Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Editor: Cale

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Chapter 1-6: The Plague God and Bonus for the Part-timer

The next morning, as Uta brought the rice, water, and sacred wine to be offered to the household shrine as always, he suddenly remembered.

— I’m Haraedo-no-kami. The one you pray to every morning and night, Uta.

Was that the truth?

Uta placed the tray on the side, climbed up on a chair, and reached out to the household shrine.


When he opened the small door inside it, he, undeniably, saw the long and narrow talisman with “Haraedo Ookami” written inside.

“Why a god of exorcism…?”

Uta intently stared at the brush strokes that formed those words.

The ones who enshrined this talisman were most likely Uta’s grandparents. The two were presently living a comfortable life in a home for the elderly in the countryside.

However, even if he were to ask the two, they would surely say that it was too long ago and that they didn’t know the circumstances of how their guardian deity was determined.

(Was it my ancestors’ preference?)

The face of the man he saw yesterday popped up in his head.

“Anyway, it’s time to go to the store!”

Unfortunately, the sound of rain falling could be heard since the morning. The downpour must have been heavy judging by the loudness, so it was likely that there wouldn’t be many customers, even if he were to open the store.

As he thought about that, he placed the rice and sacred wine on the household shrine and clapped his hands together.

(A thriving business…seems impossible, huh. Let’s drink some delicious coffee.)

After taking a breath, he headed for the sliding door that separated his residence from the store.


As he prepared to open the store, he checked the weather forecast. It didn’t seem like the rain would let up today.

The regular customers who bought coffee on their way to work had already visited, so Uta had nothing to do after they left.

Therefore, he touched up the designs of the few remaining shop cards into something refreshing.

Back when he was a student, Uta had dabbled in design, so he fairly enjoyed this kind of work.

As he interacted with the occasional customers and tampered with his laptop, evening came.

Sungmin arrived at work after attending his university classes.

“Good work, Min-kun. Unfortunately, it’s raining.”

“More importantly, mana~ger! What happened after that?!”

Sungmin said this loudly. At the same time, the sound of him closing his umbrella was heard.

Uta recalled that he didn’t meet with Sungmin again after having chased the dine and dash criminal yesterday.

After the incident at the shrine, he had told him over the phone that he would return home first since he couldn’t stay out till that late.

“The problem with the dine and dash criminal was settled… Ah, but since I couldn’t collect the money, I guess it’s still unresolved?”


As Sungmin closed his umbrella, he made a baffled face.

“Um, the one who dined and dashed stole someone’s bag and escaped. I chased after him and recovered the stolen bag back… Ah, not exactly. Haraedo-no-kami was the one who retrieved it.”


“My family’s god.”


“I’ll leave that story for later, but the bar customer was happy when I returned her bag to her. But, since I ended up letting the criminal who both dined and dashed and stole get away, it’ll be very hard to get the money back as of now. Unless that man decides to mend his ways…”

As Uta prepared a hot latte for Sungmin, who was probably cold from being in the rain for a while, he explained.

“Someone who dined and dashed AND stole. I don’t think he will mend his ways. …Ah, I appreciate the warm drink.”

He wrapped both of his hands around the mug and exhaled.

“Because I’ve never seen someone mend their ways before, I’m sure our Blue Mountain guy won’t come to pay his bill.”

“Yeah… It seems that the future will also agree with you, Min-kun.”


Sungmin looked up from his cup. A white beard had formed on his mouth.

“You see, that person appears to be my family’s god, Haraedo-no-kami.”

Uta didn’t hide his embarrassment as he explained.

As Sungmin sipped his latte at the counter, he made a pensive face.

“And, what does that mean? The god my manager treasures so much cannot bless his business because he is a plague god?”

“Calling him a plague god is too much…”

Uta was worried that the household shrine could hear them.

“No, no matter how you look at it, he’s a plague god. At the very least, he isn’t of any use.”

“Um, I don’t think that’s completely true…?”

“Why don’t you fire that god and give your part-timer a bonus?”

Uta was surprised that the conversation had gone in an unexpected direction.

“Eh, Min-kun, do you want a bonus?”

He reflexively did the calculations in his head. Where could he pull out ten thousand yen from?

As he thought about it, Sungmin leaned over from the other side of the counter.

“Please give me two tickets to a movie or the art museum. And, go on a date with me.”

“Isn’t that a bit different from a bonus…? But, if it’s just that, it’s okay, I guess.”

The calculator in his head added the price of popcorn, totaling a cost of five thousand yen.


Sungmin made a triumphant pose. Right at that moment, the store’s chime rang.

“Welcom —”


Sungmin’s loud voice echoed through the store.

The one who entered the store while shaking off the raindrops was the plague god, aka Haraedo-no-kami.

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