The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Satan

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Chapter 287: The Sage is Blessed with Subordinates

As we strolled around the castle, we continued to meet the executives of the Demon Lord’s Army and their subordinates.

They were the new people I had met in the past 500 years.

Some were mortal, while some lived on for eternity.

There was no sense of unity in the race.

But they were unique people as a whole.

After a series of exchanges, Grom lamented.

“They sure are noisy fellows…We couldn’t even take a walk in peace.”

“It’s always like this.”

The quiet people were a minority here.

All of them displayed quirky behavior to some extent.

It became even livelier as they gathered in one place.

It was natural to get a little tired as a result of continuous conversation with them.

“But really, the attendance rate is high this time. It’s something to be happy about.”

Grom said with satisfaction.

The Demon Lords and their respective executives were basically busy people.

Various problems could occur in the world they were entrusted with at any moment and they were busy solving them.

However, some were absent due to their own reasons, like finding such gatherings troublesome.

Grom felt indignant each time it happened.

I personally didn’t care much about the absent people.

They had their own circumstances so I had no intention to force them to participate?

In addition, important agendas were always directly conveyed through telepathy.

In the case of those who were absent, most of them sent subordinates to represent them so there was no problem to speak of.

In essence, the meeting was close to face-to-face gatherings that served as an exchange for each Demon Lord’s Army.

As I collected my thoughts, I recalled something I had wanted to ask Grom.

“I forgot to ask earlier. Is your world okay?”

In the world where Grom was in charge, a large-scale war between nations had broken out.

I had heard that things were rough for a while, but I had yet to hear any of the details.

Grom stretched his spine as he heard my question.

Then he answered proudly.

“Of course everything is already settled! I couldn’t afford to let my dignity as the Second Demon Lord be tarnished, so I personally went forward to show it off.”

“…Make sure you don’t go too far.”

Grom could be too enthusiastic sometimes.

He needed to exercise some self-control to consider the collateral damage.

The power he wielded could easily destroy the world in his charge.

So it was necessary to adjust his power properly.

Something fell outside the window.

Immediately after, a roaring sound resounded.

Someone seemed to have fallen from the upper floor.

I leaned out of the window and looked at it.

Debris was scattered near the flowerbed.

The people who were buried there were the twins, Kenny and Lana.

Those two were looking overhead with ferocious smiles.

“Kakaka, you’re still too green! That won’t be enough to defeat me!”

There sounded Doldar’s cheerful voice from overhead.

Apparently, they were training upstairs.

They were so absorbed in it that the wall had broken.

I had already expected the wall to be destroyed from the moment I heard that they would be training.

So it wasn’t a big surprise.

Although I had such an impression, it seemed Grom had a different idea.

His orbital flame filled its socket, he breathed out fire, and raged.

“You people… Do you understand what you have done in Demon Lord-sama’s castle!”

Grom jumped out the window and went to scold Kenny and Lana.

The two escaped happily.

Apparently, they had considered Grom’s action as part of the play.

As I was left alone, I glanced at the rubble that had fallen to the ground.

I guess asking them to repair it would be the appropriate punishment.

Of course, I would ask the same of Doldar as collective responsibility.

Although Logan was also in the same room as they were, there were times when he couldn’t stop them.

So he shouldn’t be responsible.

After making various decisions, I started to pursue Grom to calm him down.

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