Continuation of a Dream in Another World

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Chapter 50 The Scariest – Assam

After Toki fell asleep, I cleaned him up and put him in nightwear.

Once my brief argument with Laham was settled, he told me that we would be performing regenerative surgery on Toki’s stomach tonight.

“As you can see, Toki-sama’s body has grown accustomed to magic faster than predicted. Currently, there shouldn’t be a problem with doing the regenerative treatment. That said, you should quickly go to bed Your Highness so that your energy, stamina, and magic will be at a hundred percent. I think one gen1 should be sufficient.”

It felt like Laham was acting cold towards me, perhaps a lingering effect of his earlier anger. Though, it was more likely that he was venting his anger on me.

It seemed things weren’t going well with Yarra. He should just man up and confess. Anyway, it was best to leave these kinds of things alone.

“Understood. Then wake me up after one gen.”

As I said that, I moved towards my bed where Toki was fast asleep, but Laham stopped me for some reason.

“Where do you think you’re going? Toki-sama needs to rest properly for his surgery later. Could it be? Were you thinking of sleeping next to him?”

“No, but my bed–”

“Your Highness, too, has an important job to do later and must get some proper rest. Now then, after you.” He gestured with a smile at the hidden, blue door that led to Toki’s room.

Being away from Toki makes me feel more anxious though. Well, I can just sneak back into my room after Laham leaves. 

Thinking that, I willingly stepped into Toki’s room. 

As all the furniture was custom-made for Toki, it was one size smaller than readymade furniture. I never thought I’d use this room before its owner did. The bed felt small and narrow. It was still large compared to normal beds but felt cramped since I was used to the bed in my own room.

I knew that Toki was just on the other side of the wall, but my hand unconsciously touched the black Nushi-Gem at my chest.

I’ve always had it on me ever since we held the wedding rites. I’ve sent the smaller gems to be processed but decided to keep the Nushi-Gem on until the unveiling.

It hadn’t even been a branch2 since Toki came to this world but I could no longer imagine a life without him. I never thought there would come a day when I’d feel lonely sleeping by myself.

About half a gen had passed as I tossed and turned. It should be fine now, right? 

I hid my presence and carefully opened the hidden door.

“May I help you with something?”

“! Laham, you’re still here?”

Laham was standing in front of the hidden door.

“One gen hasn’t passed yet. If you’re not sleepy, I could bring you some light reading like I used to do in the past.”

“Gh! N-no. N-no need.”

When I was still small, Laham once gave me a book to read. It was called “Stories So Scary That Even Adults Won’t be Able to Sleep – Collector’s Edition.” It wasn’t a book I would have personally chosen to read before bedtime. It was really, really scary. I was so scared I couldn’t sleep without the help of magic for one forest3. From that moment on, whenever I struggled to sleep or did something naughty, the people around me would say, “Laham brought something for you,” and I’d immediately fix my attitude.

“A shame. Well then, I’ll cast some magic on you so please go lie down.”

“Uh, ah, yeah.”

He followed me back to Toki’s room and cast some sleep magic on me. I fell asleep immediately without struggling against it.

—-Toki POV—-

“Sleep, did?”

“Yes. Toki-sama, please sleep some more.”

I woke up after hearing a sad sigh. Laham, the owner of that sound, was worried and the two of us started talking.

Assam woke up in the middle of our conversation, but I was relieved to know that he did manage to get a little bit of sleep. The people of this world really only slept for short periods of time. I knew that, but I still worried about him.

“I worry, Laham. Yarra, Laham likes. Truth. No give up.”

“Fufu, you’re being cute. It’s ok – Toki-sama comforted me and I got to know about Yarra’s feelings. And, if he makes me wait any longer, I’ll deal the finishing blow myself. Now then, back to bed. It’ll all be over when you wake up.”

“F-finishing blow… Un. I support you! Night, Laham.”

For some reason, I could feel some coldness behind Laham’s words. Still, I hoped that the beautiful Laham would be able to attain happiness and I told him I’d be cheering him on.

The hidden door was firmly closed, and, with the conversation over, the two of us were smiling at each other alone in the room.4

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