The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 212: The Sage Refuses the Intentions of the Beast

The destination of the transfer was the laboratory basement.

This spacious area was divided into several rooms.

At first glance, it looked like a fine mansion.

The only indication that this place was actually a prison was the lack of windows or a door that connected to the outside.

The room was surrounded by a barrier that interfered with most transfers.

The room also had a mechanism that sealed off magic power and miasma just by being inside.

It should be impossible to escape from here.

I walked into the area.

Gwen was dozing on the sofa.

Books were piled up on the table beside her.

It was a precious method of killing time in this space.

Books were regularly sent here at Gwen’s request.

I called out to her, who seemed to be asleep.

“How are you doing?”

“It’s not bad, really. I especially liked the fact that director-san wasn’t around to stare at me all the time.”

Gwen woke up and stretched comfortably.

That wasn’t sarcasm.

It seemed that she truly felt that way.

The monitoring done by the director seemed to be a considerable mental burden.

It was an environment where normal people would be driven insane.

The fact that Gwen was merely annoyed by it showed how strong her mental fortitude was.

I felt a little impressed and muttered.

“It’s amazing that you managed to endure it.”

“Of all people, you say that to me, Havelt-san? If you feel any sympathy, just let me out of here.”

“That’s not possible.”

When I gave such an immediate answer, Gwen puffed her cheeks.

She frowned as she sulked.

“Mumu, so you still can’t trust me. Don’t you remember how much we loved each other back then?”

“Don’t go forging fake memories on your own. I had no such relationship with you.”

“Ahaha, that’s interesting.”

Gwen laid down on the couch again and laughed happily.

It seemed like she was teasing me.

Gwen asked me as she twisted her upper body.

“Leaving that aside, you still think I will betray you?” 

“That’s a possibility that can’t be denied.”

“Please don’t say such sad things. I’ve already had a change of heart, you know? I really don’t have any intention to hurt anyone.”

Gwen sighed.

With both of her hands on her cheeks, she closed an eye and said.

“Don’t you think it’s a common pattern for a strong opponent to become an ally once defeated? In fact, the Demon Lord’s Army works that way too. It should be my turn next!”

“Their personality is credible, that’s the difference.”

I didn’t deny Gwen’s argument.

Certainly, some of the people currently affiliated with the Demon Lord’s Army were once hostile.

After a reasonable amount of interaction, they turned and became reliable allies.

On the other hand, I couldn’t let my guard down for Gwen.

She was still imprisoned like this because there was still a part of her that I couldn’t see through.

She had an air to her as if she had some sort of secret plan, and could easily escape if she had the chance.

Because it was Gwen, it was hard to pretend that it was merely my imagination.

“I’m the only beast of the outer world around, right? Perhaps there are some who are still remaining in outer space, but I doubt that there’s anyone crazy enough to rescue me. Since we’re talking about Havelt-san, you’ve also been exploring outer space this past year, right?”

“Of course I have.”

The invading beasts of the outer world were all annihilated – except for Gwen – a year ago, but those weren’t the last of them.

There were still some lingering in outer space.

Being wary of the possibility of another invasion, I took the initiative and went to outer space.

Then, I killed a large number of beasts through a series of forbidden spells.

There were many beasts possessing tremendous power out there, but none were able to surpass me.

I absorbed a large number of beasts, with the false god among them.

As a result, I gained transcendental power.

The abilities I had now were incomparable to when I first became a Demon Lord.

Even those beasts of the outer world weren’t my equal match.

By now, the world was protected with a large-scale barrier.

It was a deterrent to new threats coming.

Unless they were at least an existence like the false god, they wouldn’t even be able to scratch the barrier. [T/N: remember, the false god had backing of the Will of the World, and due to her existence as a fusion of multiple consciousnesses, she could control the outcome to some extent.]

Gwen yawned and turned her sleepy eyes toward me.

“I have no intention to fight back now that the situation has already reached this point. I would die for real the next time I try to provoke you, after all. Bluntly put, I have a zero chance of victory, really.”

Gwen complained as she rolled her eyes and suddenly corrected her posture.

She then lowered her head to the sofa.

“And so, please let me be affiliated with the Demon Lord’s Army! I won’t mind any chores I have to do! If you allow me to leave, I will do any task regardless how unreasonable—“

“I’ll think about it.”

I replied casually and turned around.

I immediately heard a protesting voice from behind.

“Really! That’s what you say all the time-! I’ve been a good child all this time, haven’t I?! Isn’t it good for you to show me some dere—… hey, please wait a minute! Hey, Havelt-san!”

I ignored the voice that shouted for me to stop from behind, and transferred to above ground.

The director was waiting there.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

“Is she always like that even when I’m away?”

“No, she tends to keep quiet most of the time. The only things she would say were her requests to meet Demon Lord-sama, I guess? She didn’t seem to want to talk to me, after all.”

The director calmly stated.

She was being casual since it had nothing to do with her research.

She was so calm, compared to her usual words and actions, that it was hard to believe.


“Are you going to release her?”

“Maybe I will someday. Gwen wouldn’t dare to attack again anyway.”

I would wait for the right time and return her to outer space.

If she showed any signs of taking revenge, I would just crush her then.

Gwen wasn’t a fool either.

I doubt that she would approach this world ever again.

“I’m sorry, but please continue to monitor her.”

“Roger that! Leave it to me!”

I left the director to do her salute and returned to the castle.

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