Continuation of a Dream in Another World

Translator: Reo

Editor: PalenMisha

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Chapter 68 – Food Tray – Toki

Kiha came inside the room and then froze the moment he spotted us.

Ah! He’s wearing Japanese clothing!

He was wearing a red kimono with a yellow and white pattern, a green apron, and a tasuki and there was a towel in a yellow and green pattern wrapped around his head. It was all so flashy that he looked like one of those people that work on a festival float. It made me feel excited and a little bit happy.

“I can understand why you’re enchanted by him, but do your job,” Assam called out to Kiha, who hadn’t moved, with a wry smile.

Perhaps having come to his senses after Assam spoke, Kiha’s face turned slightly red and he walked towards us. 

No one’s ever reacted to me that way so I didn’t know what to do about it.

“It suits him, doesn’t it?”

“Yes! Apologies, I was dazed by that incredible beauty.” Kiha opened his mouth in a fluster and apologized.

What am I supposed to say to that?

“Praise kimono, thank you. It suits Kiha too.” Was the only thing I could come up with.

In the middle of this warm and friendly atmosphere, a small tray was placed in front of me. On it was soup in a black bowl with gold decorations, and on a plate decorated the same way were two small, kuri-gohan onigiris. And then there was something with black and gold lines. This is…


“Yes. I’ve heard about them from His Highness and prepared them.”

A small tray, chopsticks, Japanese food, and kimonos – kindness overflowed from these items of Japanese culture that were made in a different world.

“『Itadakimasu.』” I gave the Japanese greeting and started to eat. 

Kiha bowed once and left the room. After confirming that he had left, Assam started telling me about the situation with Yarra. But when he told me that they had listened to my lewd voice, I got so embarrassed I couldn’t think about anything else.

Assam, who told me it won’t happen again, laughed, amused when I begged him to make sure it really didn’t happen again. Stop! This is no laughing matter!

I didn’t even feel like eating the kuri-gohan that they went through the trouble of making for me – what a waste! I’m glad that Laham and Yarra finally got married though.

The marriage ceremony of ordinary people was done by calling a priest and performing the ceremony in their own house or garden.

Generally, the marriage ceremony and religious ceremony were done together. Marriage and what is called the marriage ceremony are completed as the two parties intertwine their arms and drink from the same cup. Afterward, the priest casts a magic oath on their nushi-gems, the married parties kiss the gems and exchange them with each other and lastly, the gems are taken to be processed.

There is no wedding reception and only the royal family has a public unveiling of the bride and groom afterward. People only know of the marriage from face-to-face conversations, reports seen on a transmission device, or from the “Shinkenbun.”

The Shinkenbun is something that you read, similar to a newspaper, while the transmission device is like a TV except the images are in 3D.

Currently, it seems that Laham and Yarra’s wedding is being reported about in the transmission device1 since both of them had been involved in all kinds of scandals previously. Speaking of which, I’ve never actually seen this device.

“There isn’t one in this room. I’ll show it to you once your revue is finished. I’ll make arrangements for a transmission device.”

The revue was like a documentary program.

“Thank you. Look forward to it.”

When I finished eating, Kiha was called over to clear the dishes. He smiled at me when I told him it was delicious.

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