The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Chapter 251: The Sage States His Real Thoughts and Resolutions

The question raised by the Great Spirit had clearly transformed the atmosphere.

A tense air filled the room.

One where a careless remark couldn’t be made.

The Great Spirit kept her eyes on me.

She was serious.

She was trying to judge me as a defense mechanism.

Within such a tense silence, Gwen’s smile widened as she found the situation amusing.

Not only that, she even deliberately acted surprised.

“Oops, Great Spirit-san. Do you oppose this plan?”

“I’m not against it. I only asked for confirmation prior to its execution.”

The Great Spirit stood up from the chair after shaking her head.

She had a quiet appearance.

I couldn’t see any changes in her expression.

However, the pressure emitted from her was the real deal. 

“I understand your plan, it should be possible to realize. However, that would mean granting great power to the previous hero. She might do something using power that exceeds even the Demon Lord.”

She made a logical point.

There was a hole in our plan.

It was how the power would converge on the previous hero in the process of solving the current situation. 

Certainly, this plan would resolve our current problem.

However, that person’s existence will become something that cannot be ignored as a result.

It was because she would wield tremendous power.

It was at the scale where it could affect the fate of the world depending on its use.

It wasn’t supposed to be a power wielded by an individual.

Gwen’s explanations only touched on the benefits and deliberately left out the essential dangers.

It was her way of doing things.

Everyone here was aware of that.

Therefore, the Great Spirit raised her opinion to bring them to light.

“The two points you are concerned about are the risk of the hero going berserk, and the preparations as well as resolve to dispose of her in case it actually happens, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

The Great Spirit affirmed.

Gwen, on the other hand, squinted.

She didn’t seem to be surprised.

Apparently, she already expected these questions to be asked.

Gwen, without breaking her stride, used her finger to poke at my cheekbone.

“There, Havelt-san. It’s time for you to speak.”

Gwen, who came in close contact with me, had a meaningful smile on her face.

Although she seemed to just enjoy it, I was sure that wasn’t all of it.

She was testing me.

She was seeking my true thoughts, just like everyone else present here.

…I guess I have no choice but to say something.

I made up my mind and stood up.

It was an unavoidable exchange.

It wasn’t something I could deflect.

Everyone’s gaze was focused on me.

Their reactions varied, but they were all as attentive as possible to not miss what I have to say.

A painful silence dominated the room.

With everyone’s eyes on me, I pondered.

After collecting the thoughts in my head, I gently spoke.

“As a Demon Lord, being slain by a hero is a long cherished ambition. Even I wouldn’t complain if I could meet my end by that person’s hand.”

As I cut my words there, a quiet buzz filled the room.

Perhaps nobody imagined I would say such things.

As for Grom, he even crumpled in his chair.

“Demon Lord-sama—”

“Unfortunately, however, I’m not in a position where such a thing is allowed to happen. I carry a burden as the necessary evil of the world.”

I continued and cut his words off.

The buzz soon subsided.

As for that part, everyone already expected it.

Grom was relieved and sat properly in his chair once more.

I placed my hands on the round table and looked at everyone.

As I was about to give my answer to the Great Spirit, I choked on my words.

I didn’t do it on purpose.

I hesitated.

How pathetic…

While inwardly ridiculing myself, I kept my spirit strong.

I needed to resolve to put it into words, but I can no longer back down.

If I give up now, I will lose the trust of my subordinates.

It would shake my stance as the Demon Lord.

This was a declaration to myself. 

Only by declaring it would it bear meaning.

After many internal conflicts, I finally made up my mind.

Then, I announced my resolution.

“If that person denies me, I’ll do my best to resist. It’s the responsibility of the Demon Lord to overcome the hero.”

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1 year ago

How unexpected. The answer of the sage, one of the wisest and most thoroughly prepared people in the world is basically: “Yeah, that’s bad, but I’ll do my best.”