The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Melon

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Chapter 224: The Sage Seeks for More Information

That night, I went to the underground area of the laboratory.

I realized that there was another person who might know something about the Savior.

It was possible my attempt would be fruitless, but there was no harm in going to confirm.

I entered the room with a large amount of books.

The person trapped in this space, Gwen, was lying on the carpet.

When she noticed me, she greeted me with a lazy smile.

“Good mo~rning.”

“It’s midnight right now.”

“It’s more about how I feel. Rather, I can’t tell the time of day from here.”

Gwen gave me a wry smile.

She had already been here for over a year.

Moreover, she was constantly monitored by the director.

A normal person would have likely gone insane already, but Gwen still seemed calm.

Given that her annoying attitude persisted, she seemed to experience practically no mental exhaustion.

Was the beast of the outer world always this strong?

Perhaps she just happened to be a strong individual.

She was such a mysterious existence.

I put the books on the table and told her. 

“I brought you some new books.”

“Wah, thank you for your kindness. I just wanted to read something new too.”

Gwen got up and gladly picked up the books.

While checking their content one by one, she murmured.

“Really, entertainment is important. Boredom is the greatest foe of humanity. Well, I am not a human though.”

Was that supposed to be a joke?

She said it so casually that I couldn’t tell if she really meant it.

Perhaps it was a roundabout complaint for me.

That said, I have no intention of changing the way I treated Gwen.

I always need to be on alert around her.

She might be pretending to be harmless right now, but I should still be wary.

Moreover, it’s a time where new problems are about to arise.

I didn’t want anything extra to worry about.

Gwen moved to the couch, looked at me, and cut straight to the main topic. 

“Well then, what business do you have here today? I doubt you only came to bring new books.”

“The Will of the World has begun to move. A new threat is about to emerge.”

“Arara, I guess you have it hard. Troubles keep emerging one after another, so I guess being a Demon Lord is also bothersome.”


I silently observed Gwen’s shameless attitude.

It was a suspicious reaction, but she always behaved this way.

That was not enough to be a clue.

However, I also lacked the evidence to say her attitude was completely irrelevant.

As I thought that, Gwen tilted her head in wonder.

She pointed at my face.

“Hm? What’s with that face? Perhaps you think I am involved in this matter?”

“…Just a little.”

When I answered, Gwen spread her hands as if saying it was nonsense.

She shook her head as she sighed.

“Hey hey, that’s terrible of you. I can’t do anything while in captivity here. I’m completely innocent in this.”


“Havelt-san, aren’t you overestimating me too much? I’m not the mastermind you think I am. I’m just a cute imprisoned heroine.”

Gwen winked as she smiled.

If someone wasn’t aware of what she had done before, they would think she was cute.

However, as a person who was aware of her personality, the fact she tried to pretend to be cute stood out more to me.

Gwen was having fun swinging my mood around like this.

It would only tire me out if I took her too seriously.

It would be wise to quickly move on to the main topic.

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