The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 241: The Sage Learns the True Identity of the Problem

But I can’t find a clue to the solution at all.

As I was left alone, I stopped doing the office work to think.

However, there wasn’t much meaning to thinking like this.

I wanted an opinion from someone who was more familiar with the situation.

Perhaps she might be annoyed at being relied on too much, but I couldn’t afford to be considerate right now.

As I made up my mind, I telepathically connected to the person in question.

“Oh Great Spirit. I have something to consult you for.”

“What is it?”

The person I contacted — the Great Spirit appeared in front of me.

I was astonished by how fast she came.

I hadn’t called her to come yet, but I was grateful she responded so quickly.

However, the appearance of the Great Spirit was a little different than usual.

She looked roughly the same, but it felt different.

As I noticed the true nature of the difference, I pointed it out.

“You didn’t possess Yuura to get here this time.”

“My main body made another offshoot. It is considerably weaker than normal, but I wouldn’t be bound by the restrictions of the defense mechanisms in this form.”

The Great Spirit explained plainly.

She might make it sound easy, but it was a ridiculous thing to do.

If her words were true, it seemed she could easily manifest in that form.

In addition, she managed to abandon her role as a defense mechanism.

Is it really alright for her to do this?

It was a very bold move.

I got a little worried, but it wasn’t something I could do anything about.

Perhaps the Great Spirit wanted to move around freely.

I had no intention to deny her desires.

As I was convinced, we proceeded to the main subject.

“I’ve encountered a troublesome situation. I want to hear your opinion about it.”

“I am already aware of the situation. I’ve been watching over it through Yuura.”

The Great Spirit spoke in a quiet tone.

Things would be quicker since she was already aware of it.

She must have been concerned about the world’s situation.

I guess she did have her conscience as a defense mechanism after all.

The Great Spirit looked at me and immediately concluded.

“This time, the Will of the World created a fictitious and shapeless existence.”

“A fictitious existence…?”

“The desire of humanity turned into a pure destructive phenomenon that attacks the Demon Lord’s Army. If one had to put a name on it, perhaps it would be like a Virtual Savior?”

The name given by the Great Spirit was on the mark.

The opponent this time emerged after the mass death of Saviors.

Furthermore, due to its characteristic of not showing its appearance, it could be expressed as virtual.

“Due to this series of events, the expectations and disappointment towards the heralds were too great. No individual could contain their power, as a result, the world created nobody to act on its behalf.”

“I see…”

The explanation of the Great Spirit had cleared my doubts.

The Virtual Savior was just a phenomenon.

It wasn’t an ability endowed to a certain individual.

It was just something that was brought about to bring the destruction of the Demon Lord’s Army.

Perhaps people understood deep inside their hearts.

That merely a strong person would be no match against the Demon Lord.

They needed an individual with an overwhelming power, and they greatly demanded such a herald.

However, the problem was that there was no such individual that could fulfill such a condition.

As a result, the world created the Virtual Savior.

It was nobody.

Since they lacked substance, they couldn’t be crushed regardless of how many expectations were placed on them.

One could consider it something similar to a herald’s awakening.

It was practically a kind of natural disaster.

It was natural that one couldn’t find it regardless of how much we searched for it.

After all, the premise of the perpetrator was absent to begin with.

There was no way to grasp the whereabouts of a person who existed nowhere.

I guess the Will of the World finally went all out.

It seemed the world had finally recognized that there was no individual who could defeat the Demon Lord of this generation.

Therefore, they made nobody as their executor.

In a sense, it was the ultimate obstruction.

It seemed that the collective consciousness of mankind no longer held back on destroying me.

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