 

Fay’s nose isn’t big lol.


18 Anonymous God 

But in the beginning, Arthur did say it was big.


19 Anonymous God 

Aah, you mean back in the hot springs. It’s so nostalgic that I laughed.


20 Anonymous God 

Fay-kun actually laid his hand on her properly, huh.


21 Anonymous God 

Eh? He did?


22 Anonymous God 

The fellow above is so slow on the uptake that I laugh.


23 Anonymous God 

Seeing how slow he is, he must be a virgin. Even though he is supposed to be a god.


24 Anonymous God 

Gods are basically over a thousand years old, yet he is still a virgin?

Has he ever left his house?


25 Anonymous God 

Stop, those words are highly effective against me.


26 Anonymous God 

There are things better left unsaid in this world. Make sure to apologize, okay?


27 Anonymous God 

Don’t provoke God’s wrath.


28 Anonymous God 

Change of topic, but what does Fay-kun mean that something isn’t that important? 5


29 Anonymous God 

It must mean he is a protagonist who can behave like a scum of a man.


30 Anonymous God 

He’s getting involved with other women in one way or another after all.


31 Anonymous God 

There’s the promise of meeting Arthur tomorrow as well.


32 Anonymous God 

Scum, scum, scum scum.


33 Anonymous God 

Don’t be jealous.


34 Anonymous God 

I don’t care about romantic relationships. I’m more interested in how strong he’s become.


35 Anonymous God 

He’s in the realms of a first grade paladin.


36 Anonymous God 



37 Anonymous God 

He sure has become strong. I think he could defeat Arthur now.


38 Anonymous God 

Even that Arthur was taken aback after seeing his true power.


39 Anonymous God 

I think he will win.


40 Anonymous God 

There are two monsters inside Fay that Arthur are no match against after all.


41 Anonymous God 

You mean Baragi and fake Arthur, huh.


42 Anonymous God 

Isn’t that excessive power?


43 Anonymous God 

He literally might become the strongest.


44 Anonymous God 

His mental fortitude is already the strongest, so if his body and art spec also become the strongest, who could win against him?


45 Anonymous God 

It’s okay, I’m the protagonist so I’m the strongest. 6


46 Anonymous God 

The fact that he might actually become the strongest sounds scary now.


47 Anonymous God 

He has all the cards to become the strongest.


48 Anonymous God 

The heroes are getting excited as their junior becomes stronger.


49 Anonymous God 

It makes me laugh to death seeing so many members changing their tune like a research team saying, “I knew it would happen.”


50 Anonymous God 

Heroes are also human after all.


51 Anonymous God 

They want to cling to a superior person after all.

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Also, I just submitted the manuscript for volume 3 the day before yesterday, so please be patient.

And for the new announcement, there’s currently a new popularity vote called “The Next Light Novel” and the entry period has begun! Please lend me your support once again! Please! I’m always grateful for everyone’s help!!

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5 months ago

Thanks for the chapter

I feel wronged somewhat. Fay-kun should just become an ascetic monk. Yep, all these nightly visits are bad for Fay. Yep yep