I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Editor: PalenMisha

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Chapter 73 (Part 1)

It was the morning of December 25th. As usual, I got up earlier than Luca, but I did not wait for him to wake up to get ready. After I was done getting ready, I shook Luca’s shoulder and he sleepily opened his eyes.

“Good morning, Luca. I’m sorry for waking you up, I just wanted to tell you I’ll be getting out of the tent first.”

“Mmh… Good morning, Zagan. Why the hurry?”

“I’m restless because I can’t wait to give Noel her present.” 

I felt embarrassed because of my childish reason, but Luca just smiled softly.

“I see. Yeah, you should go right away. Noel will surely be delighted.” 

Having received approval, I left the tent immediately. It was a common thing for Bennett to wake up early to cook, but even Noel was already awake and in the middle of getting her hair done by Nina. As I approached, Nina noticed me.

“Huh? Onii-san, you’re early today.” (Nina)

“Eh? Nii-sama?” (Noel)

“Stop, stop! Don’t move yet! I’ll be done in a while, so just wait a bit more.” (Nina)

Noel was stopped by Nina when she tried to turn her head towards me. Noel groaned. I sat beside her instead and when I peeked at her slightly so our eyes met, she immediately smiled.

“Good morning, nii-sama. I apologise for my current state.”

“I don’t mind. Good morning, Noel.”

“Fufu, good morning. It’s rare for only nii-sama to wake up first. What happened to Luca?”

“He’s awake, but he’s still in bed. I think it will take him a while longer to come out.” 

As I finished my greeting, I lifted my head up and looked at Nina’s hand that was tying Noel’s hair. She was just about done as she put on a barrette as the finishing touch, and it was amazing. The sparkling, beautiful decorations were so wonderful that it was hard to believe that it was a handmade item.

“Alright, all done. It’s one of my proudest works. What do you think? Cute, isn’t it?” (Nina)

“Yes, it’s very cute! Thank you very much, Nina.” (Noel)

They each held a mirror and were checking out the back of Noel’s head. As I watched the two girls who were happy with each other from right beside them, Noel showed her hair to me too.

“How is it, nii-sama? Nina made this barrette.”

“Yeah, it’s really cute and suits you. Good for you, Noel.”

When I stroked her head in a way that would not ruin her hairdo, my little sister laughed bashfully. I wanted to give my present as soon as possible too, but if I shifted their moment of joy with my present, I would feel bad for Nina who had created something wonderful for Noel. So I thought of waiting a bit longer, but Noel turned her body towards me.

“So, uhm… Do you know what day it is today, nii-sama?” (Noel)

“……Is Nina fine now?” (Zagan) 

“Hmm? I don’t really get it, but I guess I’m fine?” (Nina)

I’m sorry, I did not say enough. Maybe because Luca usually gets it immediately with just that, so I accidentally omitted some words. For the time being, it seemed they were done being excited about Noel’s hair so a subject change was OK. It seemed fine to hand it over to Noel now, so I took out the present I bought in advance from the magic bag.

“Happy 19th birthday, Noel.” 

It was a black cat body pillow. I did not wrap it since it was big, but it had a ribbon around it. When I handed it over to the surprised Noel, she accepted it with flushed cheeks.

“Wow! Nii-sama, you remembered my birthday! I’m really, really happy! Thank you very much!”

Noel was full of delight as she hugged the body pillow tightly. Her radiant smile made me happy too.

“A black cat, just like nii-sama. Ehehe~ A present from nii-sama…”

I see, a black cat would be me. That was why Luca recommended the black cat. I thought she would prefer the white cat since that was more ‘Noel-like’, but seeing her so joyful… it was the correct choice, just as Luca said.

Noel was happy the whole time with a soft and warm look. While Nina was chatting with my sister in that state, Luca and our other friends also woke up and gave Noel their congratulatory words.

By the way, even while she received presents from Luca and the others, Noel continued to hold the body pillow with one arm and would not let go of it until breakfast.

We arrived at the deepest part of the dungeon before noon. The boss monster waiting for us was the War Maiden of Death, Valkyrie. It had a rank of SS+ and a holy attribute. Its body was covered all over with armour and was about 2.5 metres tall. It was not that big for a high-ranked monster, but it carried a large shield that easily exceeded our height, which was a big nuisance.

The battle started immediately after Bennett buffed us, but the opponent’s reaction was quick and all our attacks were completely blocked by its large shield. Miranda’s axe collided with the shield, but even when I went in to attack its opening from behind, its magic wall was so solid that it repelled my attack. The same applied to Camilla and Cindy’s magic. Even debuffs were nullified.

No matter what kind of attack was used, nothing got through. However, Valkyrie’s charge using the large shield was so ridiculously strong that even Miranda was blown away. I stretched out my tentacles on the spur of the moment to prevent her from falling to the ground, but since the damage caused by the shield looked terrible, I laid her down on the floor just like that.

“Gh─ Ha… My bad, Zagan.”

“Don’t mind something this much.” 

“Miranda-san! I’ll heal you now!” (Bennett)

Bennett arrived soon after, so I left Miranda in their care while I pulled out my dagger to join the vanguard. Immediately after that, it was Noel who was hit head-on by a shield charge with a thud and was thrown back in the opposite direction.

“Aaah!!” (Noel)

“Noel─ agh!” (Nina)

“Don’t get distracted, Nina!” (Zagan)

I unintentionally scolded Nina who had put herself in danger because she got distracted by Noel being blown away. Noel had been saved by Luca, and Cindy was already working on her recovery.

I unleashed a sword skill to prevent Nina, who was wide open, from getting attacked. However, perhaps because the sword skill had a lot of gaps, it was completely blocked by the monster’s shield. I used my secret technique, ‘Twilight’, and evaded the large shield that was vigorously thrust out towards me before I wrapped my tentacles around it. Using the recoil from the monster trying to shake me off, I went around the other side of the opponent and attacked it with my black mana sword.

The magic wall was extremely sturdy, but the black mana sword still managed to penetrate it and reached the monster’s armour. Because the magic wall repairs itself immediately, it cannot be destroyed and can only be damaged bit by bit. But this was surely not the right way to go about it.

No matter the monster or creature, there will definitely be a weakness. However, since the game did not have any elemental weaknesses, not to mention that it was the first time I’d fought a Valkyrie, there was no choice but to observe it.

I attacked even as I thought this, and right after several sword attacks pierced the magic wall, the large shield came toward me. The part of the shield that looked like an eye started to shine.

“Zagan, watch out!” (Luca)

A ray of light was emitted. I quickly erased my tentacles and moved away, but it hit the edge of my left foot. Then from there, my foot seemed to gradually start to petrify?

I unconsciously let out a ‘tsk’. If I leave things as is, my whole body will turn to stone. I have to cut my leg off immediately. But before I could swing my dagger, Luca’s tentacles extended toward me and pulled me back. Right as I landed in Luca’s arms with a thump, Noel who was right beside him touched the petrified part of my leg.

“O’ Sacred Healing, answer the call of this pure heart ─ Innocent Cure!” (Noel)

My leg was enveloped in a gentle light and the petrification that had progressed to my knee gradually healed. Extreme recovery magic that can heal any kind of condition. What an excellent healer she is to have learned such wonderful magic. As expected of my little sister.

“Everyone, buy time while being careful of the petrification!” (Luca)

“Roger that! How dare you blow me away just now!” (Nina)

“Nu-uh. That kind of attack will never work against me again.” (Miranda)

“I shall hold them back then~ Stalagmite!” (Cindy)

Cindy created a few stone pillars that stuck up from the ground, restricting the enemy’s movements. Although they were immediately destroyed, the Valkyrie was not using its petrification attack due to being distracted by Cindy’s attack. Using that opportunity, Miranda and Nina attacked the monster while Bennett supported them by healing them.

“Camilla, think you can attack the eye part of the shield?” (Luca)

“Let’s see… I guess that would be its weak point. Leave it to me.”

“Yes, I’m counting on you.”

After Luca finished giving instructions, he stared down at me, still in the middle of recovery, really hard.

“Hey, Zagan. Just now, weren’t you attempting to cut off your own leg?”

………I’m busted. What should I do, should I make up some excuses? Something along the lines of “Although the speed at which the petrification progresses depended on the enemy’s strength, the Valkyrie’s was quite fast”? I would have drunk a status recovery medicine if it were my body or dominant arm, but if it were my leg, then it was overwhelmingly faster to cut it off and then drink an advanced potion to recover it completely. That was how I survived when I was alone in the Great Forest.

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9 months ago

zagan, honey, i love  u but pls stopmaking everyone worry for ur mental an physical health with that mindset

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Zagan is so badass •°♡_♡°•

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Zagan, good luck… (⁠ ⁠;⁠∀⁠;⁠)