The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Morin

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Chapter 10: The Sage Destroys the Capital City (Part 2)


With a momentary floating sensation, my field of view changed.
I now stood in a well-organised room.

I was inside the castle of my capital.
I had transferred my consciousness to one of the undead I controlled.
As a result of practice, I could now transfer consciousness without destroying my body.
It didn’t matter what my distance from the undead under my control was.
It was advantageous when compared to transfer magic as it exhausted less magic power.
Lately, I had been practicing it secretly so that I could use it with ease.


I had transferred into a Ghoul’s body.
As I checked the condition of the body, my flesh and blood began to evaporate due to miasma.
In a blink of an eye, my exposed bones turned to their usual black color.

The same phenomenon had occurred when I tried this before.
No matter what kind of undead I transferred to, I was forcibly turned into a black skeleton.

It seemed like my appearance was fixed no matter whose body I inhabited.
While there was no great problem at present, I was a bit concerned.
Perhaps I should practice to control it so that I can have other outward appearances too.

I moved to the audience room using transfer magic.
I could sense Grom’s presence there.

“Hmmmhmmm Hmm hmmm.”

I could hear some carefree humming.
Grom was crouching and doing something.
Looking from behind, he seemed to be eagerly polishing the throne.
Looking at how he was humming, he must be in a really good mood.
He was in good spirits. It didn’t seem like he had noticed my presence yet.


“Wh-Who!? “

When I called out, Grom’s shoulders flinched.
Looking at me, jumped up and stood at attention.
His reflexes were on point.

Grom spoke, clearly flustered.

“T-The Demon Lord!? Why is Your Excellency here?”

“I came to inform you of our progress”

“I-It’s my humble pleasure. So, what is the situation?”

Ignoring his act of polishing the throne, I told him about our battles this time.
However, there were a few important things to talk about.
The Demon Lord’s army continued to trample the enemy down and had pushed them deep inside the small country’s territory. We would soon reach their capital.

Hearing that, Grom patted his chest.

“Hmmm, that is but a natural consequence. The likes of humankind cannot oppose the Demon Lord’s army. I, too, expected this outcome.”

“We might be able to return by tomorrow. Till then, I’ll leave the guarding of the capital to you.”

“Yeah, leave it to me. Let us raise a toast when you return!” “

Giving a sidelong glance at the elated Grom, I once again focused my consciousness.
And then, my consciousness returned to the body waiting in the bone carriage.

I stood high up in the sky.
I was in a position where you could see the capital of the small country.

As I destroyed the main gate, my army did not even have to pause its steps as it successfully invaded the city.
The battle was now nearing the end, and the majority of soldiers had already turned into undead.
Our victory was ensured, even if I did nothing.

“Demon Lord!”

As I looked at the tragedy unfolding below, Luciana flew up to me.
After somersaulting next to me, she came to a standstill.

“How is the progress of the battle?”

“The Demon Lord’s army has seized most of the capital. There is just one problem…”

Luciana smiled bitterly, hiding her embarrassment.
This was quite evasive of her.
I had a bad feeling.

“What happened?”

“We seem to face stiff opposition in the prison, and the undead are being defeated one after another. That is the only place where reinforcements seem necessary.”

It was an unexpected report.
I had never expected we would receive damage to the point that we needed reinforcements.
And from the prisons as well.
While I knew that there would be at least one bitter fight, I thought it would happen in the castle, where the defense was the strongest.

“Sounds like a gathering of hot-blooded humans. So, how many opponents do we have? “

When I asked, Luciana hesitated to reply.
It seemed to be something difficult to say.
After a pause, she mumbled.

“…One person.”


“It’s just one person, fighting the Demon Lord’s army as more than an equal. I fear that his abilities most probably rival even that of a hero’s.”

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3 years ago

Thanks for the chapter desu~

It could be one of the Sage’s rivals who ended up in prison for whatever crime, or maybe a false accusation.

I ChoCked On Stick
I ChoCked On Stick
3 years ago
Reply to  Mio

Or maybe too many baseless assumptions tho i hope it’s none of those 2 assumptions as i rather more interesting and unique background for a potential new interesting character in the story .

1 year ago

well, you’ll see

1 year ago
Reply to  Mio

hmm… not exactly rival, in a sense

Kaneki ken
Kaneki ken
3 years ago

Bow guy join the team

1 year ago
Reply to  Kaneki ken


3 years ago

Hopefully said prisoner joins the army.

1 year ago
Reply to  LØCK

well, join army is better option after all.

The General Manager
The General Manager
3 years ago


1 year ago

there’re tons available. enjoy.