I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 79 (Part 1)

My father, who I had not seen for 15 years, had become a really fine man. No, he had always been a wonderful person. But perhaps because he was getting on in years, he got cooler as he became more dignified and even grew stronger since the last time I saw him. 

That aside, I guess even Father speaks crudely. He spoke to me in a polite tone, but Orobas said that he used to be a brat. In other words, that’s how he is, and that’s how he speaks to Orobas and Duchess Charmant, who are his childhood friends.

For the time being, since he was standing stock still while looking down at me, I bowed slightly and he bowed back all flustered. Probably having been made fun of by Orobas, who landed next to him, his face turned red and he got angry before once again confronting the dragon. The two slapped each other on the back and just like that, re-engaged in battle.

It was kind of overwhelming.

As I pressed my cheek against Luca’s back while harbouring envious feelings toward their friendship, the arm I had around Luca’s waist was caressed.

That’s right, I have Luca. My absolute dearest. Then there’s Miranda, Camilla, Bennett, and Cindy—I have all my friends who supported each other while fighting together up till now. My younger sister, Noel, also supported me, and even her best friend, Nina, accompanied me as a companion.

I am no longer alone, and because I am not alone—because I have something I wish to protect—I must move forward.

“Luca, do you think we can go soon?” (Zagan)

“Yeah, it seems they’ve calmed down. Look, even this little one says he can run.” (Luca)

The horse neighed as if in agreement with Luca’s words. How strong-willed. As expected of the horse that carried Luca to wherever he desired for this past year.

“Ufufu~ Then this onee-san needs to get fired up, too. Zagan-kun, could you bring me five metres ahead of the horse?” (Cindy)

“It’s difficult because I need to extend my tentacles a lot, but if it’s Cindy alone, then it’s possible.”

By increasing the number of tentacles, I moved Cindy in front of the horse by five metres. Once I did, she drank a special MP potion before holding up her spear staff while charging her mana.

“Hiiiーyah!” (Cindy)

Full of momentum, with thuds and bangs, a bridge was being built right before our eyes. A bridge that could take us to the goddess Lune in the shortest possible time.

“There are too many obstacles to bypass if we pass through the castle gate and the royal castle. With this, it’s a one-way path to the goddess. It’s illegal to build structures without permission, but since it’s an emergency situation, please forgive me?” (Cindy)

“I’ll give you permission, so there’s no problem. Let’s move!” (Luca)

As soon as Luca gave the signal, the horse started running. With a powerful gait, it galloped up the gentle slope. Not losing to the horse’s speed, Cindy, too, steadily extended the bridge. Seeing as the bridge was constructed by placing pillars at regular intervals to support it, as well as having handrails to prevent the horses from being frightened, it was a great show of mana manipulation.

Since Cindy was basically a support character through and through, her recent abilities were unclear. But with this magnificent bridge she built, I was finally convinced. After all, she was also practising her magic with Luca and the others every night during their stay at the mansion. After realising that the people of the Dark Organisation might be in danger, she even managed something as skillful as manipulating mana while reading.

Even she had put in the effort. And now, she was showing the fruit of that effort. To save the man she loved.

Passing over the castle gates, we rushed above the castle grounds.

The upper floor of the tower, which soared over 400m tall in the centre, housed a temple that was said to have once been used by the god Soleil. The middle to the bottom floors housed the audience hall and residence of the royal family which supported the god. Various facilities and departments were installed in towers about 250m tall which each stood on the north, south, east, and west sides.

After we passed by the northern tower, we headed beyond the temple, to the southeast, where Goddess Lune was. The goddess had not moved from where she appeared. Despite that, she still attacked and roared, the shockwaves hitting the magic barrier, where we could see the force of the attack getting absorbed. That seemed to be the magic barrier I handed over to Klage.

As we got closer, Cindy reduced the height of the bridge. The Dark Organisation members were located at what appeared to be the training grounds. They were huddled together in an open space and facing the Evil God from behind the magic barrier. More than half of them were sitting down or lying down and purple-coloured mana seemed to slowly drain out of them. Were they OK?

We arrived near them amidst continuous explosions. As soon as I lowered Cindy from my tentacles, she immediately ran off. She then knelt down beside “glasses guy”, who was sprawled on the ground.

“Eloi-kun! Eloi-kun, pull yourself together! Eloi-kun!” (Cindy)

“………Cindy… -san…?” (Eloi)

“Haah, thank goodness… Drink this MP potion, then you’ll be up and about in no time.” (Cindy)

Cindy cradled Eloi’s head and brought a special MP potion to his mouth. He seemed to be in a daze, but he was still able to open his mouth on his own to drink. Although there was some outflow of mana, it was not so great as to cause mana depletion. This was probably because of the deployment of the magic barrier. There must have been people who were unharmed by his side, so they were the ones who fed him some MP potions. I could see several glass bottles lying on the ground.

After a while, he recovered enough to nuzzle his head against Cindy’s chest. ……What are you even doing in a situation where the mana depletion problem has not stopped and attacks from the goddess are still continuing? This is why you’re called “creepy glasses guy”.

Cindy tightly hugged Eloi’s head. Maybe from relief, her tears spilled out drop by drop.

“Guek— H–Hurts— Huh!? Cindy-san, why are you crying– GUGH—” (Eloi)

“I’m glad… I’m so glad that Eloi-kun is alive… Kh…” (Cindy)

Cindy, who was always smiling and seemed to have no connection with “tears”, was crying. That showed how anxious she must have been. It’s great that “glasses guy” is still alive, huh, Cindy?

I felt relieved too. I didn’t have to see a friend crying from tears of sorrow. But this was not the time to gawk as there were still others lying about.

“Cindy, please take out all the potions entrusted by Camilla.” (Zagan)

“Fuh, uuh… Yes, I will.” (Cindy)

When I called out to her, Cindy opened her magic bag while still crying and pulled out a large box that she placed on the ground. I opened the lid and, using my tentacles, handed out the contents to the dark attribute people who were looking my way.

“This is an MP potion that a comrade of mine brewed. By activating the mana cells, it will continue to recover mana for several hours. You can judge its effectiveness by looking at ‘glasses guy’ over there.” (Zagan) 

“Ah… Thank you very much.”

“Nn. Let me know if it’s not enough.” (Zagan)

I gave out more potions than the number of people who were experiencing mana depletion, so I thought it should be fine. Perhaps because they were in a desperate situation, they obediently drank the potions even if it was an enemy’s charity.

After a while, they recovered enough that they could move. Although there was quite a bit left over, there seemed to be no more need for it so I put the remaining potions away in my magic bag. While I did that, a woman approached me while looking down—it was Sophie.

“Uhm… Zagan… -san? Where’s Miranda?” (Sophie)

“If it’s Miranda you’re looking for, she’s currently fighting against the mass of monsters we encountered along the way here.” (Zagan)

“No way, a mass of monsters!? Where!? I don’t know anything about that!” (Sophie)

“Rest assured, Miranda is strong. She also has her comrades with her.” (Zagan)

“I-Is that so? Hmm… that’s fine, then.” (Sophie)

Sophie, who had rushed towards me on the spur of the moment, lowered her head down again and scooted away.

Well, Camilla was Miranda’s sole companion, and I honestly did not know if they would really be safe against that large number of enemies. But there was also no need for me to bother telling my concern to Sophie, who called out to me out of worry. Moreover, I believed that if it was the two of them, they’d be fine.

Anyway, those from the Dark Organisation didn’t seem to have any problems. All that was left was for them to get away from the goddess and that should finally stop their mana from getting absorbed.

When I looked around, Luca was waiting a short distance away. I didn’t see his horse anywhere. I wonder what happened? When I tilted my head while staring at Luca, he came over.

“I sent him back to the stables. It’s safer than staying here, and when I asked if he could go back alone despite the stables being quite a distance away, he nodded. Don’t worry, he can go back without any hesitation because this is where he was born. Even if he does get lost, he can search for the signs of the horses in the stables.” (Luca)

“Is that so? He’s one outstanding horse.” (Zagan)

While having that conversation, Luca and I headed over to where Klage was.

Klage stood in front of the magic barrier while staring up at the Evil God as it continued attacking.

The people of the Dark Organisation always definitely die in the game. This whole time, I worried whether I could change their future. Even despite that, I had made it this far while strongly believing that I should be able to change their future. Now, they are still alive, even with the Evil God having been resurrected. ……I’m really glad.

He should have noticed our arrival long ago and should also have sensed our approaching him. I called out to the back of that stubborn guy who wouldn’t turn around despite all that.

“Those who were deprived of their mana are now able to move thanks to the MP potions made by my comrade. Since you guys held them off here, the damage to the surroundings is minimal. We appreciate it.” 

“……Those words only sound sarcastic to me, though.” (Klage)

“They would, wouldn’t they? But for me, they are my true feelings. As such, I give you my thanks.”

Standing beside Klage, I also looked up at the Evil God. Its figure, clad in a large amount of demonic essence, was incredibly powerful when faced directly. Even more so when it was attacking us from just beyond a magic barrier.

Thankfully, the barrier showed no signs of being destroyed. It was probably because each attack was weaker than my ultimate magic. The goddess herself had no intention of attacking, she was merely losing her sanity due to being consumed by negative emotions.

So it seemed that I must enter that demonic essence to move forward. As I thought about that, Klage let out a sigh.

“I should not have deployed this barrier. Even if my comrades were to be sacrificed… even if I myself were to die, I shouldn’t have interrupted the Evil God’s attacks. Please look at this situation. We’re in a stalemate with the Evil God still attacking us because the magic barrier you gave me won’t break at all.” (Klage)

“If you had sacrificed your lives, everything would have been in vain.” (Zagan)

In fact, only dark attributes will be regarded as “evil” now, even more so than ever. “Dead men tell no tales.” It’s meaningless if we don’t live and continue to appeal that we are being attacked because the people discriminated against us – that this wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t discriminated.

“I know. That is why I reluctantly took your advice into consideration and told them not to use control magic. Yet, the moment the Evil God attacked, several people ended up using it. Moreover, far from being able to control it, it only deprived them of their mana. Even if I had joined in to help them, it would have been pointless since we’re dealing with the Evil God, wouldn’t it?” (Klage)

“I see. Thanks to your deployment of the barrier, it slowed down their mana depletion and also warded off the attacks from the Evil God. Thanks to your good judgement, everyone is alive. You did well.” (Zagan) 

I was glad Klage was considerate of his comrades and a reasonable person. Otherwise, this place would have been full of corpses.

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