Continuation of a Dream in Another World

Translator: Reo

Editor: PalenMisha

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Chapter 93 – Red Bud – Toki

I froze in surprise at the sight of Laham’s daunting figure. 

Assam let out a sigh and pulled up the collar of my kimono that he had just pulled down.

“Ah, s-sorry.”

“Don’t mind it,” Assam answered with a bitter smile as Laham quickly came closer with wide strides.

“Really, Your Highness. Didn’t I tell you not to do anything sexual until the following leaf1?” Laham scolded Assam, thinking that he had laid his hands on me as always, and I opened my mouth to deny it in a fluster.

“Laham, wrong. Assam not bad. I bad, so Assam, no be angry.”

I was a hundred percent the one in the wrong this time. I started masturbating even though Assam was doing his best not to touch me. I wanted to kick my past self from just moments ago for disregarding that effort.


“I’m just as guilty for putting my hands on you. Anyway, I got to see something nice, so I don’t mind getting scolded.”

The last part he whispered into my ear. His words made my face grow bright red.

The shame I had momentarily forgotten came back and I couldn’t take it. Why did I have to go and do something like that?!

“A-anyway!! Sorry!” Still sitting down, I lowered my head in apology to Laham.

“Kukuku. He can’t say anything else if you apologize so honestly. When did you learn to handle Laham like that?” Assam asked, amused, even though I wasn’t actually trying to handle Laham.

When I looked over at him, I got caught in the line of a nasty glare.

“Toki-sama is different from you. Please don’t group yourself with him. Toki-sama, is your body ok? Mostly, His Highne-”


When it seemed like Laham would continue his scolding, Assam picked me up off the bed.

“Um, Assam?”

“Go take a bath. I’ll stay here and listen to Laham’s complaints.”


It was my fault.

I glanced over at Laham. He let out a sigh and gave me a strained smile like it couldn’t be helped.

When I still couldn’t decide what was the right thing to do, Assam whispered into my ear—

“Because at this point I feel like I’m going to pounce on you whether Laham’s here or not. You don’t like to be seen by others, right?”

I could see the intense lust still lingering in Assam’s eyes and nodded in a panic.

“I’ll go, bath.”

He opened the door and set me down in the changing room.

Thinking that I should save Assam from Laham’s scolding sooner rather than later, I hurried to get into the bath, stripping off my clothes.

When I looked back up, I felt uncomfortable seeing my own reflection in the mirror.


Here and there were marks Assam had left on my body. Among them though were red marks that looked different.

When I stepped closer to get a better look, I saw what looked like a red flower bud floating above the surgical scar over my heart.

“What, this…? On my neck too?”

There was also a small, red bud on the right side of my neck, hidden behind a hickey. It was smaller than the one on my chest.

Could this be…? A disease?

No no no. That can’t be. I mean, there’s no way Assam wouldn’t have noticed.

“What don’t know, ask. Is ok.”

It’s all ok. I told myself and went back into the room where Assam was.

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