The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Kitty

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Chapter 237: The Sage Declares to the Beast

“In the first place, the Saviors in this occasion originated from people who spread trivial good deeds which were then exaggerated by bards. The image fleshed out by people’s delusion and rumors continue to swell endlessly. By the time such an image became known to the whole world, I doubt any individual would be qualified to refer to themselves as one.”

“So they failed to bear the burden that came with the name…”

The origin of the Saviors was good intention that came from anonymous people.

They originated from good deeds that helped others.

Those unrelated good deeds overlapped and formed a non-existent Savior.

Such excessive rumors would have been suppressed if the Savior actually existed.

However, there was no such individual.

It was because the figure became an imaginary existence created out of overwhelming imagination that spread through word of mouth.

“The sudden deaths of Saviors are not anyone’s fault. If one has to say, it is more of the human race as a whole suffering for their own actions. They made up their own fictional hero and ended up disappointed by themselves. Don’t you think that’s arrogant of them?”

Gwen laughed with a cruel expression.

She was ridiculing humanity from the bottom of her heart.

She didn’t even bother hiding her malice.

This was her true nature.

“You seem to be enjoying this situation.”

“Of course I am. I’m not related in any way after all. There’s nothing more pleasant than the suffering of others. Ah, did you just think that I have a bad personality?”


I silently glared at Gwen.

She was deliberately trying to get on my nerves.

She enjoyed watching my reaction.

It would be exactly what she wanted if I were to show any anger.

I changed the topic without getting angry.

“I think this event is the precursor of something. What do you think?”

“You’re right. I also had the same opinion. Yes, I think things will turn for the worse from now on.”

Gwen said while indolently scratching her ear.

Her attitude was negligent, but her gaze showed she was thinking about something.

It didn’t seem like she said that without thinking.

I continued to ask her opinion.

“What will happen specifically?”

“I can’t say for sure, but maybe a strong enemy will come into being.”

“A strong enemy, you say?”

When I said that, Gwen nodded.

She raised a finger on her right hand.

She then proceeded to speak of her theory while rotating her finger.

“The power of desire that ought to be received by the Savior lost their destination and remained stagnant. They won’t disappear. It will make some sort of outlet somehow.”

“And that outlet you spoke of refers to a strong enemy?”

“Great answer! As expected of Havelt-san, you are quick to catch on.”

Gwen pointed her finger at me.

She continued with a joyful smile.

“There are voices seeking for subjugation of the Demon Lord and the current trend of excessive expectation for Saviors. These two factors are the Will of the World at the moment. It will be quite intense.”

“It doesn’t matter. Regardless of what will come, I will defeat them.”

I answered with a resolute attitude.

The situation had become extremely confusing.

I no longer had the leisure to choose my method.

Now that it came to this, I should resolve it through force.

If a new enemy appeared, I would eliminate them before they did anything.

“You sound full of confidence. As expected of Demon Lord-sama, I guess.”

Gwen casually said so.

She was calm even as she felt the pressure I exuded.

She laid down on the sofa and smiled while moving her legs about.

She seemed like an innocent child.

But her true nature was the exact opposite of innocent.

I asked her a question.

“I’m asking just in case, but I don’t think you have any solutions.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t have any. The current situation has already gone beyond what could be salvaged. Even if you forcibly suppress the Will of the World at this stage, it would only go berserk elsewhere. It would be wise to just let it happen for now.”

“I see, I understand.”

I got up from the sofa.

Then I told Gwen, who stopped moving.

“…I intend to kill the Will of the World. I will break the ties here.”

“Eh, that’s a joke, right? Are you seriously saying that?”

“I’m serious.”

Upon hearing my answer, Gwen had a peculiar expression on her face, as if she swallowed a fly.

She seemed dissatisfied about something.

It was the first time I saw her having such an expression.

It was hard to imagine it came from her, who usually held her composure no matter what happened.

I ignored her unusual behavior and declared.

“If they interfere with the world’s peace, I will not forgive it, whatever it might be. I will definitely kill it.”

“No no, that’s impossible. It would be impossible to do that without destroying the world first. First of all, the premise is—“

“It is my duty to make the impossible possible.”

I said so to interrupt her tirade.

Gwen then sighed deeply.

She looked up at me from a lying position on the sofa.

“…You sure have a difficult way of life. Aren’t you full of regret because of that?”

“I could do my best without losing my goal. There’s nothing to regret about.”

“I thought you were an intellectual type, but it seems that you are just a fool.”

“I’m well aware I am a fool.”

I reached where I was now after making many mistakes.

I understood that without needing anyone pointing that out.

However, I had no intention of changing my path.

It was because I believed it was correct.

I turned and walked away.

I got a reasonable result.

No more conversation was needed for now.

Just before I used the transfer magic, I told Gwen.

“I may visit to ask for your wisdom in the future. Help me again when that time comes.”

“Okay okay, just leave it to me. It’s not like I have a right to refuse anyway, so I will just help you as much as you ask me to.”

Gwen responded carelessly.

I didn’t know why, but it seemed like there was a change in her mind.

Even if I asked, I doubt she would give me a clear answer.

With that thought in mind, I left the place with a transfer.

E/N: So basically, everything’s the bards’ fault..? Wow… (٥¯―¯) Good job, guys, you ruined the world. A+ Career Goals. (  ¯⌓¯  )

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The Bards really “Screwed” that one up I guess not every Nat 20 is good