I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target

Translator: Reo

Editor: PalenMisha

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Luca POV 4 – Part 1

Towards the end of May, in the 5th dungeon, we finally managed to get our hands on a star fragment. However, just like in the first dungeon, Zagan appeared just after we defeated the boss, so I handed Camilla the fragment in a panic and ordered everyone to get on the magic transfer circle.

Zagan tried to attack the girls who were mid-transfer, but—

“I won’t let you!” I shouted.

“Tch… Bastard!”

I managed to use intimidation on Zagan, even if only a tiny bit, and stopped him. I also continued slashing at him until I couldn’t feel the girls’ presence anymore. I was relieved that they made it out.

“Luca, I’m here to help!”

“Huh? Noel!?” I was startled by Noel’s voice coming from behind me.

Why was she here? I made sure she got onto the circle with the rest of the girls.

Zagan probably wouldn’t kill me right away. I didn’t know what he was scheming, but apparently, if he killed me now it would hinder his plans. Thus, the worst he would do was give me a serious injury. That only applied to me though.

Noel, however, had a strong sense of justice and Zagan was a criminal and, on top of that, a dark attribute user like the one who had attacked her family. Perhaps she couldn’t let herself run away from him.

“I am Noel Brady. Zagan, you murderer, I shall draw my sword and defeat you here!” Noel introduced herself in a very knightly manner and pointed her sword at Zagan.

Zagan’s eyes opened wide at her introduction.

“Brady… you say? Ku… hahahaha!! Brady? Hahahahaha!!!” Zagan burst into sudden laughter.

Why was he laughing?

I didn’t know and of course Noel didn’t either.

“W-what? Why are you laughing so much?”

“Hahaha. Why do you think? Fu, haha. You do actually look like him. To think he had a daughter. If I tortured you to death, your parents would sink into the depths of despair, wouldn’t they? Ah, ah, now that’s the shit. Who would have thought I could get my revenge on those bastards like this.”

“You, why are you talking about my parents…? C-could it be? Are you the one who tried to kill Mother?!”

“Well, I wonder? Ku, hahaha. Would you at least make this fun for me, Noel Brady?” Zagan slashed down at Noel’s sword.

The two blades clashed with a loud clang and a battle ensued. However, even holding her sword with both hands, Noel could shake off Zagan’s dagger that he lightly held in one hand. That was how strong a strike he had.

He was also incredibly fast, and after swinging at Noel’s sword, his attacks kept coming. Noel desperately tried to protect herself against them.

It was like he was playing with her. He didn’t make any lethal attacks and he didn’t use any magic either. That wasn’t the reason I wasn’t doing anything though. I just didn’t know what to do. My magic dealt no damage to him and I also didn’t want Noel to be killed because I put him in a bad mood.

“Gh… you! Because of you… Mother has!”

“Ha. I don’t give a shit about that vile piece of trash!” he laughed, but his muddied gaze grew darker.

Vile…? Noel’s mother? What was he talking about? Noel told me she was a delicate and kind woman.

Hearing her mother disparaged, Noel grew furious and used a sword technique. However, Zagan easily deflected it. He didn’t get a single scratch.

“Wow, you’re seriously weak. I feel sorry for you. You’re the child of a hero but you’re so bad at this.”

“Y-you bastard!”

Noel, who was clearly angry, started to glow. It was a sign of forced magic transfer. I was glad she’d be getting out of here. But perhaps Noel herself hadn’t noticed because she started swinging her sword at Zagan.

He stopped all of her attacks with ease, his eyes indifferent, and swept her legs out from under her, causing Noel to fall to the ground.


“A nobody like you should just stay on the ground.”

How would Noel reply to those words? 

The transfer magic activated right after he said them, so I didn’t know.

With Noel gone, Zagan let out a big sigh and then turned to look at me. Those red eyes were gloomy and frightening, but… why did it seem like they were filled with such sorrow?

Because of that I unintentionally called out to him.

“You, you know the hero Lyle, don’t you? And Noel’s mother… his wife.”

“Why are you asking? That woman should be paying for her sins for all eternity, and I’ll be killing her daughter sooner or later. I’ll torture her, let the fear sink in nice and slow, and  remind them who the monster really is.” Venom dripped from his every word.

Earlier, Zagan said that killing Noel would be his revenge against Sensei and his wife. In other words, something happened between the three, which was why Zagan attacked the Brady residence fourteen years ago.

“I… don’t know what your reasons are, but I won’t let you kill Noel. I’ll protect her!”

“Tch. I see. If you’re going to get in my way, I’ll kill you right here!” Zagan stomped his foot and turned towards me.

He thrust his sword at me and I blocked it with a small shield and swung my own blade down. Of course, he avoided my attack and immediately launched one of his own, but I managed to block that with my shield as well, pushed him back, and swung my sword. Zagan took a couple of steps back.

“Oh, getting more into it now, aren’t ya?”

“Thanks. I worked hard so I could get closer to your level.”

“Ha! I’m honoured you think so highly of me, prince.”

My body had begun to glow, so Zagan sheathed his dagger. My vision then turned white and I found myself in the main hall. 

I was relieved not to find Noel waiting for me there and left quickly before Zagan got transferred out as well.

Learning that Zagan was the one behind the attacks on her home was devastating for Noel. She asked me to train with her, and, whenever I went to town for a change of pace, she’d train with Miranda or Nina.

She was clearly overexerting herself both physically and mentally. But when she also came to me at night, I couldn’t refuse her. Rather, we’d become sweeter than before. I wouldn’t use a condom and I’d put it in the back. This way she wouldn’t get pregnant and if she could absorb even the smallest bit of my mana, I heard it could alleviate fatigue.

I’d come to have more affection towards Noel, who took me in with open arms, and I wished she wouldn’t work herself so hard.

I’d started to notice the small changes in my heart, but my duty took precedence.

Also, I didn’t want her to think that I was pitying her because of the whole situation with Zagan, so I said nothing.

Then it was June, and we cleared the 6th dungeon. This time as well, we were the first to reach the deepest room and defeat the boss, but this time, Zagan wasn’t there, so I let my guard down.

Who would have thought he’d be waiting for us outside of the dungeon?

He used his tentacles to grab Noel from afar, pulled her to him, and snatched her away. I tried to go after them immediately, but the great magic that Zagan unleashed was so powerful I had my hands full trying to defend myself.

I ended up fainting and Cindy, who was unharmed, healed me. By then, only ten minutes had passed. Not even enough time for the other people who’d gone into the dungeon to be transferred out.

Though far away, I could somehow still sense Noel’s presence. It was definitely thanks to my mana that she’d taken in so many times. So I left the rest of the girls in Cindy’s care and chased after Noel.

As I ran, rain started falling and my entire body got drenched.

I followed Zagan and Noel to some ruins on the outskirts of the city. It was a desolate place without a single person around.

I found the two in one of the abandoned buildings. I hoped that nothing bad would be done to Noel, but when I found them, she was being raped by him.

The second I saw that I pulled out my sword in a fit of rage.


I swung my sword at his back while he was still inside of her. However, he blocked my sword with his tentacles and even wrapped them around my arms. I couldn’t use my sword, but I managed to cut the tentacles with light magic. During that time, Zagan took his penis out of Noel and brandished his dagger.

I adjusted my grip on my sword when Noel sat up and yelled—

“Wait! Please don’t hurt him!”

“Noel!? Why?”

“Because… because, he is…” tears spilled down her face.

She looked pale. She just got assaulted so that was to be expected, but I could tell from her words that that wasn’t the only reason. 

Just who was Zagan?

Noel tried to say something but choked on her words. Seeing that, Zagan scrunched up his brows in disgust and sneered.

“Ha… I’ve lost interest. I’ll let you go this time. Next time I see you though… I’ll kill you for sure. Enjoy yourself while it lasts. Ku, ha, hahahaha!”

Zagan moved further inside the room, towards a dark wall, and seemed to disappear into it.

Just what kind of magic would enable him to do that?

When I shone a light on it, it was just a normal wall. Anyway, I couldn’t feel his presence anymore, so we should be safe.

I put away my sword and went to Noel. She’d gotten up on her own. I reached a hand out to support her, but she shook her head no. I was worried about her, but her stride was firm as she ran with me through the rain.

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