I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

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Chapter 84 (Part 2)

Four months had passed since then, and even now, if I went outside, I could see magic beings walking around. They also frequently flew overhead. The people unable to adjust to these sudden changes would go to the guards and ask for help, claiming that the dragons had suddenly attacked them, the wraiths had popped up out of nowhere, or the dullahans had struck them when walking outside at night.

Whether monsters or spirits, it couldn’t be helped that humans were afraid of creatures that were several times bigger than them. However, the truth of the matter was that the dragons were just flying around with their friends, the way wraiths traveled just happened to be through shadows, and it only looked like the dullahans were suddenly popping out of the darkness.

Up until now, these beings had been living as normal humans. Just because they undid their disguise didn’t mean they’d start attacking humans. Had they planned to attack, it would have been better for them to do it in human form, that way they wouldn’t easily be recognized. It could even be said that those who had revealed their true form were much more peaceful than the humans.

Still, reports came flooding in and the guards had no choice but to open investigations in case something really did happen. It didn’t matter how many divisions of the government were working on this matter, or that Father was the deputy commander of the royal mages, one of the two top divisions – this was a situation where everyone had to run around, working without rest.

However, I did hear from Luca that the crime rate had actually gone way down now that magic beings were walking around in their true forms. It seemed that the fear of not knowing when you would encounter a magic being had become a deterrent for crime. But more than anything, it was probably because, after being resurrected, Soleil had been roaming the skies every day. There was no human who wasn’t humbled by the sight of his divine, sun-like figure and his overwhelming strength.

“It’s a mess right now, but I think that in a couple of months, the people will probably get used to it. There are already places like the Transportation Guild that are proactively employing them. Also, most of the magic beings that were disguised as humans held important positions such as ministers and commanders. So truly, we humans have no choice but to get used to having magic beings as our bosses.” (Zagan)

“Speaking of which, Charmant also wrote to me saying her secretary turned out to be a magic being. Apparently, there were three of them who would rotate every few decades so that they wouldn’t get caught.” (Lyle)

“Charmant is part of the four grand ducal families after all. The ducal families swore an oath to Soleil that they wouldn’t betray the royal family. However, unlike magic beings, the people who swore that oath couldn’t live forever, so it makes sense that magic beings would keep a watchful eye on those families, making sure the descendants won’t betray the crown.”

“Is it because if it was done unskillfully, the kingdom might collapse? …It’s been bothering me – why did they disguise themselves as humans in the first place? Soleil kingdom was originally a place where humans and magic beings coexisted, and during the war, the magic beings tried to protect humans.”

He had a point. Even if the two gods had disappeared after the great war, there was really no reason for the magic beings to go into hiding.

“Orobas might have an answer to that, but… wasn’t it because, over time, humans began to think of monsters as beings they must kill? Even after being sealed, Soleil still wanted to kill humans. Monsters born out of the demonic essence of his grudge would kill humans without rhyme or reason. And if the people didn’t subjugate them, they just grew in number.”

With Soleil, whom they worshipped, gone, humans gradually lost their respect towards the magic beings that supported him, and before long, could no longer distinguish whether they were friend or foe. Because of that, those who happened to be called “monsters” were determined to be enemies.

“In other words, since humans were the majority, there was discrimination towards the magic beings?”

Since I was a dark attribute user who was discriminated against, Father was quite sensitive towards the subject of discrimination. I was grateful to him for that, but I didn’t think he had anything to worry about when it came to the magic beings.

“I think they probably took human form before it got that far. Think of Orobas.”

“Yeah… I can clearly see him taking human form early on because it would be a hassle otherwise and then spending the rest of his life being indifferent about it. No doubt about it.”

“That’s just my guess though. In the end, we can only know for sure after asking Orobas.”

“I don’t want to. If I ask him about it, he’ll sneer at me and keep making sarcastic comments.”

I couldn’t help but giggle as Father pressed his fingers against his brows. As always, the two had a great relationship. They fit the description of frenemies perfectly.

Truthfully though, I didn’t think Orobas would answer honestly even if he did ask him. The magic beings living in this country had been alive for thousands or hundreds of thousands of years. Would they even care about what the short-lived humans thought about them?

The reason they took on human forms was because of the gods’ disappearance and the growing unrest. However, I couldn’t help but feel like their biggest reason for doing so was that they found it amusing. Why did I think that? Because all the magic beings I’d talked to in the last four months seemed to pursue amusement and pleasure. The ones who were startling humans on the streets were doing so because they found it fun. Even Orobas was no exception – the only reason he became friends with Father in the first place was because Father piqued his interest.

I sipped on my tea as Father continued groaning, and a knock came from the open door. It was a purple-haired maid.

“Zagan-sama, Luca-sama has returned.”

“Thanks. I’ll come down to get him right away.”

“I guess I’d better be off then. Orobas probably came to pick me up, right?”

“Yes. Orobas-sama arrived ten minutes ago. Noel-sama and Nina-sama are with him as well.”

The maid still wasn’t used to formal language, and her wording was a bit clumsy, but she was doing her best and wasn’t rude to the guests.

I walked with Father to the front door where some servants were greeting Luca. They were waiting on Noel, Nina, and Orobas, who were situated on the sofa near the entrance.

First of all, I headed towards Luca. Having noticed me, he opened his arms wide and I buried myself against his chest for a hug.

“I’m home, Zagan. I missed you.”

“Mn, welcome back. Good work today as well.”

“Fufu. You too, Zagan.”

He gave me a kiss on the forehead as usual, but since Father was right behind me today, I let go of him right away.

“Good work today, Lyle-sensei. I got your report. Great effort today as well. Everyone can rest assured when a hero like you talks to them.”

“That’s something from 25 years ago, and my job isn’t to lecture people. Whether humans or magic beings, it’s not like I can punch them. I’m getting so annoyed I might actually explode. And there are several incidents every day. Sigh, I just want to stay home…”

“You can’t stay at the mansion, you’ll only bother Leticia-sama. Or do you actually think you’re capable of helping manage the territory? It would be impossible for a meathead like you, don’t you think?” Orobas, standing behind Father, happily cleared his throat and interjected.

Father put on a smile and clenched his fist so hard it began to shake.

“Orobas? If His Highness weren’t here, I’d have sent you flying.”

“As I said – a meathead. Why don’t you study a bit before you try to argue with me?”

“Hah, haven’t you ever heard the phrase ‘right person, right place?’ I wouldn’t last five minutes studying.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll confine you to a chair so that you won’t be able to run away.”

As expected, the two of them were having fun. Even Luca couldn’t help but smile while listening to them. They were probably the only two who would bicker so openly in front of a member of the royal family.

Since Luca looked like he was enjoying himself, I didn’t try to stop them, and in the meantime, Noel and Nina walked over.

“Nii-sama! Long time no see. I’ve been wanting to see you.”

“Yeah, it’s been two weeks… still the same?”

I cast a glance toward Nina, who was standing behind Noel restraining herself.

Nina, dressed as a female butler, politely bowed her head.

“That is correct. Noel ojou-sama has been spending every day vigorously without any problems.”

In both her mannerisms and responses, she completely fit the role of a butler. With Orobas as her mentor, she must have had a hard time, but this was the result of her hard work.

Despite formally speaking to Luca and me now that we were a part of aristocratic society, it seemed that Nina was still able to take a breather and talk to Noel normally as a friend in private.

“What about you, nii-sama? Have you been properly taking breaks?”

“Luca is still very busy so I also go out every day. I’m properly resting in the evenings though, and from tomorrow on Luca has a three-day vacation. The two of us were planning to head to the Great Forest.”

“Is going to the Great Forest considered a vacation? There’s danger everywhere and I feel like it would be the opposite of restful.”

“Apparently, Lune is going to cast a barrier so that the monsters won’t bother us. There’s a beautiful spring there that she recommended to us.”

“Wah, that sounds lovely! I hope you have lots of fun!”

She gave me a hug so I patted her on the head. Perhaps satisfied with the head pat, she let go immediately.

“Well Father, we should be heading home now.”

“I guess you’re right.”

Father, who’d stopped with the bickering at some point, shifted into a noble-like pose.

“Luca-dono, Zagan-dono, thank you for having me. I’m sorry to leave you but I must be off now.”

“I’m glad I got to see your face for a bit, Sensei. Please do come again.”

After saying our goodbyes, they left through the open front door. Standing by in the nearby guest stables were two horses… no, two pegasi – spirits that could fly. Count Brady mounted one of them, Noel and Nina got on the other, and Orobas spread his wings.

The count gave us a slight nod and then urged his pegasus toward the gate. Soon, its hooves left the ground as it trotted up toward the moonlit sky. Orobas followed close behind.

“See you, Zagan-dono!”

“Mm, see you soon, Noel.”

After giving her those parting words, I watched as the girls too rose through the night sky. As expected of an S-rank spirit – it wasn’t long before they disappeared from my sight.

Only a very small group of people, like Father who was considered a hero, or Noel who was a central figure in the gods’ resurrection, could ride on the back of a spirit. Eventually, though this would spread throughout society.

Apparently, in the past, there was a pegasus train that ran across the sky. In terms of effectiveness, such a thing was highly attractive as it meant it would only take a few hours to get from the capital to the big cities.

Father, who was in possession of such a pegasus, had started visiting us at least twice a month, making a stop on his way home from work just like he did tonight. By horse, it took about an hour to get from here to the Brady mansion, but by pegasus it took ten minutes.

Things had changed. 

Quickly, but steadily, Soleil Kingdom was reverting to what it once was. 

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Thank you for translation, will be waiting for the end and especially waiting Lucas arcs, keep fighting ✊