Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Chapter 2-14: The Gods’ Halloween ④

That night—

“Uta, trick or treat!”

Uta had been cleaning up the store in front of the entrance to his residential side when he reflexively froze.

“Haraedo… Don’t surprise me like that…”

“You say that, but I haven’t been treated by you yet. I even became a vampire just for that.”

He was still dressed as a vampire.

The way he sat on the bed with his legs crossed was indeed picturesque as well as unhateful.

“Are you saying that you want a treat?”

Even though Uta asked this, the sweets he had prepared this morning had long been finished.

In that case, did the god want coffee?

As Uta pondered, the vampire Haraedo came over and swiftly lifted Uta’s chin.

“If not, then a trick it is.”


He drew his face close, and Uta had thought that he would be kissed but was wrong.

He felt Haraedo’s breath and the plastic teeth on his neck.




It didn’t hurt, but his heart raced at this behavior.

“Haha! Should I eat you now?”

“Of course not. You don’t eat humans, right?”

“What makes you say that?”

This certainly was speculation on Uta’s part.

“You do?”

When Uta asked, a seductive smile appeared on the god’s face.

“Yeah, if we’re talking sexually.”


“Hey, do you want to try being eaten by me?”


Should he reject the offer? But, it was also likely that he would get caught in the flow. He tried to picture what could happen after that.

“What are you thinking about right now?”

Since Uta remained silent, Haraedo pouted and asked.

“About Housou? Or, perhaps, Minsuke?”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“Like I said… You’re too nice to that Housou. And while I’m at it, Minsuke too.”

“I am?”

Uta was so confused that nothing came to mind, so Haraedo muttered under his breath.

“The thing you did this evening made me jealous.”

(This evening…?)

“…Aah. You mean when I said that I liked Housou-san?”

“You’ve never said that to me though.”

After hearing this, Uta realized that there might have never been an opportunity for him to say that he liked Haraedo.

“But, there was no deep meaning in those words…”

“Whether those words were heavy or light in meaning, you still haven’t said them to me, y’know?”

Even though Haraedo looked cool in his costume, he looked extremely childish with that pout on his face.

“Who’s the most important to you?”


Uta didn’t know what the appropriate answer was here.

“…I don’t have any particularly special feelings towards Housou-san and Sungmin, you know?”

“I wonder about that.”

Haraedo continued to pout.

“I’ve only just met Housou-san, and Min-kun is still a child…”

“And that ‘child’ is after you. How naive of you to not notice.”

After the god grumbled a complaint, he softly placed his own lips on top of Uta’s.


“Can I kiss you, Uta…?”

“You…’ve already done it so many times…”

Uta had thought this before, but it seemed Haraedo had low restraint when it came to physical contact.

“Then, how about something more intense?”

This time, Haraedo’s tongue slipped in and played around with Uta’s tongue.

Uta couldn’t reply now. Or rather, it didn’t seem like a reply was necessary for this god.


As Uta’s heart raced, he pushed against the god’s chest and separated their lips.

“If I say that Haraedo is the most important…what will happen?”

“Hmm, let’s see…”

The god’s silence accelerated Uta’s heartbeat.

“Nah, forget it!”


“I don’t want to force you to say it, so today, I’ll just let you go with a trick.”

“A trick— …”

Just as he was about to object, another kiss hindered him.


Uta realized that he was about to bite down on Haraedo’s tongue and panicked.

(But, it’ll be…bad if this feels any better…)

The intertwining of their tongues robbed Uta of his strength, causing him to cling to Haraedo’s body.

This vampire, who was supposed to be a god, was playing a naughty trick and toying with a human.

Even though today was the very fantastic Halloween…

Come to think of it, Halloween was originally a festival held by the ancient Celtic people to offer a sacrifice to the demons.

(Did I…become a sacrifice?)

Uta let out a sweet sigh at the naughty kiss.

[Side Story: The Gods’ Halloween, Concludes!]

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