I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 80 (Part 2)

『There is no need for that, child of mine.』

I was about to bow when Lune stopped me, so I ended up just standing there next to Luca. I’d barely even moved, but she still seemed to know what I was about to do.

“It is an honour to meet you, Goddess Lune. I am Luca Soleil, the second prince of the Soleil Kingdom. I offer you my sincerest gratitude for protecting this kingdom for the past thousand years.”

『Greetings, descendant of Soleil. I heard about you every once in a while from my child.』She gently touched Luca’s lowered head with her nose. As she did, Luca was surrounded by a soft, warm light. It was probably “Heal.”

As expected from a goddess, she was able to use a spell without chanting.

『Be at ease. I dislike being revered.』


Luca stood up and, predictably, wrapped his arms around my waist.

I understood that he was most at ease physically and mentally when he was touching me, but he should restrain himself in front of the goddess. Or was it ok because it was Luca…?

Lune didn’t seem to care in the slightest. She took several steps back and the demonic essence that usually hovered around monsters swelled around her. The demonic essence mist changed and she soon transformed into the shape of a human – a beautiful woman with a calm aura. She was 150cm tall with long, glossy, black hair that had one streak of silver in it.

When she finished the transformation, she pulled the floating Lumiere towards herself.

Though Lune had seemingly suppressed that ominous energy, even at a glance the Lumiere still seemed dangerous.

『Indeed, it is quite dangerous. If someone weak were to touch this, they would go mad and die. Should you place it in a magic bag, it would decompose the bag from the inside, yet the Lumiere would remain unaffected. Those children who collected demonic essence must have stored it in several different bags.』

Though I didn’t say a word, Lune affirmed my suspicions.

The goddess Terre couldn’t read my thoughts, but it seemed that Lune could. Was it because I was her descendant?

『Yes, you are correct.』She once again answered without me speaking.

It seemed that my thoughts were being overheard by her. I didn’t really mind that the goddess knew what I was thinking, but if we kept communicating like this Luca wouldn’t be able to tell what we were talking about. 

Please only answer the words that come out of my mouth. I thought and Lune just nodded.

『This mass you call Lumiere can only be destroyed via powerful light magic. Only with a stone prepared by the World Mother1, or mana equal to that of Soleil’s. Soleil’s descendant… my child tells me you plan to bring him back to his senses. Is that true?』

“Yes. Though I don’t know for certain if it will work,” Luca said, removing one of the three magic bags that hung off his belt.

Come to think of it, I still didn’t know what kind of method Luca was going to use.

Curious, I stared intently as he opened the bag.

As soon as he opened it a blinding light burst from inside. The darkness of the night was rapidly swallowed by the light, and I had to squeeze my eyes shut and look the other way.

“Oh no, it was bright, wasn’t it? I’m sorry, Zagan.”

“Ngh. Luca, it isn’t too bright for you?”

“I’m fine. I’m a light attribute user, after all.”

As we were talking, the light stopped flowing from the bag and, when I risked glancing up, I saw dazzling mana… a mass of purifying essence.

Though it was far from the amount of demonic essence the Dark Organization had gathered, it was still an impressive amount. And when Luca opened the other two bags, even more purifying essence spilled out.

“You were collecting purifying essence?”

“Uh-huh. That day you taught me how to gather essence, I practised after you fell asleep and managed to do it myself.”


Even though he managed to pick it up on the same day, he kept this a secret this whole time? 

It made me a bit upset, but this wasn’t the right time for that. The purifying essence was probably his method for saving Soleil.

“Sorry, I can’t tell you right now. You’d get all weird and worked up if you knew. It’s important that you stay by my side and be as natural as possible.”

That was what he’d told me before. And he was right. Had I known he needed me to show a lot of positive emotions because he was gathering purifying essence, it would have gotten into my head. Since he didn’t say anything about it, I was able to naturally be happy by Luca’s side.

Light and dark were two sides of the same coin, thus they had the exact opposite effect of each other. If Soleil had lost his sanity because he took in a large amount of demonic essence, then a large amount of purifying essence would restore it. It was an easy enough method to come up with, but it was based on the assumption that Luca could gather purifying essence.

And how did he manage to gather so much essence in the first place?

Soleil’s grudge surrounded this kingdom and should have cancelled out any positive emotions. Well, it was probably possible if he did it in a closed space like a room or a tent. But if that’s what he did…

“When in the world did you gather this essence? You must have been doing it almost every day if you managed to get this much. But I didn’t notice at all,” I asked, and Luca, who was in the middle of reattaching the magic bags to his belt, turned to look at me.

He gave me a soft smile, his eyebrows drooping apologetically.

“I did it every night after we had sex. So this essence contains the feelings Zagan has towards me and the pleasure you felt during sex. Though half of it, of course, is my love for you.”

“I-I see.”

In other words, he gathered it after I fell asleep…

How could I have been so unaware when a large amount of mana was being used right next to me? 

No, but still, when we’re in bed and Luca hugs me, I feel so safe and happy I end up falling asleep right away.

It’s no wonder I was the first to wake up every morning.

Before, when I asked him if he was sleeping ok, he told me he went to sleep after having his fill of gazing at my sleeping face, but in reality, he was collecting purifying essence.

On one hand, it made me happy that he was revealing some of his secrets, but on the other hand, it made me incredibly embarrassed to think that all this essence was the love I had felt for Luca during sex. Seeing my love in a physical form, I couldn’t hold in my shame and my face grew bright red.

“So cute.”

The purifying essence brightened up the space so my flushed cheeks were quickly discovered by Luca and he rubbed his cheek against me lovingly. I wondered if it was ok to be flirting in front of Lune, but she didn’t seem to mind. On the contrary, she was looking up at the purifying essence in admiration.

『What beautiful essence. I can feel the gentleness and warmth of your love. How marvelous.』

“Thank you kindly for your praise. Fufufu, that made you happy, Zagan, huh?”

He caught me again, making me feel even more embarrassed, but this time I nodded honestly. Since I loved Luca, it made me happy that she’d called our love beautiful.

『However, this won’t be enough to restore his sanity. Descendant of Soleil, take my love… my love for Soleil and turn it into essence as well.』

“I will. However, because of my mana, I’m only able to convert a little bit at a time. I keep replenishing my mana thanks to an MP potion my friend made, but I wonder how much mana is needed to gather the necessary amount?”

『You possess the power of the world – use it.』

Now that I think about it, if we manage to bring Soleil back, we won’t need to use the star fragments. Luca also reached the same conclusion and he took the star fragments out.

There were six of them.

Lune held Luca’s hands as if to support them so the fragments wouldn’t fall. Then she closed her eyes. She was thinking about it, wasn’t she? About her love for Soleil.

I looked down at the star fragments in Luca’s hands. He’d been collecting essence for the past two months so his mana manipulation must be near perfect. However, the fragments contained a colossal amount of mana that would be hard to control.

“Think you can do it?”

Both of Luca’s hands were occupied so I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled him close.

Luca smiled brightly and nodded. Then he too closed his eyes and began converting the emotions into essence.

At first, it was slow, like he was still getting the hang of it, but not long after, as if a dam had burst, the essence started pouring in.

No matter how much mana he had, he wouldn’t have been able to gather purifying essence if there weren’t any positive emotions around. However, the essence was being gathered at a tremendous rate. Adding it to the essence he’d already collected, the sphere of light in the sky grew larger and larger.

Was this the love of a goddess who had lived for tens of thousands of years?

Plink. A star fragment shattered. 

It turned into dust and disappeared.

Plink. Plink. Plink. Several other star fragments shattered under the force of the essence.

Plink. Luca stopped when the last fragment crumbled into dust and looked up at the essence he had gathered. The dazzlingly bright mass of light was breathtaking.

“Incredible… so much essence in such a short period of time.”

It really was incredible. In just a few minutes the essence had multiplied several times over. 

Lune also seemed to be satisfied with the amount.

『This should be sufficient. Now then, I shall release Soleil’s seal – remain close to me.』she said and I could feel something wrap around us.

Was this a barrier? 

It was a powerful one that only magical beings made up of magic particles could use.

By the way, Magic Wall was a barrier that could be used anywhere and in any situation, but it only protected the person who cast it. Of course, the size of the wall depended on the caster’s mana, but to erect a barrier over a whole country like Soleil, or, like Lune, to move the barrier in the sky every night so that the moon wouldn’t be seen, one needed to be at the level of a god.

That very same goddess looked at the ground and moved her finger ever so slightly. As soon as she did something started pushing up from the ground and an overwhelmingly large presence started bubbling up.

Death was nearing. It was crawling up from the ground.

My heart was beating out of my chest and my body shook so badly I almost cowered in fright. 

I was overcome by this much terror even with Lune’s barrier protecting me.

Was this Soleil’s wrath? The overflowing hatred for humans that had consumed him?

I tightened my grip around Luca’s waist and he immediately hugged me back. He was also shaking… I had to protect him.

“It’s ok, Luca – I’m here.”

“Thank you, Zagan. I’m here for you as well,” he whispered in my ear and I nodded.

Of course, he was going to protect me. It wasn’t just one of us protecting the other, we were both protecting each other.

And then the rising fear came to a standstill. Beams of light burst out from the ground. The light swelled and took form – a beautiful wolf surrounded by a golden glow.


But killing humans was the only thought in his mind.

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