The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Sensei

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Chapter 8: The Sage Enthuses the Demon Lord’s Army(Part 1)

 In the council room within the castle, Luciana and I sat on the round table.

 Grom stood straight.
 He was wearing a monocle for some reason.
 Although he had the skull of an ox for a head, he didn’t seem very out of place.

 Going through the documents, Grom began to speak.

“Well then, we shall now begin the war council regarding the future of the Demon Lord’s territories. Does anybody have problems?”

“No. Go ahead.”


 Grom gave an elegant bow.
 His sophisticated movements were reminicesent of those of a butler.

 On the other hand, Luciana, who rested her cheeks in her hands had a mean smile on her face.
 She chose the perfect time to poke fun at Grom.

“Glasses don’t suit you.”

“This lass…you have some nerve disturbing me while I’m leading a meeting!”

 Grom was enraged. The flames in his eye sockets erupted.
 Their overwhelming heat melted the monocle.
 I had no choice but to intervene lest the conversation continue .


“Yes! “

“Go on.”

“Understood! “

 As Grom replied, he took off the remains of the monocle.
 Next, I warned the careless Luciana.

“Luciana, you too. Don’t unnecessarily fan flames.”


 Luciana replied listlessly.
 She seemed to be reflecting for the time being.

 Grom shifted his gaze to the top of the round table.
 There was a large map unfurled there.
 It was a rough scheme of the continent.

 Beside the map were several chess pieces.
 They were models made of magic, and were divided into various colours.
 Grom took the pieces and placed them on the map.

“At present, most of the kingdom’s territory has been absorbed into the Demon Lord’s territory. It is no exaggeration to say that our conquest has been effectively completed.”

“The territories of some powerful nobles at the frontier are still not under our control though.”

“No, no, their capture is just a matter of time!” Their supply routes have all been cut off. Even if we do not take any action, they’ll surrender eventually.”

 Grom held a black pawn.
 Using that, he knocked over the isolated blue pawn on the map.
 In its place, he placed the black pawn.

 Next, Grom traced the parts of the map where there were pawns of colours other than black gathered.
 Looking at the map, they covered a huge area.
 The black pawns only accounted for a miniscule portion of it.

“Our next target will be the neighbouring kingdoms. Are there any problems? “

“Ahh, it’s fine.”

 When I nodded, Grom pointed at a dot on the map.

“Among the many nations, there is one that needs immediate attention. It is this small country.”

“I’ve heard about this one from Luciana too.”

 When I brought up the matter, she showed a refreshing smile.

“That’s right. I secretly investigated them.”

 Standing up, Luciana gave a brief explanation.

 A small nation to our south had been making suspicious movements.
 Such information dropped in unexpectedly just recently.
 I heard that they have been amassing troops on the border with our kingdom.
 Perhaps they want to capture the fallen capital and expand their territory.

 The small nation that had faced a crushing defeat at the hands of our kingdom in the past, was treated like part-vassal state.
 Now, due to the fall of the capital, they suddenly gained independence.
 Because of the sequence of events, they disregarded my advice for absolute obedience.

 According to the succubi that had gone out to scout, they had strangely gathered equipment.
 For this reason, there was a lot of suspicion that they were also receiving military support from other countries.

 As for the small nation, I intend to invade and occupy it in one strike .
 It would be my first attack outside the kingdom.
 I plan to be on my toes and make moves for domination.

“—And so, the Demon Kingdom will start its invasion with the small nation that receives aid from other nations. And we want to crush them. How is it? Do you have anything to add?”


 Grom stared bitterly at the truimphant Luciana.
 I wanted to ask what kind of game it was that they were playing.
 Noticing my gaze, Grom deliberately cleared his throat.
 Although his body was made of nothing but bones, he was surprisingly swift.

“…As the succubi there explained, we should destroy the small country. Demon Lord, what is your decision?”

“It’s decided. Let us destroy them.”

 I replied immediately.

 The spirit of the small country, wanting to subdue the Demon Lord was not bad.
 However, I did not admire the methods of the other countries, creating a proxy war and forcing the responsibilities on smaller nations and making them the scapegoat.
 There might have been delicate situations and power balance amongst the nations, but I did not care about that.

 I made these moves to involve all the nations of the world.
 It was high time humanity got a real sense of impending crisis.
 I wonder how long they would think of it as somebody else’s problem?

 At present, destroying a small country would not affect many people.
 It wasn’t a situation where the survival of humanity was at stake.
 Rather, it would be troublesome if they continued being used as errand boy by the neighbouring countries.
 It would be best to urge an early exit.
 Let the small country become fodder for peace.

“As expected of the Demon Lord! Let us begin the preparations at once! Do you have any instructions? “

“I’ll do my best, so tell me if you need anything, okay?

 Grom and Luciana were overflowing with enthusiasm.
 Perhaps they had been waiting eagerly to invade other countries.
 Thus the meeting ended, and the preparations for war began.



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Kaneki ken
Kaneki ken
3 years ago

Maybe next we got introduced to bow person in the cover book

2 years ago
Reply to  Kaneki ken

yeah, soon enough

3 years ago

So far so good. All hail the demon lord!

2 years ago

hail… not that i liked him at all.

3 years ago

lol other countries still underestimated MC….
it seems they want to get nuked of Miasma in front of their door ~

2 years ago
Reply to  Nematoda

they didn’t get to see the moment he cause all the damage, so they wouldn’t understand.