The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Kitty

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Chapter 238: The Sage Defeats the Herald

A knight in red armor charged towards the Demon Lord.

That knight was a Herald known as the Flame Spear.

As he took his bold steps, he thrust a magnificent burning spear at his opponent.

I parried it with a magic powered sword.

Even though my fingers felt numb by the impact, the sword managed to not get destroyed by the weapons’ clash.

I aimed at his flank with a return swing.

Flame Spear just barely managed to block the strike. He shook me off and jumped back a distance.

He seemed used to combat.

His combat ability shone through his fierce thrusts of the burning spear.

His battle experience was reflected in his swift reflexes and smooth movements.

However, that wasn’t enough to surpass me.

I moved behind him with a transfer.

I blocked the spear he swung around his blindside with one hand.

My forearm was crushed by the impact.

However, the destroyed arm didn’t scatter.

Instantaneously, the deformed arm  lost its solidity before it transformed into a bunch of tentacles.

They entwined together on the spear and killed the momentum while trapping the spear at the same time.


I could feel the Flame Spear’s astonishment as he froze in place.

I didn’t miss the opening and pierced his armored torso with the magic powered sword.

Then I propelled a stream of miasma into Flame Spear, which caused the Herald to scream even louder than before.

His durable body was eroded from inside out, starting from the point where he got skewered with my sword.

Eventually, Flame Spear turned into one of the undead.

Black streaks branching out like blood vessels turned visible on the surface of the ex-Herald’s red armor.

The black lines pulsated eerily as it started dripping rotting liquid.

Flame Spear, who had been transformed into the undead, moved away from my sword with a thundering roar.

With labored breathing, he attacked the soldiers who were fighting around him.

After seeing that, I dispelled the magic powered sword and looked around.

The surrounding area was filled with the army of undead I created.

They were looking for people to prey on.

This place was a city on another continent.

This time, I brought 100 undead with me to invade the city, and I have just completed the subjugation now.

Once things calmed down, I intend to make this place the base of the Demon Lord’s Army.

The city was located near the border, and the territory I had taken over intended to invade the weakened neighbor who had lost their Saviors.

It would have eventually developed into a large-scale war, but by placing the Demon Lord’s Army between them both sides wouldn’t be able to make their move easily.

The terrain was originally suitable for defense.

Once I alter it with magic, it would undoubtedly turn into a solid base.

There were still many conflicts between his faction and the humans.

Some nations who lost their Savior became quiet, but some nations thought they had no other choice and moved to offensive action anyway.

There were still Heralds in each nation.

They were strong people who didn’t proclaim to be Saviors.

They were active on the battlefield, so much so that some even managed to surpass the effectiveness of the Demon Lord’s Army’s latest weapons.

This Flame Spear was one of them.

When we found a Herald involved in conflict between humans, my executives or I would go and handle them.

It was nothing but disaster for them, but this was for the sake of deterring conflict.

The horrific deaths of Heralds would astonish people.

They would recognize the threat of the Demon Lord once more and make them understand who their real enemy was.

I was planning to make such interference in every war between humans all over the world to manipulate relations between nations.

The thing I was doing fundamentally remained the same.

I led people to recognize that the Demon Lord was the enemy of all humans and focused humanity’s hatred towards me.

According to the information from my spies, people considered the death of the Saviors to be the handiwork of the Demon Lord.

It couldn’t be helped for them to think that way.

The aggregation of Savior deaths were clearly unnatural disasters.

The first person to be suspected would naturally be me.

I didn’t mind being suspected that way.

They could make assumptions all they liked.

It would be more convenient for me.

People thought the Demon Lord had slaughtered Saviors all over the world.

In response to that, the war between the Demon Lord and humanity heated up.

That was a good enough scenario.

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