Continuation of a Dream in Another World

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Chapter 73 – The Prince of Recreation – Assam

As soon as the current king ascended the throne, Leda was punished and his many reckless policies were rectified. However, it seems that this policy was overlooked as the damage it had caused was relatively small.

“I thought you might not know about this. I mean ten forests1 ago, Your Highness was seven, so it’s no wonder you didn’t know.”2

“I see. It’s already been ten forests… a regrettable thing has happened. I’ll speak to His Majesty right away.”

If I lift the restrictions on kint farming, then the poverty problem will soon be solved.

Usually, it would take many forests for people to come out of poverty, but if they cultivate kint, a crop that can grow within one leaf3, they should be able to quickly grow it and sell it.

As kint was originally a popular food item, people would have had experience cultivating it, which meant there was less room for mistakes to be made when producing it.

Furthermore, with maihan becoming a luxury item and the palace opening up a channel to buy it, we will be able to stock plenty of maihan for Toki to eat.

“Please do. I’m glad you’re quickly taking action. The current king used to be quite popular, right? Before he started sleeping around… well I guess it’s ok since it seems he’ll be telling us why he did that soon. Anyway, about the kint, I think it’s still pretty popular. Ah, Your Highness is popular too, in case you were wondering. You’re called ‘The Prince of Recreation.’ I really like that name.”

The Prince of Recreation was a nickname I got when I started popularizing the fashion and games of the other world. Some people call me that sarcastically, but I quite like that name. It is a “symbol” after all.

“Prince of Recreation? Is nice. Assam, good, huh?” Toki exclaimed happily.

“Do you understand what it means?” Kiha asked, incredulous. 

“Un.” Toki nodded his head at Kiha. “Recreation, proof abundance. Living hard, no time for entertainment. Assam recreation bring lots, proof country people well-off.”

“Toki…” (Assam)

Aah, he noticed it once again. Toki truly is a partner that’s one in a million.

Kiha was staring at him, mouth agape. He probably only realized the meaning behind that name just now.

“I see. So that’s what it was,” he said, finally coming back to his senses.

“Kiha, go to Tsugura and provide her with an update. Also, ask her about the device that I requested. As soon as we finish with Toki’s revue, I plan on making an announcement about my condition4 and about maihan. Also, about Toki’s dinner – increase the number of dishes made with maihan.”

“Understood. Toki-sama, please look forward to tonight’s dinner.”

“Un. Thank you.”

Kiha left the room and I called His Majesty. When I said I’d go to him, I was told that he was going to take a break and would come to me instead.

His Majesty arrived soon after and I explained the situation, asking him to handle it.

As we talked, he kept stealing glances at Toki, saying things like “How cute”, “You’re beautiful” and “It suits you” again and again like some kind of pick-up line. 

Stop already and do your job!

We could only get halfway through our conversation before he had to leave.

When it was finally just the two of us, I told Toki what Laham had said. That if he drank my semen one more time and I poured magic in through his rectum again, we’d be able to perform the heart surgery tonight. Hearing that, Toki nodded bashfully despite his delight.

His sheer cuteness made any sort of restraint I had left snap.

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