Continuation of a Dream in Another World

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Chapter 80 – Almost – Assam

Contains a few paragraphs of NSFW language

Truly, I was no match for Toki.

How was I looking at Father up until now?

Of course there had been people who disapproved of me taking over government affairs.

There were a lot of cases where the progress had been slow. There were even times when subordinates left meetings, asking for His Majesty to come back to work, without even discussing the issues at hand.

However, now that I thought about it, whenever a subordinate showed disapproval, His Majesty would cause some sort of trouble in their territory. And the problems that they had were all things that required me to adjudicate. As we worked together to resolve the problem, their reservations towards me melted away and those subordinates were now my supporters.

I had a really hard time back then as my daily life kept changing at a dizzying pace, which is why that dream that I had that never changed became a source of comfort. The boy in my dreams held no expectations for the “prince.”

It was a place where time flowed peacefully and calmly. It softened my hardened heart and allowed me to smile from time to time. Then, before long, I started wishing that that lonely-looking boy would rely on me. I wished for it even though I should have been tired of other people’s expectations of me.

Every day the boy would write something down and smile. Sometimes cheerfully and sometimes with sadness. He’d stroke the book he was writing in almost lovingly. Thinking back on it, I’d probably already fallen for Toki back then.

I didn’t want to fall for him. I couldn’t allow myself to explore what that feeling was. Because the me who had wished for love would have done anything to get his hands on it.

I never thought I’d ever look back so fondly on those hectic times when I tried to live up to people’s expectations of me.

“Assam? What wrong?” Toki asked, worried.

My cute, precious, beloved partner.

“I am enraptured by you.”

A blush covered Toki’s face. The redness around his eyes tempted me to touch him. Those slightly open red lips… remembering their softness, my hand unconsciously reached out for him.

“Eh? Assam?”

“I’ll go get us a drink. Wait for me.”

I ripped my eyes away from the slightly wary Toki and opened the door.

“Your Highness.”

“How may we be of assistance?”

All the guards and attendants approached to see if something was the matter.

“Bring us a drink.”

When I gave them my order, they looked at me dumbfounded. Usually, I summoned them with the press of a button and didn’t go out of my way to call for them. I could have just waited in the room.

“That was close…” I muttered under my breath.

Those glossy black eyes should be illegal. Toki should have more awareness of his own charm and how it affected others. Once you get caught by those eyes there’s no escape. You should run away before they trap you.

Toki’s sweet voice made me remember. His supple, soft skin, slightly moist from sweat. The way his behind twitched and contracted as if wanting something more whenever I spread his white thighs open and stroked his penis that dripped with nectar. My fingers deep inside his warm, writhing walls as they squeezed around me…

“Your Highness. Your Highness?” Joo, carrying a tray of drinks, called out to me.

“Ng! It’s nothing. Call Laham.”

She was about to leave with the tray to follow my order but I grabbed it from her and went back to the room.

A sigh leaked out of my mouth. That almost made me cum. I had to hold it in for at least one leaf1. I knew that, but it was still hard to control myself.

“Toki, the drinks… Toki?”

Toki wasn’t where he’d been just a moment before. Looking around in a panic, I found him sitting on the bed for some reason and looking at me with displeasure.

Why on the bed of all places? And with his legs in such a slovenly position?

I ran over with the tray, stopping Toki from lifting one of his knees up as if prompting me to look at him.


I was going to tell him not to incite me any further, but when I looked at him, I could see the anxiety in his eyes.

“Assam, weird. What hiding? Don’t want… anymore…?”

“No!!” The conversation was starting to take a weird turn so I stopped it in a fluster.

In the meantime, I set the tray down on a nearby table and let out a small sigh before turning back to Toki.

“I’m not confident that I can stop in the middle.”

“?? Don’t stop. I cured did,” Toki told me even as his face turned red.

“Laham said to refrain from sexual acts for one leaf. You’re still sick. I don’t want to push you.”

That might be what my mouth was saying, but how many times had I already violated him inside my mind? 

In reality, I wanted to thrust my hot, engorged penis into him again and again, and release my semen deep inside. I couldn’t wait much longer. Even now I wanted to devour those lips, to taste his tongue and take his breath away.


“Can you tell what I’m thinking?”

Toki nodded, his face completely red. Did he use his ability? He seemed to have turned it off again in a hurry.

It was pathetic that I couldn’t wait just a little bit longer. Had I been more mature, I could have avoided this embarrassment.

Toki giggled.

Really, he was so cute I couldn’t take it.

“Assam cute, huh?”


You’re the cute one.

It wasn’t funny, but the next leaf I’d have my payback. For now, it was my loss.

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