The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Kitty

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Chapter 240: The Sage Faces a New Problem

The subordinates in charge of clerical work frequently entered and left the audience hall.

I receive a new report every time that happens.

A large amount of information had been sent through telepathy as well.

I summarized the information, made decisions, and gave orders to various places.

Report documents were scattered all over the room.

There were even some reports that couldn’t be processed and ended up torn to pieces.

During the state where I didn’t even have the time to carry it away, they were left unattended.

Priority was given to urgent tasks, but it would be impossible to digest them all today.

As usual, there was no premonition for this…

I went to the desk and let out a little noise of complaint.

Half a year has passed since the mass deaths of Saviors.

Just as I thought the world would calm down, sudden change happened.

It all began on the outskirts of different continents.

Suddenly, someone mowed through the Demon Lord’s Army.

After the unknown threat managed to produce great damage, they immediately hid themselves.

I immediately set out to investigate.

However, I couldn’t find any clues.

I couldn’t even grasp a single characteristic of said person.

Three days later, a similar incident occurred.

This time, the Demon Lord’s Army stationed there was destroyed and ended up with quite a number of casualties.

Then five days later, a series of massacres occurred within the span of less than half a day each.

Since then, attacks on the Demon Lord’s Army had been repeated one after another in various locations.

The identity of the other party was still unknown.

Regardless of how often the locations and the frequency of attacks were investigated, we couldn’t find anything in common between them.

They always appeared in unexpected places at unexpected moments.

The genocide was happening indiscriminately all over the world.

They often happen one after another even at physically impossible distances between the locations.

From this, we thought that multiple humans were colluding and executing their actions one after another, or there happened to be an excellent user of transfer ability.

It could be considered a valuable clue, but it was too vague to narrow down.

What was certain was that the opponent was only focusing on the Demon Lord’s Army.

Regardless of how much defense was prepared, they pierced through it as if ridiculing us.

I asked the survivors about the situation at the time, but strangely enough, nobody witnessed their figure.

In that mysterious destructive phenomena, all they knew was that the Demon Lord’s Army was being slaughtered.

This issue also affected every nation across the globe.

People suddenly began to make noise when they learned that someone was continuing to defeat the Demon Lord’s Army.

Then the rumor spread.

That with the impostors weeded out, the real Savior appeared.

As if to live up to their expectation, that someone had become even more active than before.

The Demon Lord’s Army was also working round the clock to prepare countermeasures, but there was no progress; reports regarding damage and relief efforts were sent on a daily basis.

Since I had made use of space magic to immediately evacuate subordinates, the amount of casualties had yet to reach a fatal amount.

It was still a serious problem nonetheless.

While I read through a pile of reports, Luciana entered the room with more documents in her hands.

She talked to me with an annoyed expression.

“Demon Lord-sama, it’s another sighting report… Hey, the room is in quite a state. How about organizing it for a bit?”

“This is the condition it’s in despite the fact that I’ve reorganized it several times this morning.”

“Well, I guess it’s natural considering the obscene amount of reports. You sound like you’re having a hard time.”

Luciana placed the documents on the small gap on the surface of the desk.

She suddenly looked at the corner of the room.

There was the figure of Diella who sat with her legs crossed.

Diella closed her eyes and sharpened her consciousness with a serious expression.

Luciana approached and talked to her.

“By the way, what is Diella-sama doing there? You can’t do clerical work, right?”

“Nuu, I’m meditating at the moment. Don’t disturb me.”

Diella opened her eyes and replied with obvious irritation at the questions.

Luciana then put her hand on her mouth and looked impressed.

“That’s a rare thing to happen… Perhaps it will snow tomorrow?”

Luciana muttered as she came towards me.

As Diella resumed her meditation, Luciana asked me in a whisper.

“So, what’s actually happened?”

“She must be dissatisfied with not being able to fight the mysterious adversary. It seems she is looking for the opportunity to sort it out here.”

Diella wanted to defeat the opponent who has been slaughtering the Demon Lord’s Army.

She didn’t like said person’s method which massacred leagues of soldiers without showing themselves once.

Therefore, I transferred her to every site where there has been a sighting report, but unfortunately, she couldn’t find said enemy.

Diella abruptly stood up.

She scratched her head vigorously and called out to Luciana in a frustrated manner.

“Luciana! You are to spar with me! Accompany me in venting this frustration!”

“No way. I’m busy unlike you. Why don’t you ask someone else?”

Luciana gave such an unconcerned reply and waved her hand goodbye as she left the room.

As Diella got left behind, she sat on the chair beside me.

She pouted and complained.

“That Luciana… She seems to have forgotten that she was once my subordinate.”

“That’s a thing of the past. You are more of a compatriot at present.”

I emphasized the period, since Luciana was more senior than Diella in the current Demon Lord’s Army.

Diella blatantly frowned when she heard my response.

She puffed out her cheeks in dissatisfaction and slowly stood up.

She moodily walked to the door and yanked it open.

“Where are you going?”

“To the dining room! I’m hungry!”

Diella shouted in annoyance and left the audience hall.

Perhaps my answer was not to her liking, but it seemed she was pretty frustrated.

Personally, I too wanted to solve this problem as soon as possible.

I needed to grasp the identity of the other party soon in order to prevent Diella’s upcoming tantrum.

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