The Executed Sage Reincarnates as a Lich and Begins a War of Aggression

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Editor: Cale

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Chapter 90: The Sage Visits the Previous Demon Lord’s Territory

After the meeting at the castle, I went to the previous Demon Lord’s territory.

I visited with the aim of seeing the demonkin who had come into contact with humans recently.

Considering the matter involved, it wasn’t something that I could just overlook.

This time, I chose Luciana and Doldar as my companions.

Luciana aside, there was a reason why I chose Doldar.

Thanks to Henry’s training, Doldar has become more disciplined in his actions lately.

I heard from his demon subordinates that he has become less prone to going berserk.

For some reason, he would often go to the bar and immerse himself in its atmosphere.

So this time, my purpose was to discern whether he could keep himself in control even without Henry around.

I could immediately transfer him back to the capital if it became dangerous, so there wouldn’t be any problems.

Personally, I wanted Doldar to firmly establish his own ego.

Dullahans were considered as a middle to upper-rank race among the undead.

He should be capable of acquiring a clear sense of reason for himself.

At present, his consciousness was ambiguous, probably due to his impulse to hunt for necks.

If that impulse could be suppressed, Doldar would become even more powerful.

During his lifetime, he was a great pirate who had invoked terrible fear, even in the hearts of demonkin.

If he could finally regain his former personality, he would become a reliable ally.

Our transfer destination was a wasteland.

The vision of black earth illuminated by the moonlight spread beyond our eyes.

The climate was cool, and magic power and miasma could be felt in the air.

That was the unique trait of this land.

It was an environment that would never be seen or inhabited in a human nation. 

It was perfect for the demonkin.

As an immortal myself, I also felt comfortable.

“Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve felt this atmosphere… it hasn’t changed at all.”

Luciana took a deep breath; she looked a little happy.

It was the territory that had once been under the control of the Demon Lord’s Army.

There had likely been a period of time when she had lived here.

Perhaps she felt like she had returned to her hometown.

“Doesn’t it also feel nostalgic for Demon Lord-sama?”


I nodded after a short pause.

When I was a human, I had infiltrated the previous Demon Lord’s Territory along with that person.

Of course, our purpose at the time had been to subjugate the Demon Lord.

At the time, I had used magic to conceal ourselves from the miasma as we fought several deadly battles.

And at the end of that, we had finally managed to overcome all of the hardships and had ended the dark era.

“Necks… I’ll, hunt, for necks…”

Doldar wandered around with an axe in one of his hands.

He repeatedly said terrible things with his ominous voice.

By the way, he was wearing an old wolf’s head as his head today.

According to Henry, he seemed to like it.

Apparently, he had been furious when his head had once been switched with another one, so he has been wearing the same one ever since.

Luciana put her hand on her hips and let out a wry laugh.

“Doldar seems to be in good shape as well. He looks happy.”

“Is that how it seems?”

I couldn’t really understand Doldar’s mood.

But since Luciana had said so, I didn’t doubt it.

Soon after, a black-clad succubus appeared in front of us.

She was the spy who had been dispatched to this area.

Perhaps she was even the same person who had made the report.

Luciana asked the spy, who kneeled in front of us, in a familiar manner.

“Where are the demonkin who have been in contact with the humans?”

“Please follow me. I’ll guide you.”

The spy quickly stood up and began to move.

We also followed suit.


My perception magic captured multiple presences.

There were about 100 demonkin at our destination.

I could see a ruin in the distance.

“Is it over there?”

“They sure live very poorly. They’ll lose in no time if the human army attacks.”

“They may have no other place to stay.”

Luciana snorted when I said so.

She then spoke in a cold tone.

“If they have none, they should just make one. Just like me.”

Luciana’s words were filled with conviction.

She had survived along with her subordinates for a decade.

The era without the Demon Lord must have been quite the predicament for the demonkin.

Those who lived here must look vulnerable in her eyes.

There was no salvation here; there were just slowly approaching their inevitable destruction.

Depending on how you looked at it, you could say that they were foolish.

I asked the spy.

“Where is the demonkin in question?”

“It is with the people who reside there.”

The spy pointed her finger.

At the entrance of the ruin, there were some demonkin who were talking about something while looking in our direction.

Their magic power capacities were at the middle grade level.

They seemed to have a decent amount of strength.

They must have been the demonkin in charge of this ruin.

“Good work. We’ll go alone from this point onward. Return to your surveillance.”


The spy immediately left after using concealment magic.

It might turn into a battle beyond this point.

I couldn’t endanger valuable personnel.

By the time we arrived at the front of the ruin, a large number of demonkin had gathered.

They wielded handmade weapons and tried to intimidate us.

One of them shouted to ask us.

“Who are you guys?!”

“I’m the Demon Lord. If you don’t want to get hurt, clear the way.”

I resolutely said that.

The demonkin who heard that roared.

They were boiling in fury in an instant.

“Demon Lord, you say…? That’s a boring lie only an immortal would say!”

One of them got furious and rushed forward with a spear.

I remained calm and cast magic.

Thorny vines emerged from the ground and restrained said devil.

It constricted his whole body and tightened.

“Uh, Guea…?!”

The constricted devil screamed while spitting blood.

His body changed color then, his flesh and blood evaporated.

He eventually turned into a skeleton and was shattered into pieces by the thorns.

The demonkin who watched the series of events unfold were dumbfounded.

They were astonished and were instantly filled with fear.

I repeated again.

“I will tell you all once again. If you don’t want to get hurt, open the way.”

The demonkin were still hesitant.

They didn’t want to become one of the undead, but they also didn’t want to accede to my request.

They were conflicted about what their next action should be.

As Luciana saw those demonkin’ behavior, she sighed in amazement.

“You people were so closed off that you became ignorant of information. To think you don’t even know about Demon Lord-sama.”

“Yo, you are Luciana?!”

There was a voice which was filled with surprise.

The one who spoke was the devil with a middle grade power level that the spy had mentioned.

He was hiding behind the others.

Luciana responded with a cold look.

“Oh, you just noticed now. You’re supposed to say Luciana-sama, right? You mustn’t forget to put the honorifics.”

“I have no intention of respecting the weak that flee in fear of humans! The Four Heavenly Kings are but a relic of the past!”

The devil firmly retorted.

I could see his hatred towards Luciana.

Luciana sighed again.

“That’s what he said. They sure are ruthless. Who do they think was the one who has taken care of them all this time?”

“That’s how it is. Grace is easily forgotten. All that remains is dissatisfaction and resentment.”

I stated that indifferently.

Luciana who heard that involuntarily laughed.

“Aha, it sure sounds persuasive when Demon Lord-sama says it.”

At that time, Doldar stepped forward.

He looked at the demonkin gathered around with the axe in one hand.

“A neck… Give me your neck…”

“Don’t annihilate them all. They are an important source of information.”

I immediately warned Doldar.

If I just left to him, he could easily handle these demonkin, even with their numbers.

That was fine in itself, but it would be a problem if he ended up killing them all.

However, I didn’t know whether he properly understood my instruction.

He was a man who was currently unable to hold a decent conversation.

In the worst case scenario, I would forcefully transfer him away to the capital.

As I thought of that, Doldar suddenly turned around.

“— I know. Just leave it to me.”

It was clearly a different voice than his usual one.

Luciana murmured due to the unexpected situation.

“Ah, did he return?”

“I’ll cut them… I will, beat them and cut their necks…!”

However, Doldar soon returned to his original state.

He roared and raised his axe, then started attacking the demonkin.

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