The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 125: The Former Sage Moves by Train

I was pulled away from the castle by Diella.

We went to the street stalls around the capital.

This place was run independently by the people, and was beautifully set up every day.

Occasionally, the inhabitants would spot us and immediately turn pale.

Some of them even prostrated themselves before us.

It seemed that it would be troublesome if we stayed here for too long.

While I tried to quickly move on ahead, Diella, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed their reactions.

Perhaps she was reminded of her days as the Demon Lord?

It was embarrassing though, so I would prefer it if she’d stop.

There are many unfamiliar buildings popping up. It seems that the number of people is increasing.

While I was observing the situation of the territory, Grom spoke out about how he was impressed by how well put together the street stalls were.

“This area seems to have developed a lot. It isn’t that much different from the main street.”

“You’re right. I’m also surprised about that.”

This area was gradually growing in scale.

The people who lived here had shaped the place around their lives.

Compared to the capital I ruled, this was more of an autonomous region.

“They did things here pretty freely, do you have any plans to interfere?”

“Not really. This place also contributes to the economic growth of the capital. There is no need for me to interfere.”

Although this place was a pseudo-autonomous region, the street itself was adjacent to the capital. 

The merchants who opened their shops here were running their businesses with my permission.

I send a spy to check whether they dealt with illegal goods from time to time too.

Although there were some suspicious items, none of them were dangerous drugs or magic tools.

At present, there was no need to regulate this place.

When Grom heard my opinion, he murmured respectfully.

“As expected of Demon Lord-sama. You have a heart as big as the ocean.”

It was a flattering praise.

Although it sounded like a simple compliment, Grom truly meant it.

Didn’t he feel tired of constantly flattering me though?

Although I was curious about it, he seemed to feel good doing so.

I figured I didn’t need to care much then.

“Over here! Now is not the right time for you to look around.”

Diella, who had walked ahead, waved at us energetically.

She was very enthusiastic.

I heard we would have a feast, and it seemed that she was really looking forward to it.

Now that I thought about it, she was a pretty heavy drinker.

There has been a flood of complaints from the bar about her drinking away despite her lack of money.

Luciana had given her an allowance regularly, but she quickly spent it all.

Every time it happened, it felt like Diella was extorting money from Luciana.

Looking at how Diella troubled the succubus, it made one doubt whether she truly quit being the Demon Lord.

For her, the opportunity to drink alcohol unabashedly was very valuable.

That must be the reason for her to be so enthusiastic.

We were dragged to the railroad by Diella.

We finished building it half a year ago, with two railways hammered down for round trips.

One of the trains was waiting by the side.

Currently, the railroad wasn’t accessible to the general public.

It was generally used by the elves to go to and from their village, and was only allowed to be used by authorized personnel.

I went to ask Diella.

“Why did we come to the railroad?”

“Of course it’s to ride it. The feast will be held at the Elf village after all. Using the train is appropriate.”

“Then wouldn’t it be better to transfer directly using magic? That would be more efficient.”

I argued back.

It wasn’t like I didn’t want to use the train, but transfer magic allowed for instantaneous displacement without any restrictions on travel distance.

However, Diella shook her head while tutting at me.

Then she sighed deeply as if I made a misguided counterargument.

Diella put her hand on her hip and admonished me.

“That’s a naïve thought. Nay, I guess I should call it boorish instead. I chose to use the train because it was for us to enjoy the scenery along the way. We can feel the atmosphere that way.”

“Atmosphere, is it…”

I pondered Diella’s words.

It was an answer I never thought about.

We could appreciate the atmosphere around us better if we used the train instead of teleporting directly to the location.

That was what Diella told me.

To be honest, it was a field that I didn’t really understand yet.

As she saw my reaction, Diella laughed lightly.

“Kuhaha, it seems like such a thing still too early for you to understand. Grom already understands it though.”

“Is that so?”

I moved my gaze toward Grom.

Grom replied despite clearly having a hard time doing so.

“No, that… Well, yes. I also like expeditions after all…”

As I heard that, I was reminded of my days as a human — the days when I travelled with that person returned to my mind.

During the harsh journey, we enjoyed the local cuisine and were often fascinated by the spectacular scenery of the unexplored region.

It was certainly a good thing then.

It was a valuable experience.

It was something I’d completely forgotten about ever since I became immortal, driven by revenge, bearing the responsibility as the Demon Lord.

“It’s a good opportunity for you to experience such an atmosphere. It might not be as bad as you think, you know?”

“…Aah, I’ll make an effort to enjoy it.”

I nodded obediently.

It was bad for me to lose too much of my humanity.

It might wasn’t be good to be controlled by my emotions, but I had to understand the human heart.

I didn’t want to end up as a heartless monster after all.

We boarded the train and fueled it with magic power to make it move.

Diella looked outside the train and pointed forward with her finger.

“Well then, let’s depart!”

Soon, the train started running.

The shaking inside the train was minimal.

It had been improved through trial and error.

The earlier versions of the train shook so much that the elves requested it to be improved.

They were currently grateful to us for how comfortable it has become.

Diella squinted her eyes as she saw the scenery outside passing swiftly.

“It is fast as usual. It sure is a convenient era.”

I caught something in the sentence she muttered.

I asked her what it was.

“Have you ever used the train?”

“I-I just rode it once out of curiosity. I didn’t break it.”

Diella’s cheeks burned red as she sputtered.

Previously, there was a report that the train was used without permission but the culprit had remained unknown.

To think I found out who was responsible at this moment.

I whispered to Grom.

“…Thoroughly implement security systems for the railways. You may use the remote-sight magic tools to keep watch.”


Grom looked at Diella with astonishment.

Diella, who was sweating from embarrassment, pointedly fixed her gaze outside the train.

She tried to not look at us.

I guess I shouldn’t pursue this matter too much.

I stopped glaring at her.

It had already happened so it was all good as long as she’d reflected upon it.

It wasn’t that bad of a deed anyway.

The fast moving train left the open area.

The farmland seemed to expand before us.

A little further away, a farmer was waving with their hoe.

“Hohou, is this a farm? What are you growing here?”

“Most of the mainstream crops are grown here.”

The farms were expanding in size according to the swelling population of the capital, allowing us to be self-sufficient.

There were also tributes from the acquired territory, but I wanted to prepare a food production system while I still had the time to do so.

If I desired for further development, sufficient food was essential for that.

Everything could only be done if the people don’t starve.

Diella looked around the field and whispered.

“If there were no immortals scattered around, it would make for a better landscape though…”

As she pointed out, there were many undead spread throughout the fields.

They were just standing there without doing anything.

“It is unavoidable. Unless I do this, some people might do unscrupulous things.”

In addition to metals, which the railroad track made out of, field crops were also important resources.

If there was nobody to keep watch, some people might attempt to steal.

It already happened several times before.

By the way, those people who stole the crops were now among the undead who kept watch on the field.

With people knowing what awaited them after such deeds, there were no more people trying to steal.

We silently swayed on the train for a while.

On the way, Diella, who sat beside me, stared at me.

“How is it? Isn’t there a certain atmosphere in moving like this?”

“…It’s not bad.”

Someday, once the world calms down, it might be a good idea to hide my identity and travel around the world.

It was impossible to go on long travels due to my status as the Demon Lord, so it would only be short trips.

Still, it would be a good pastime.

The train eventually arrived at the end point.

We got off there.

There was the forest of the World tree in front of us.

It was the special zone I forcefully drew out with my forbidden spell.

“We will have to walk from here on.”

Diella then began to walk forward proudly.

I asked her as I watched her back.

“It might be too late to ask this, but did you get permission from the elves to come here?”

“Of course I have. I already had the consent from Logan and the elves. I will lead you there. Follow me.”

As Diella confidently answered, she took a light step forward.

Grom glared at her and asked me with a rumbling voice.

“What haughty words she speaks towards Demon Lord-sama… what should I do about this? If you command me to, I will take care of her immediately.”

“Don’t worry about it. It happens all the time.”

“Guh, I understand.”

Grom bemoaned in regret and bowed reverently.

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