Continuation of a Dream in Another World

Translator: Reo

Editor: PalenMisha

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Chapter 69 – Projection – Toki

“Now then Toki, let’s take a projection for your revue.”


“I have some projections here so let’s enjoy ourselves until Tsugura arrives with the device. Ah, speaking of which, you said you have something like projections in your world, right?”

In this world, “projections” were photographs. The photos were captured in 3D on magic paper and could be looked at from every angle.

Even if there was only one sheet of magic paper, several images could be captured or recaptured on it, and photos of human beings had a little bit of movement to them. For example, you could see someone wave their hand or laugh.

“Un. I want see.”

He took out several sheets of magic paper from his work desk. On the piece of paper that he handed to me was a regular, two-dimensional photo.

“If I pour a little bit of magic into it…”

Assam poured some magic in and the photo appeared above the page in 3D.

“Wah! Amazing! Assam pretty!”

The image of Assam floating above the paper was the one I’d first seen in my dreams. His top half was decorated with jewels, and a cream-colored cloth was wrapped around his bottom half. Around his waist were decorative blue fabrics stacked on top of each other. I wasn’t aware of it in my dreams but all these clothes had intricate gold and blue embroidery on them.

He was sitting cross-legged on a luxurious pedestal. When the gaze of the projection, that had previously been to the right, turned forward, my heart throbbed at the intensity of his gaze.

The projection looked to the right and then to the front. That was all. But… I fell in love with Assam all over again. The projection did this several times before it began to unravel.

“Toki, your face has turned red.”


I came back to my senses and my embarrassment multiplied.

He dropped a cute, little kiss on my lips and my heart was working overtime. Even though it was just a little kiss.

“I’ll pour some magic into several pages. I’m going to go get changed so you can look at them to your heart’s content.”

There were three pages with projections of Assam and I couldn’t help but love them all.

Other than the photo I’d already seen, there was one of him hunting and another at some sort of festival.

The hunt scene captured Assam in neat, Western-style armor of silver and gold. His face was in profile and his sword drawn. He looked too cool for words. Is this what people meant when they said “picture perfect”?

The last photo was of Assam at a festival, looking out towards the merry people celebrating. He was wearing cream-colored clothes that looked like sleeveless priest robes. On them was a fine, intricate embroidery of flowers and vines in gold, red and green.

That delicate embroidery was gorgeous, like something you’d see on a Sari worn by brides in southern countries.

Assam’s gaze in the projection was gentle, and he smiled slightly as he noticed the person taking his photo. My heart fluttered as if he were smiling directly at me.

I wonder if I can have these?

In the end, my eyes were glued to the projections until Assam called out to me.

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