I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 11 (Part 2)

 We drove for about four hours north towards the mountainous area. After passing several towns, we spotted a large monster walking ahead of us. It was a Minotaur. It had a body three times the size of a human, and a tremendously muscular physique. It was an A-ranked monster. It would be dangerous to leave it as is, so we decided to defeat it.

 As I rushed towards the Minotaur, it swung its fist towards me.

“Thunder Arrow!”

 The magic arrow that Luca fired hit the Minotaur square on the arm. In response, it bellowed angrily, and recklessly began swinging both of its heavy arms at us. I instantly put up a magic wall to prevent myself from being flung back. The body of my bike began to rise up and wobble, but I stabilized it by using my feet and tentacles to keep us somewhat anchored to the ground.

 The bike began to drift. I took advantage of the momentum and made a U-turn. Then, I grabbed the staff attached to my thigh and pointed it at the Minotaur.

“Luca, put up a magic wall just in case. —Dark Blast.”

 It was an intermediate level skill of dark magic. Dozens of black orbs floated up around the Minotaur and then began to strike. Bam! Bam! Bam! They exploded in quick succession, shattering the defensive wall that surrounded the Minotaur. Each consecutive strike continued to destroy its body. The orbs didn’t even give it a chance to regenerate.

 In no time at all, the Minotaur could no longer maintain its existence. It crumbled like sand and disappeared, leaving behind a magic stone and some items, such as its horns and meat.

“Haah, that was some power. As expected of Zagan.”

“You didn’t get hit, did you? ”

“I’m fine. Thanks for worrying about me.”

 I wasn’t particularly worried about you, and there was no reason for you to thank me either. That’s why, you don’t need to kiss me on the cheek!

 I stopped my bike next to the dropped loot and picked up the magic stone. As expected, the A-rank monster left behind a large magic stone. The horn could be used as crafting material for a sword and could be sold for a high price. Its meat could become food as well.

“I’m all out of mana. We should eat something soon too, so let’s take a break here.”

“You’re right. Looking at that meat is making me feel hungry. Can I roast it? ”

“We defeated it together, so half of it is yours. Do as you wish. Luca, I’ll be taking the magic stone, so you can keep the horns.”

“I wasn’t much help this time, but I’ll gladly accept. I’ll keep this horn as a memento of our time working together. Fufu, for there to be a day when I can fight by your side like this. It makes me happy.”

 Working together. It was a subtle way of putting it, but considering that we were the hero and villain and only ever clashed with each other in the game, I was deeply moved by the fact that we were able to work together to defeat monsters, even if it was only for a short time.

 We drank some MP potions to restore our mana, and then prepared a slightly late lunch. After building a fire, we cut up the edible parts of the Minotaur meat we had obtained into bite sized pieces, and then skewered them together. It was a very luxurious item; you could think of it as something similar to the high-quality Wagyu beef from my previous life.

 He placed a grill over the open fire and laid out the meat, glazing it with sauce when it was ready. This was all done by Luca. As I looked on from the side, I thought the Prince was surprisingly quite skilled at this.

 As I waited while subtly inhaling the delicious aroma, he offered me a meat skewer. I took it and stuffed myself immediately. Hm, delicious. Luca took a bite as well and nodded his head happily in agreement, perhaps due to my praise.

“Adventuring is a good job, isn’t it? It’s great to be able to roast and eat such delicious food by ourselves. Of course, you have to be strong to do it, but it feels so freeing.”

“…Well, it might feel quite freeing from a prince’s perspective. I don’t know if it’s really that hard for you though.”

“There’s nothing that is particularly hard for me because I am Prince. It’s just that I feel a great pressure from everyone to be the strongest. Maybe it’s because I was born as a prince and have the same attribute as the God Soleil.”

“Stronger than everyone, huh? That must be tough.”

“You’re right. I have to be stronger than Zagan, so it’s really tough. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen anyone defeat a Minotaur that easily.”

“The first time? I’m sure that there must be quite a few knights and mages who are at my level. I’ve heard that they are even stronger than the adventurers.”

“That only holds true till the A-rank. They could never match the strength of an S-Rank adventurer.”

“…Is there really that much of a gap between the S-Rank and A-Rank? ”

“Zagan, you must know well enough what you need to do to raise your rank, right? ”

 I was an adventurer, so of course I knew it. There were some exceptions, like my case when I joined, but basically you had to complete 20 quests of the same rank as your current one, as well as 10 quests that were one rank above. Additionally, you needed to submit 100 magic stones of monsters with the same rank as yours, and 50 magic stones of monsters one rank higher.

“Also, to reach A-rank, you’re still allowed to attempt this with the help of a party. However, to become an S-Rank, the conditions are different. You must do it on a per-person basis. The upper limit of a party is eight, but if an eight-member party wants to become S-ranked, they’ll have to work eight times as hard as before. But wouldn’t it be hard enough to just search for 400 S-Rank monsters? Having said that though, if they reduced the party members, they wouldn’t be able to fight S-ranked monsters.”

“I see. I was solo, so that’s why I got to S-rank so fast.”

“Almost no one can defeat an S-rank monster solo, though? You’re just that strong. Even for knights and mages, it would take at least 10 people, and also they’d have to be from an advanced division to fight an S-rank monster. To fight 3 chimeras, even more people would need to be gathered.”

 I didn’t know that. So the request was sent to the adventurer’s guild because of the time it would take.

“That’s why S-rank adventurers are really strong. I’m stronger than I was before, but I’m still not as good as Zagan. I have to work harder. It’d be frustrating to keep losing to you.”

 Luca smiled bitterly. Come to think of it, I had provoked him in the past. It was only to raise the heroines’ favourability, but it seemed that he was making an effort to win against me.

 Perhaps I should give him some advice.

“Luca, from what I could see of the magic wall you put up, the ratio of physical ability was surprisingly high. Despite the huge amount of mana you possess, you’re not that good at magic, are you?”

 Magic walls and body enhancement magic, like life magic, could be used by anyone and did not require spellcasting. This was because, unlike normal magic, it was influenced not only by your mana, but also by the limits of your physical ability. Basically, it was Mana + Physical Ability.

 In my case, most of my magic wall was made of mana. It’s not that I didn’t train my body, rather my mana pool was just incredibly high. And Luca has just as much mana as I do.

“That is actually true. I’m better with the sword. That’s why my teacher always scolded me.”

“The basis of magic is the manipulation of mana, but father…uhm, your teacher must not have had the light attribute.”

 Fire and wind were elements that released mana. If you released mana from your palms, they would disappear just like that.

 Water and earth were elements that created mana. Thus, when you brought them forth from your palms, they would remain.

“Perhaps he thought of light as the releasing kind too. They are certainly similar, but in terms of actual usage, they are different. Light and Darkness are two sides of the same coin. Therefore, you have to condense your mana. Just like with the darkness, you have to try to grasp that which you cannot hold.”

 I brought forth black tentacles on my palm. Although they certainly looked like tentacles, they were actually a condensation of my mana that I had simply released.

 I brought the mana tentacles to Luca, and after wrapping them around the section from his arm to his wrist, I touched his palm. When I did that, Luca tightly gripped the tip of the tentacles to ascertain its texture. Though faint, I sensed the feeling of touching and being touched through them.

“If you practice, even with your light attribute, you can learn to manipulate your mana into something like tentacles, Luca. And once you’re able to freely manipulate it, the magic you can use will also grow and so, too, will your power.”

“I see. I, too, can use tentacles…”

 Luca, who had been squishing my tentacle, suddenly looked up at me and grabbed both my hands as he leaned closer. W-What?

“Zagan. I’ll definitely learn to use tentacles. So wait for me!”

 No, what are you going on about? What do I have to wait for here?

 I nodded my head unknowingly under the tremendous pressure he was exuding, but for some reason, I couldn’t help but feel that I was in danger.

Hasr: Zagan doesn’t know it, but he just dug a pit for himself lol.

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