I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 73 (Part 2)

Now, however, I am no longer alone.

When I struggled to answer, I was kissed on the forehead by Luce before he looked into my eyes.

“I’m not blaming you, so please don’t make that face. I just want you to rely on us more, okay?”

I nodded stiffly. Maybe because I was still not used to fighting with everyone, but there were moments when I inadvertently acted like those times when I was alone. Even then, I have been doing much better at coordinating with the others these past two weeks. I’ve become able to delegate things to other people, so it’s quite the progress.

“It’s over, nii-sama. Can you stand? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?” (Noel)

Luca finally lowered me to the ground when Noel called out to me. Hmm… yeah, I don’t feel any different.

“I’m fine. I appreciate it, Noel.”

“Yes, I’m glad I was able to help nii-sama this time!”

Could I be the reason she learned the magic she used just now? Since I had been on the verge of death before. If it had been a major shock to Noel, the petrification just now must have worried her quite a bit. Even after I already promised her…

“I’m sorry for acting so recklessly again.”

When I apologised, Noel was momentarily surprised before she smiled.

“Yes. But I will also do my best so that I can help nii-sama.” 

“So it’s mutual. Let’s both continue to do our best from now on.” 

After stroking the head of my little sister, who nodded happily, I checked our current battle situation.

Currently, Camilla’s magic had burst violently and numerous ice shards attacked the large shield. Since it was difficult to aim at just the ‘eye part’ of the shield, the strategy was to fire off multiple shots at it. Even when the shield moved away, each shard would chase the front part of the shield (where the eye was). Such amazing control.

Even when the Valkyrie tried to rush at Camilla to stop her attack, it was blocked by Cindy’s stone pillars and Miranda’s guard. From even further behind Camilla, Bennett was providing support in the form of buffs while Nina attacked the Valkyrie from various positions to hinder its movements.

Finally, we joined in, with Luca, who has the highest defensive power, protecting Cindy, who was chanting. Nina and I, who were the swiftest of the group, continued to dodge while attacking the monster to hold its aggro while Noel worked on our recovery as she defended nearby.

The steadily inflicted damage could clearly be seen from the cracks that gradually appeared on the large shield. Accompanied by the sound of breaking, cracks were starting to form in the centre. Then a few minutes later, a piercing scream came from the large shield.


Smash! The large shield shattered into a heap. Now, all that was left was the main body.

The Valkyrie that had lost its great shield drew the sword at its waist and slashed at Nina nearby. It’s fast.

“Kh… Aah, uwaah…!” (Nina)


Nina’s right leg was cut off. Blood gushed out. Upon seeing her crumpled down in pain, the monster further swung its sword down toward her.

Clang! Strengthening my body, I stood in front of Nina and blocked the attack with my dagger. It was heavy, but not unbearable. After pushing the Valkyrie’s sword away and landing a kick at its exposed torso, we gained some distance. Immediately after, Camilla’s ice magic flew in.

The destruction of the large shield not only lowered the monster’s defensive power but also allowed Camilla’s magic to get through. Even then, it was considerably weakened by the monster’s magic wall.

When I glanced back to confirm the current situation, it seemed that Nina had been evacuated to the backlines by Luca’s tentacles and she was in the middle of drinking an advanced potion while being healed by Cindy. It’s good if she’s fine.

Luca joined the fray and threw in some of his own sword strikes. Luca’s blows were as heavy as Miranda’s. Moreover, he was fast, so his opponent was forced to defend with its sword. In the meantime, Noel and I attacked from the sides and the back.

Even with its magic wall still erected, the Valkyrie’s armour continued to get damaged. However, the opponent had the holy attribute. Although it couldn’t use attack magic, it could use recovery magic so the damaged armour would be repaired. But all that needed to be done was to attack it so hard that its recovery could not keep up.

As I continued to attack while dodging the occasional sword slashes, Camilla unleashed an extremely large ice spell that froze the opponent. Even though it was destroyed immediately, Luca, who did not overlook the slight stiffness, raised his voice.

“Both of you, get down! Ultimate skill ── Lightning Dragon!” 

Luca released a sword skill. A dragon clad in lightning appeared and attacked the enemy with its rolling body. Hitting the mark, a thunder-like roar resounded with a Bang! and the armour was charred black with smoke billowing out of it. There was also a large hole in its torso.

The Valkyrie stumbled, and from above its head, the leaping Luca swung his sword down.

───Slash! A large vertical line was drawn. The moment the armour cracked and fell to both sides, it slowly dissipated into black particles and disappeared. The battle had ended.

“Alright, it’s our victory!” (Luca)

“…You did it! You did it, nii-sama!” (Noel)

“Yeah, we won. Good work, Noel.” (Zagan)

Since she came over so joyfully with one raised hand, I lightly returned a high five. When I did, Noel’s face loosened into a happy smile. But then she let out a gasp, put her sword away, and ran to Nina’s side.

“Nina! Are you okay, Nina!?” (Noel)

“Nina-san, are you okay!?” (Bennett)

Bennett, Miranda, and Camilla rushed over to Nina and surrounded her. Luca and I looked over the situation from behind.

Nina’s leg had been properly regenerated and her boots were also properly put back on so she seemed to be completely healed. However, she was in a state where she was being supported by Cindy. For a while, she would definitely be feeling a sense of discomfort.

“I’m all fine now. More than that, I feel so frustrated! I let my guard down just because the shield was broken. It’s seriously so frustrating~!” 

Nina acted cheerful, even though she must have been in extreme pain when her leg was cut off. Perhaps because everyone knew that, they let her off with wry smiles or sighs.

“Seriously, you… Well, I’m glad you’re okay.” (Miranda)

“‘Tis so. Anyway, ‘tis our victory. Let us savour that joy.” (Camilla)

“Ufufu~ Everyone, good work~” (Cindy)

After giving each other a high five and taking care of each other’s injuries, everyone prepared to go home. Camilla decided to burn the amputated leg, and perhaps out of consideration for us, set it ablaze a distance away. Meanwhile, Miranda and Bennett went to collect our loot, which was the dropped materials.

After Luca took a quick look around to ensure it was safe, he put his katana away and touched my cheek.

“Good work, Zagan. I’m glad you’re okay.”

“Yeah. I made you worry earlier.”

When I put my dagger away, I was tightly hugged. I also wrapped my arms around Luca’s back and tried to recover from my mental fatigue. Being enveloped by Luca not only made me feel relief but also healed me. 

We separated after a while, and after calling out to our friends who were waiting, we headed towards the altar in the back.

The star fragment of the 12th dungeon appeared after defeating the boss monster. The pale bluish-purple gem was sparkling and very beautiful. Luca retrieved it and then we all got on the teleportation magic circle. After a few seconds, we arrived in a large hall.

Once we went outside, we saw that the snow had piled up to 15 centimetres on the ground. A silver-coloured world. Since it was not currently snowing, maybe it was from yesterday’s snow? Even if they did clean up the snow in front of a dungeon on the outskirts of town, Nina, who had just regenerated her leg, might still fall.

“Aah! It’s finally over, over I say! I can never get tired of this feeling of freedom. I want a drink.” (Miranda)

“I also feel hungry. Shall we quickly go back to the mansion and get some lunch?” (Cindy)

“There’s still some bento leftover so I’ll take it out as soon as we get home. That, as well as Noel-san’s birthday cake.” (Bennett)

“Thank you, Bennett. I’m really looking forward to it!” (Noel)

That’s right. Since tonight was the Sun Festival, having the cake after lunch would be best. Although it was in line with the scenario to finish conquering the dungeon on the 25th, I’m glad that Noel’s long-awaited birthday didn’t pass in the dungeon.

As I started walking hand-in-hand with Luca while thinking about such a thing, a voice called out from behind.

“Hey, onii-san. It’s true that it might be difficult to walk in the snow, but isn’t this a bit embarrassing…?” (Nina)

“? I made sure the head’s position is about the same, so I don’t think it would stand out too much. Well, if my tentacles are embarrassing, let’s switch it with Luca’s.”

“No, that’s not the point. Actually, onii-san, you are saying that even though you know, right? Right?” 

“Then Zagan, would you kindly lift me up? Maybe ‘tis because of my body, but I tire easily.” (Camilla)  

“If that’s so, I’ll be in charge of Camilla so Zagan can just continue to carry Nina as is.” (Luca)

At Camilla and Luca’s suggestion, a pitiful sounding ‘Eeeh….’ came out from Nina. Even Noel and Bennett’s attempt at comforting her yielded no effect. 

However, when Camilla was also lifted using the tentacles, she became quieter as if her shame was lessened.

…A woman in her prime is quite complicated.

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7 months ago

“A woman in her prime is quite complicated.”
Lol zagan that comment make me laugh

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Thank you for the chap!