The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 10: The Sage Destroys the Capital City (Part 1)

Winning the first battle at the canal, the Demon Lord’s army continued to invade.
After crossing the border, they finally entered the territory of the small country.
They exceeded all limits of tyranny, breaking through every defence system and town in their path.

The size of the army grew explosively as those killed in the action transformed into undead and became their allies.
The small country’s army continued to be massacred in the face of the overwhelming difference in numbers.
They occasionally tried to counterattack with holy magic, but the damage that could be done was minimal.

Along with the undead, we had demons on our side.
The effect of holy magic on them was weak.
The demons, experiencing victory after victory, trampled down the soldiers with their strength.
They pulverised all opposition and headed towards the capital of the small country.

Meanwhile, I was in a bone carriage.
It was created by combining hundreds of skeletons.
A ghoul horse pulled the carriage as it ambled on slowly at the rear of the Demon Lord’s army.

Both were techniques that manipulated undead.
I accidentally managed to do this while trying out my power of authority in different ways.
I had no problems going on foot, but Luciana said that this suited a Demon Lord more.

The carriage certainly stood out.
For the sake of the future, I needed to make sure my existence was well-known.

After that exchange, I settled on this as a means of transport.

“It’s going surprisingly well. Are there no humans who wish to pick a fight?”

Sitting beside me, Luciana sighed out of boredom.
She participated in the battles initially, but gave up midway and has been bored ever since.
I could understand the feeling.

The small country tried to take countermeasures as best as they could.
However, my troops’ strength was too great for them.
They intended to attack the fallen royal capital, but I didn’t think it was possible with their current strength and numbers.

As I thought, they were instigated by other countries and were thus compelled to invade.
I have to locate them.
If I enter the royal castle, I might find documents with proof.
I believe I have to hand out suitable punishments to the countries that went about devising unnecessary schemes.

However, I will not destroy them.
I will force them to destitution with moderate damage and make it so that there is no other way to survive, other than the countries cooperating.

“The small country will collapse without a doubt. This definitely won’t end uneventfully.”

Luciana seemed disappointed to hear my words.
She kicked her legs.

“Well, that’s boring. Although it is a small country, wouldn’t there be at least a few strong people here?”

I shook my head at Luciana’s words.

“There are strong people, no doubt, but ones who can manage to make a dent in this army are rare. That’s why…”

“It would be impossible if they aren’t a former Hero or Sage. Is that what you want to say?” “


I unintentionally became silent.
I couldn’t come up with a reply.

It was a little slip of the tongue, but it was exactly as Luciana said.
There were only a handful of individuals who could deal with the army of demons.
Although I had fought many battles within the kingdom, I had not encountered a person like that yet.
Even when I was alive, their numbers could be counted on my fingers.
Even if ten years had passed, it wasn’t that easy for a new hero to rise.

“At any rate, we will continue to crush the small country and capture it. Let us steadily achieve our goals.”

“Got it. I am a woman who will do things when the need arises, so you do not need to worry.”

Luciana pumped her fists.
Her conspicuousness was out of jest, but her ability as one of the former Four Heavenly Kings was incredible.
In addition to being able to use various types of magic, she did not lose her composure in battle and had the outstanding talent of making strategic movements.
Her ability to survive 10 years without the Demon Lord, with her subordinates, was no laughing matter.

After about half a day of travelling, the outer wall of the city was visible in the distance.
It was the capital city of the small country.
There was no enemy army along the way.
It didn’t feel like there were any troops hidden here either.

They seemed to plan to hold the fort, using the outer wall in this battle.
Fearing that a badly planned interception would further reduce their numbers, they decided to hold the decisive battle in the capital.

While it is brave of them, their thinking is too naive.

With my magic, I could crush the outer wall with a single blow and invade.
Even if defensive magic was put up, it could easily be broken through.
It seemed like the small country could no longer retreat.

I had guessed correctly. Luciana called out to me.

“I will inform Grom of our progress. I’ll return immediately.”

“Yes, yes. See you.”

Luciana sent me off.
I focused my consciousness.

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3 years ago

Thanks for the chapter desu~

[I focused my consciousness.
* consciousness. ousness. —> consciousness.

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it’ll take some time, but it’ll be eventually.

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The General Manager
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