The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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After that, the director and Gwen evacuated.

The preparations for the resurrection had been completed, and the rest would be handled on my own.

Even if they stayed here, they would likely get caught in the crossfire.

I wanted to activate the spell in a place where I didn’t need to worry about collateral damage.

The two left with the director dragging Gwen away who seemed to hate it.

Gwen was still not good at dealing with the director.

It was unusual for Gwen, who would usually joke around regardless of who she was dealing with.

For the director, who couldn’t seem to understand sarcasm and provocation, it seemed Gwen just had no way to deal with her.

Perhaps the director could be considered Gwen’s natural enemy?

Let’s leave that aside.

As I was left alone, I switched my train of thought.

I was standing in front of the magic circle in the mixed area of wasteland and desert.

My long-cherished wish would finally come true.

I was deeply moved, but I wasn’t as nervous as I expected.

Perhaps it was because of my earlier interactions with the executives?

I was here with a calm feeling.

Anyway, it was better to get started soon.

There wasn’t any benefit even if I delayed it.

My subordinates who were waiting for my return were fighting in various places.

I made up my mind and activated the spell.

I chanted a tremendously long chant and crouched the moment it ended.

I put both of my hands down onto the magic circle and let the magic power flow to the specified positions.

Immediately after that, the magic circle began to glow.

The power I poured circulated and continued to accelerate.

Multiple spell constructs within the magic circle expanded the mass of the magic power.

The clear sky was now covered with gray clouds.

The weather changed into one that would seemingly rain at any moment.

I continued with the spell without being bothered by it.

If my concentration broke and the spell failed, I couldn’t endure the consequences.

Eventually, a storm began to conjure from the magic circle.

As I was about to be blown away, ivies emerged and rooted my legs to the ground.

I focused on maintaining the spell while keeping my posture.

The ashes were vibrating noisily.

As it melted shortly afterwards, it soaked into the magic circle and penetrated within.

The magic circle absorbed the ashes and turned white, further increasing the circulation speed of magic power.


I used brute force to hold down the spell that was likely to swell and explode.

If I let my guard down for even a moment, the spell would likely go out of control.

I absolutely had to prevent that from happening.

Eventually, the soul that was placed began to blink like crazy.

It was spinning and shining like the sun.

The magic circle turned three dimensional as if the earth turned up, and it wriggled about with a movement reminiscent of living beings.

The magic circles that were flailing wildly in the air flooded the spinning soul.

As it entwined one after another, it gradually formed into a shape.

It appeared to be humanoid.

At that moment, thunder roared overhead.

The interval was getting faster and heavy rain poured as if the sky collapsed.

In the downpour of the wasteland, the soul was shining brightly as if resisting the gray surroundings.

Eventually, the magic circle disappeared completely and a white humanoid figure shone with light.

It took on a pose as if kneeling in front of the keepsake sword.

It was composed of rough irregularities and it was impossible to identify it as an individual.

The spell that was activated was about to deviate from my control.

Although it was progressing to the desired phenomenon, it was already impossible to push it further.

The magic power continued to increase endlessly to that extent.

If the spell failed and converted into a destructive phenomenon, it would produce enough power to crush the world.

“Guh, kuh…”

I didn’t bother with the cracks that ran all over my body and focused on operating the spell.

I kept an eye on the humanoid as it approached completion.

How long has it passed since?

At the time when my consciousness began to blur, the spell broke down at the critical point and caused a big explosion.

I had no leisure to defend and was blown away.

I produced a force field in the direction I was blown into and I kicked on it to offset the momentum.

I managed to land with both knees getting crushed.

What became of it?

I repaired the damaged body using miasma.

While bathing in the heavy rain, I looked up at the spot of the explosion.

A high-power magic reaction could be confirmed as a huge amount of dust swept into the air.

It was an immense reaction that couldn’t help but make me laugh.

Not to mention Grom or Diella, the reaction surpassed even me.

In other words, it was anomalous by individual standards.

However, it was a weirdly familiar presence.

Unintelligible words escaped me.

“Ah, aah…”

A figure walked out from inside the dust cloud.

The one who appeared with a sword in hand was the world’s greatest hero, who had slaughtered the Demon Lord — the previous hero.

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