Continuation of a Dream in Another World

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Editor: PalenMisha

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Chapter 81 – Kara – Toki

Contains mild NSFW language

Assam, who told me he couldn’t keep his mind or body in check anymore, looked cute like a boy his age. That unusual appearance of his made the growing anxiety inside of me disappear.

The word cute unconsciously slipped out of my mouth, and Assam started pouting. I’ve never seen anyone look so sulky before – he was just getting cuter and cuter.

“Assam me too, hurry want… want become one.”


When I told him my honest feelings, Assam’s face became uncharacteristically red. But it was something that I had to tell him. I’m also a man after all. Don’t I also have a sex drive?

“I lost. I surrender. I can’t win against you.”

As I was laughing over what was possibly my first victory, Laham came into the room. He gave a little smile over our unusual appearance and asked what he could do to help.

“Toki’s so cute I might jump him, so I’m going to go cool my head.”

“Assam!” (Toki)

“You are not mistaken.” (Laham)

I was embarrassed and my cheeks blushed red when Laham agreed with Assam.

To think Assam would get back at me like this. What a blunder!

“Ah, Your Highness, Yarra isn’t here so please take Issa with you instead.”

“I don’t nee-”

“Do you want to take Mima?”

“I’ll take Issa. I’ve got a feeling Mima will only follow you or Toki. He seems to do his job well, but I’d rather not be alone with him.”

“Mima, nice, no?” (Toki)

You, really… Assam sighed under his breath.

“It’s ok to think that way. Mima said something similar to me before. Well, he’ll learn to respect you over time. Please come back in time for dinner.” (Laham)

“Aa, well then—” In an instant, his lips overlapped mine with a feather-light kiss. “I’ll be going.”

Uuu how embarrassing! Even though I told him not to do it in front of other people!

I hung my head in shame as my face turned completely red.1

Afterward, Laham and I had the drinks that Assam had asked for and talked about all kinds of things. For example, sex between homosexual partners. I already knew a bit of what he told me before.

“In this world, in the case of homosexual partners, the person on the receiving end frequently does ‘Kara’ without ejaculating2. Semen can be produced by one’s own will, but how much can be produced is considered a skill. Well, in the case of His Highness, I’m not worried about him running out of semen. Rather, I’m more worried about how long you’ll be able to last if you release continuously.”

The topic of conversation alone was already making me blush, but I wanted to properly know about these things.

“Your body won’t be able to match His Highness’, so please be bold enough to refuse him if you need to. Also, in a same-sex couple, only one person can do Kara. Please receive a lot of affection. As His Highness can use purification, the aftercare won’t be a problem. Please clean up before going to bed, otherwise, you’ll have diarrhea.”


Was Kara something like a dry orgasm? I’ve never experienced it before so I wouldn’t know.

I suddenly imagined having sex with Assam and heat started to gather in my lower abdomen. In a fluster, I tried to chase that image away.

I shook my head when Laham asked me if I had any questions. This conversation was already too much for me.

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