The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 171: The Sage Confronts His Old Enemies

John held the gun firmly as he glanced behind him.

Beyond his line of sight was Gwen, lying in the desert sand.

When she noticed him staring at her, she waved her hand.

Although it was totally a reaction that didn’t match the current situation, she must have chosen to ignore the situation to begin with.

While it hadn’t been long since I met her, I had already begun to understand her personality.

John turned to face me as he muttered with a scowl.

“Although it’s shameful to obey a woman I don’t even know that well, she still gave me the opportunity for revenge. In that case, isn’t doing so the only choice I have?”

He aimed his gun towards me.

Bullets would fly the moment he pulled the trigger.

I called out to him before that.

“John Doe.”

“What is it?”

“I thought I told you before, you can’t defeat me using a gun.”

When I fought against John the last time around, I destroyed his weapons one after another.

Although it was unexpected to see him revived, my methods to deal with him wouldn’t change.

I doubted that the mere ability to conjure guns would be enough to defeat me.

He wasn’t even a herald to begin with.

His physical ability was that of a normal human’s.

Without strong weaponry, he was no different to a powerless, ordinary person.

However, John’s eyes glinted as he laughed at me.

He responded as he glared back.

“Oi oi, who said that this was all I was going to use to fight you? Even I am not willing to rush to my death like that.”

As John said so, the sand behind him exploded.

It rose up like a mountain.

Gwen — who was far behind — was about to get caught in it, but I saw her retreat in a hurry.

The things that emerged from the sand were multiple forms made of steel.

They had the shape of huge ships or tanks.

There were even some which flew like birds.1

What is this…?

I was fascinated by the objects that suddenly appeared.

All of them should be weapons.

As proof of that, each of them carried something that looked similar to cannons.

Although I felt no flow of magic power within them, there was no doubt that it was John’s handiwork. 

He probably conjured it the same way he conjured the gun.

I didn’t think he could have conjured weapons that big.

And it seemed that there was no consumption or backlash in doing so.

“Hahahah! How is it, are you scared now? I can conjure anything I wish for in this spiritual world. This is exactly the battlefield made for me!”

John happily pointed at those weapons.

He talked while swinging his gun around in a good mood.

“This was a secret, but I’m actually a human from another world. To be exact, I died on the other side and reincarnated on this side. I never thought to become part of a person with a split personality though.”

“So you mean the weapons behind you are products of the other world?”

I calmly pointed that out.

I was quite surprised by the new factor relating to John’s identity.

However, it wasn’t the time to get curious about it.

John nodded many times as I pointed that out.

“Yes, yes. You sure catch on fast! That’s exactly the case. These guys would wipe you out into fine dust—“

“Wait a moment.”

Baruch, who had been silently watching all this time, suddenly interrupted John’s words.

He then reminded a now moody John.

“I think you shouldn’t be the only one to talk about what you are good at. Let me talk as well.”

“…Okay, it’s your turn. Go ahead.”

John said so as he sulked.

As he clicked his tongue, he began to mutter petulantly with colorful insults mixed in.

It seemed that he really didn’t like to be interrupted mid-talk.

Meanwhile, Baruch had a calm smile plastered on his face.

He straightened his collar then sighed in an exaggerated tone.

“I also didn’t like that woman — Miss Gwen. Although she acts like a clown, she cut off our path of retreat precisely. It really felt disgusting.”2 

“Then how about working together with me to deal with her?”

“Stop that. Even if you said it as a joke, I’d rather die than — oops, I’m already dead. What a sad thing.”

Baruch grumbled self-deprecatingly.

Immediately after that, his killing intent leaked out.

There was a fierce hatred dwelling in the depths of his reason.

Baruch pointed at me as he declared.

“I will kill you. I will drag you to death no matter what it takes. I will show you what a shaman of my caliber is capable of.”

As Baruch raised both of his hands, his magic power increased.

The shamanic magic became visible and drifted around him like a black mist.

It polluted the area in the blink of an eye.

John closed his mouth and pinched his nose as he backed away.

As expected of him. That’s an impressive amount of shamanic power.

Baruch was considered the world’s best shaman.

He was unrivaled in that aspect.

Despite having already died twice, his outstanding talent didn’t seem to diminish.

“John Doe-kun, we will win this battle no matter what it takes. Be careful not to drag me down.”

“That’s my line, you smug bastard! I’ll use you as a shield if you keep spewing nonsense!”

The annoyed John shouted out in agitation.

In response to that, the weapons behind him activated.

Their cannons fixed their aim at me.

The flying weapons were also circling overhead, seeking an opening to strike.

Although its method of attack was unknown, I needed to pay attention to it.

“Just go and activate your shamanic magic already! We’ll defeat him at once!”

“Don’t go ordering me around. I thought we’re on equal footing here?”

“I know that, so hurry up!”

John and Baruch were ready for combat even as they argued.

Perhaps their personalities weren’t compatible, seeing as how they were unable to cooperate well.

They didn’t start their attack towards me yet either.

That’s convenient for me though.

I already experienced what they were capable of before.

There was no need to be polite and wait for them.

I planned to defeat them before they could properly coordinate.

I chantlessly transferred away without warning.

Then, I attacked John and Baruch from behind.

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