The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Sensei

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Chapter 4: The Sage Tramples the Recapture Troops (Part 2)

 I used teleportation magic to arrive where the recapture troops were.
when I was alive, I could only teleport as far as my eyes could see.
I had used it by force as my trump card while withdrawing from the battlefield, but caused significant backlash.

It was greatly strengthened when I became an undead.
It could now be used almost inexhaustibly, and the range was considerably extended.
As I came to know the power of the undead, I was also reminded of the limits of humans at the same time.

As I invoked the magic, my field of view immediately changed.
I was thrown out into the sky.
The earth extended far below.
I had immediately begun falling, so I created a force field in the air and landed on it.

My clothes fluttered in the wind.
I was clad in a dark green hooded robe.
Its edges were studded with gems that gave a magical effect.
It was within the limits of what I could stand, and its luxurious appearance wasn’t half bad.

The first thing the enthusiastic Grom prepared was a bright red robe.
In addition to the gold embroidery, it was studded with gems.
It was designed to emit light brilliantly, using the residual magic of the wearer.
At any rate, it was showy, and frankly speaking, of poor taste.
It didn’t have any practicality either.
There was no doubt that a nobleman had asked for this to be tailored, having run out of things to splurge on.

It seemed Grom wanted to make me look magnificent anyway.
He proposed for me to wear the crown too, but I refused as expected.
After much negotiation, I decided on the robe I was wearing now as a compromise.
It was a little disappointing, but it couldn’t be helped.
The previous Demon Lord didn’t particularly like to look gaudy either.

I created a force field of magic in the air and walked on it.
It was not long before I discovered an army advancing on the ground.
They carried a flag.
Looking at it closely, I knew it was from the province reported.
They were recapture troops aiming for the fallen capital.

I watched them march from above.
Their numbers were no less than twenty thousand.
It was of a considerable scale.
In addition, they had formed a barrier of holy magic.
It must be a countermeasure against undead.
It seemed as if they had set their minds on taking back the capital.

Of course, I could have formed this kind of army in less than three days.

If they advanced to the capital as is, there was a risk of damage that could not be ignored.
It was a force that Grom could handle easily, but I wasn’t that kind to watch it silently.
I want to destroy their fighting spirit right here.

If I did that, they wouldn’t carry out such reckless expeditions next time.
That way, casualties on both sides can be reduced.
It was a very desirable development.
I didn’t mind if they viewed me with hostility, but I’d be troubled if they are too eager to die.

“I have to set an example. If I flashily massacre them…”

I held both my hands facing the recapture troops in the ground.
I opened my palms and held them high above my head.

I suddenly remembered my battle with Grom.
There was a myriad of ways to use miasma.
I finally had the chance, let me try it out a little.

I mixed magic and miasma to create a spell.
As I adjusted it, I formed a world.

The result was a black sphere.
Floating on my fingertips, it lacked substance.
It was like a gas.
However, its shape did not collapse in the wind.
It simply existed, without any change.

Did it fail…?

As I began to worry, the sphere suddenly started falling.
It headed towards the recapture troops.
It accelarated in free fall.

The soldiers looked up and screamed something.
Some pointed their fingers at it.
They seemed to have noticed a sphere approaching them from above.

Immediately, arrows and magic were released at the sphere.
The sphere did not change its trajectory at all, and continued to fall while absorbing everything it touched.
The soldiers’ attacks were of no use.
It was like hitting a ball of water.

At last, the sphere came in contact with the barrier.
The barrier broke without offering one bit of resistance. The sphere landed on a section of the troops.

The next moment, there was an explosion right there.
The blood and flesh of the soldiers directly hit by the explosion scattered everywhere.
Those who were a little far away also bore the impact and were seriously injured.

The exploded sphere melted and turned into a fog of miasma, densely spreading to the surroundings.
Transforming into hundreds of thousands of small hands, it swooped down to attack every single member of the troop.


“I don’t want to die! Not here…!”

“Eek! Sa-Save…me! Someoneee! “

Struggling in the grasp of the black hands, they died.
The moment they died, they transformed into undead and attacked the living.
Those who were eaten and killed, once again joined the new undead.

It was a repeat of the scene from the capital.
It was something that was now the norm, something I was already used to.

I suceeded in combining magic and miasma.
It seemed that various things could be done by adjusting the pairings and combinations of the techniques.
The consumption was also negligible. I want to raise my skill from here on.

The ones who noticed me in the sky fired arrows and magic at me.
They were a little annoying, so I used wind magic to deflect them.
However, at my current altitude, nothing would cause a fatal injury.

I shot out another black sphere in response, further increasing the damage the undead wrought.
The soldiers attempting to counterattack were swamped with undead, and perished on the spot.
The chain of command was completely paralysed.
Without an effective means of resistance, the soldiers were unilaterally mutilated.
They all eventually dispersed, the few remaining survivors running for their dear lives.

It was a great success.

I controlled the undead on the ground, letting the soldiers who took to their heels escape.
I entrusted them with the duty of spreading word of my arrival.
Ten years had passed since the previous Demon Lord’s death.
I had to let humanity know that a new threat had manifested itself.

I, who annihilated the recapture troops, watched the backs of the survivors as they ran and escaped.


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Rodrigo Lima
Rodrigo Lima
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Thanks for the chapter.

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This is great. Thanks for the post! This oddly reminds me of a scene regarding a certain skeleton overlord and his tentacle sheep.

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that one is better. this one is boring,