I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 74 (Part 1)

After walking for about 10 minutes, more houses started popping up. Also, since it seemed to have been melted using flame magic, the streets were clear of snow. Carriages could also be used, and there were several nearby waiting for customers, so we decided to ride one back to the mansion. Nina was very happy to be rid of the tentacles.

Shortly after we got on the carriage, it set off for the main road. Today was National Foundation Day and the Sun festival would be held tonight, so a lot of people were walking along the tree-lined avenue decorated with sparkling fairy lights. Some of the buildings here and there also seemed to be holding some special events.

“It looks like everyone’s having fun.”

“Yeah. We’ll have to check it out in the evening as well.”

As I was staring outside at the scenery, we arrived at the mansion. By the afternoon, we’d finished having lunch and were having some lighthearted conversation as we ate the birthday cake Bennett made.

“I have arrived after being notified that you’ve left the dungeon. I, Orobas, am delighted to hear that you are all unharmed.”

“Yes, we’re all fine. Thank you, Orobas.” Luca replied to the smiling Orobas as smoothly as always.

The others also expressed their thanks and smiled.

I was almost turned to stone and Nina’s leg had been cut off, but it seemed that we were going to keep quiet about that, so I just nodded.

After surveying our reactions, Orobas turned his eyes to Noel.

“Now then, Noel ojou-sama, happy birthday. Lyle-sama and Leticia-sama have entrusted me with their presents for you. I shall give them to you now.” He swiftly took out a beautifully wrapped present from his breast pocket. 

Though it was still quite small, I was surprised that something like that could fit in there.

Noel happily received the present and opened it. Inside was a beautiful fountain pen and case, along with a letter-set.

The fountain pen had traces of mana in it, so it must have undergone some kind of alchemical treatment. Usually, it was stuff like the ink never drying out or the nib not getting damaged, though sometimes there were also joke-type treatments that could make the pen move on its own.

“Waa! What a beautiful pen. And it also looks very easy to write with. Is this because I exchanged letters with them during this trip?”

“That is correct. Lyle-sama was always happy whenever he got a letter from ojou-sama.”

“Fufu. Then I’ll use this letter-set to write Mother and Father a thank you card. For Nii-sama and everybody else too!”

“For us too? Now that I think about it, I’ve never gotten a letter before. I look forward to it!” (Miranda)

“Me neither. I’m happy that my first letter is going to be from Noel! I’m excited!” (Nina)

“Nina, you must write a proper reply. As a butler, you should at least be able to write a letter.”

“Uuu… Yes, sir.”

When she started complaining, Orobas’s gaze turned cold and she immediately switched her answer to yes. The others giggled at her reply and Nina herself also seemed somewhat happy.

I’d never received a letter before either and was now very much looking forward to it.

When I nodded, Luca planted a kiss on top of my head.

“Something to look forward to,” he whispered to me, and I vehemently agreed.

“I am glad you managed to clear the dungeon by today. Thanks to that, I was able to give ojou-sama her present. Also, it is National Foundation Day. It is an important day to offer gratitude and prayers to god. One must participate. By the way, Luca-dono, Duke Charmant has given me a dinner party invitation to pass on to you. How would you like to proceed?”

This time he took out a white envelope from the same pocket he had pulled Noel’s present out of.

Could there be a magic bag installed in his breast pocket?

While I was asking myself such trivial questions, Luca took the letter and checked its contents.

“Ah, it seems the Duke has prepared some Sun Festival lanterns for us. In that case, should we take her up on her hospitality? We’re leaving tomorrow so there are all kinds of things we need to prepare.”

Indeed, it would be good to use the time it would have taken us to buy lanterns to prepare for tomorrow instead.

Orobas let the Duke know we were coming through a communication device and helped us prepare.

We aired out the bedding we used in the dungeon, washed our underwear and pajamas, hung them to dry, and inspected our weapons and armour. Also, since Camilla had been brewing potions while we were in the dungeon, the only thing we had to do was replenish the potions in our individual magic bags.

Then, just after five, after the sun had set and it had gotten darker, we got on the carriage that came to pick us up and headed towards the Duke’s castle.

The dinner party took place in the castle’s large dining room… or not.

After walking down a corridor for quite some time, we got on a mana-operated elevator and went up for about 100 metres. Our destination was a luxury bar on the upper floor of one of the castle’s watch towers.

The moment the door opened, I was seriously surprised to be greeted by the sprawling night view that could be seen beyond the glass walls.

When I tried asking why there was a bar in such a place, I was told it was because this was the best place to see the night view while drinking alcohol. As expected of a heroic lady.

By the way, it seemed that anyone over 18, regardless of status, could come to the bar, but it worked on a reservation-only basis and was rather pricey. Even so, nobles often came to the bar and even some commoners visited it on occasion. Probably for things like anniversaries or proposals.

I’m also going to be proposing to Luca in six days – I have to do my best.

Even while those thoughts were going through my mind, I sat on the same sofa as Luca and kept reaching my hand out toward the food they were bringing out. Mm, it was all tasty.

“My childhood friend is a demon. I never thought that such a fairytale-like thing would ever happen to me. Even I was surprised. Speaking of which, have Your Highness and the others seen Orobas’s demon form?”

“No, we haven’t.”

“I haven’t shown that form to anyone but you, Lyle-sama, and the crown prince in order to make him believe that I’m a demon. Would it not be a frightening sight for humans?”

“Hmm. Well, your head really was quite different from a human’s. Still, it doesn’t matter what you look like, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s you.”

“I know. How many thousands of years do you think I have lived? By the way, Lyle1 said the same thing to me.”

Sigh. That guy’s just as compassionate as ever. And it seems that even today you’re as sarcastic as always.”

While enjoying the delicious meal, we talked with Duke Charmant, who was sitting across from us. She was really talkative. Maybe because of the alcohol or maybe she was always like that.

By the way, I finished the roast beef on my plate. I wonder if I could ask for more?

As I looked down at my empty plate, Luca, next to me, speared some beef onto his fork and brought it my way.

“Here, Zagan. Say aah.”

When he did, Duke Charmant spat out her drink, but I paid it no mind and ate the meat that was offered to me. As expected – delicious. And this spicy sauce… if my tastebuds were correct then Orobas may have given the Duke’s chef the recipe.

“Your Highness Luca, please eat the remainder yourself. There is plenty more.” (Orobas)

As I chewed on my mouthful, more plates were laid out on the table. I was thankful. After swallowing my food, I thanked Orobas. He smiled and Luca also let out a giggle.

“Orobas is still as overprotective as ever.”

“I just wish for His Highness to eat a proper meal as well.”

“Mn. Luca also likes meat so eat a lot, ok?”

“Thank you, Zagan. This really is very delicious.” Luca nodded, eating his roast beef.

Maybe because the food was good and the view was beautiful, but just looking around made my heart flutter.

All of my friends seemed to be having fun. Miranda was at the bar, eating while ordering all kinds of drinks from the bartender. Cindy was next to her drinking even more alcohol than Miranda was. Nina also seemed to be interested in the cocktails so she was sitting next to the bar as well. Bennett was passionately asking the chef about the dishes being served, and Camilla was concentrating on the food while nodding along to their conversation.

Lastly, Noel. She was sitting right in front of me. In other words, she was sitting next to Duke Charmant.

“By the way, I’m quite curious – when did Duke Charmant befriend Father and Orobas?” Noel asked, and the Duke glanced up at Orobas, who was standing next to her.

“The first time I met Orobas was when I was five. As a lesson in morality, I went to an orphanage and he was there. After that, I met Lyle. He came over to play and maybe because we really didn’t get along, we almost killed each other the first time we met.”

“On top of these two idiots being meatheads, they also hate to lose.”

“You always need to have the last word. Really, even though we grew up together from that day on, I never thought you were in disguise. Lyle and I have been fooled for 50 years. What a fearsome demon.”

“Haven’t you also been hiding your pining? Well, it seems that you’ve managed to put that behind you before you got yourself married.”

“Hey! Y-you bastard, you didn’t tell him anything, right!? He’s going to make fun of me forever if he ever finds out!”

“I won’t tell him. You’re my childhood friend as well so I won’t put you at a disadvantage. Anyway, if I did tell him, then I’d just have one more thing to worry about.”

“That’s fine then. Ah, please don’t mind it you guys. Everyone’s got at least one or two things in their dark past.” The Duke smiled and nodded, glancing at Luca and Noel.

Judging from that conversation, the Duke probably had feelings for Father, right? 

However, she was the daughter of one of the four grand ducal families and was in a position to either become the queen or give birth to the next queen. Because of this, she could not marry freely nor could she confess.

Still, judging by their personalities, I think it would have been difficult for the two of them to be lovers. Trying to kill each other on their first meeting was kind of extreme… No, but Luca and I also fought the first time we met, so maybe something like that doesn’t really matter.

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