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Chapter 12: Future Schedule

Good Mor—-ning!

Once again, you’re here together with the person that’s hated by everyone, the lump of scum that is worthy of a standing ovation, Elrise-chan!

Even if you don’t like it, I’ll give your heart a shot full of love!


It… Not good. Even though I just did it on a whim, I felt like vomiting out of disgust… I shouldn’t do things I’m not used to.

I mean, I shouldn’t do it anymore, even if I woke up in an excitable manner.

If anyone had seen that, I might have had to commit suicide.

Though obviously, nobody else was in my room.

Whenever I had to go to bed, I made sure to cover the room with a barrier. Not even my guard could have entered the room while I slept.

Of course, I also added a soundproof barrier to the mix.

Why did I do this? Obviously because, even if I do role play as the Fake Saint, the person inside was still me.

And unfortunately, I didn’t think I could keep that act up when I’m asleep. That is to say, even I had no idea how sloppy I would have looked during my sleep.

Worst case scenario, I might have said things like “Hey, suck me off” or “Oppai Oppai!” unconsciously.

As a precaution to prevent this shameful me from getting witnessed during that time, I prioritized learning how to use such a barrier as soon as possible, which was around a few days after I became Elrise.

First off, let’s do a mirror check. Although I maintained my hair and skin’s quality with magic, I still had boost effects using magic to make it look 50% better.

Specifically, I made my hair reflect light and generate an impossible highlight effect, like angel halo, and used magic to make my face and skin seem shiny, those kinds of things. 1

Because I’m the one inside, I needed to make sure that I looked great so that I could deceive people, though maintaining the effect was quite a chore.

Keeping Saint’s role play for 12 years straight was a hassle, honestly. And I didn’t know when my cover might be blown, so I wished to quickly give the Saint post back to Eterna and retire from the story already. Seriously.

And, if possible, I would like to live in a log house within the forest located near a mountain. I’d like to live there lazily while being embraced by nature.

But those are things for the future. To make sure the story will reach the Happy END I wanted, I needed to form a detailed plan on how to move from now on.

First up, regarding Heroines who ended up dying except on their respective routes. There were three of them in the Academy.

One of them was the Witch, but I didn’t give a damn about her. She can just die.

The problem was the other two.

The first one was the Sub Heroine named Lina Thomas. She came from a Noble Family, a viscount house I think?

She’s a docile girl with short green hair, with glasses as her charm point.

Obviously, she came complete with the setting that she would look pretty without glasses.

Also, this girl was sickly, except in her heroine route, and she will have been cut out from the story eventually.

In her route, it was revealed that she was sick, and to help her recover, Vernell and his group gathered the materials for her medicine like Mandragora, Dragon wing scale, and Gryphon Feather. None of these monsters are pushovers, so much so that it’s very hard to defeat them on the first run.

Well event-wise, it’s just about gathering material. There is no need to actually defeat these creatures so it’s still possible to clear the quest in the first run, but you’d still need to be prepared for it.

As for how to keep her alive… wouldn’t it be simple as long as I was there?

Not to boast, but my healing magic is way more effective than most medicine, so much that up until now, there was no sickness that I’ve ever failed to cure.

In case it’s not effective… I think there should have been Dragons and Gryphons amongst the demons I fought during the Fara-san event, those could just be used as medicine material.

Ok, this one is practically solved.

The next one was sub heroine named Aina Fox.

She’s a red-haired twin-tailed girl and a daughter of former Viscount. 

But her house was ruined by the time the main story began, because of Elrise.

Aina’s parents had reproached Elrise for her wicked ways. Elrise’s was annoyed by this and retaliated by ensuring Aina’s house was destroyed. 

Thus, by Elrise’s actions, Aina’s family was persistently harassed, which led to all her family members dying. Aina alone survived by escaping to another family house.

She’s seriously such a scum, that Elrise (true)… 

Obviously, Aina bore a grudge towards Elrise, and she entered the academy to assassinate her.

If Aina was able to get a high enough grade, she would be granted the chance to become her Guard Knight and she’d get a chance to carry out her plan to assassinate Elrise.

But Elrise also often went to the academy for various interventions, and would often show herself within the academy.

Perhaps Aina got impatient. She didn’t wait for the right moment before moving to kill her.

By the way, when Aina had attacked her, Elrise really shrieked like a pig getting slaughtered. I sure laughed hard back then.

In the end, the attack would then be blocked by Leila, who served as Elrise’s guard that moment. Aina was then captured and taken away. Later, it was revealed that she had been executed.

However, this one event would have a great impact on the story later on.

The first was that Leila, who had blocked the attack, felt guilty and started to doubt her position as a knight because she had reluctantly sent a capable girl to her death.

The second was that at that moment, Aina’s sword had managed to wound Elrise.

And with that, it was revealed that the supposed Saint got hurt despite the trait that supposedly ensured that she could only get damaged by  2 sources. Thus, it proved that Elrise was the Fake Saint.

This chain reaction encouraged  Leila to gather proof of Elrise’s evil deeds and betray her. The scar Elrise received from Aina’s attack became the deciding factor to prove that Elrise was truly a fake Saint to the people.

In other words, Aina was the person who triggered Elrise’s Punishment to happen.

… but that’s all she did in the routes that weren’t hers.

She was just the one who would attack Elrise, and she’d then be erased from the story without any development.

 On her heroine route, the development stayed the same until halfway through. The main difference was Vernell also participated in the attack on Elrise and fought against Leila.

With Vernell’s help, Aina would then be able to win against Leila, and she would be able to wound Elrise without dying. 

After this, there will be an event where Vernell and Aina would then have a romantic development while on the run and, not long after, Leila will have betrayed Elrise by showing proof of her evil deeds. This would then trigger the  Elrise Punishment event.

And as for this world’s version … I doubt she would even come to attack me in the first place.

I didn’t destroy the Fox house, and I also didn’t think I had done anything worthy of a grudge.

Well, perhaps the world will forcefully correct it and would make Aina think like “I don’t understand why, but I HATE YOU” and the event would still progress as such. But if so, then I can’t really do anything about it.

Well, even if she does attack it’d be easy to come out of it unharmed. And even if she did end up getting caught, I could easily prevent her execution.

In other words, this part is also practically solved.

Now then… What else should I be wary of?

If I had to put my finger on it, it’s the events involving the Witch.

As the Witch seemed aware that Eterna was actually the real Saint in the original routes, she would then spread her influence from behind the scenes, leading to the death of many mob characters.

But… it seemed like in this world, the Witch was not aware that Eterna was the real Saint.

Even though Fara-san would have been able to kill Eterna anytime during the hostage event, Eterna was used as a hostage in a ploy to kill me (Fake Saint).

… Perhaps the Witch was not as smart as I thought?

Normally thinking, could you really mistake the real Saint as someone who was a fake with a scum controlling them?

It’s a different matter if it was an ordinary person, but the Witch was supposed to be the opposite existence of the Saint. Why wouldn’t she notice it?

Well, it would be better for me if it stayed that way though.

As for the Witch… I honestly could have gone and erased her right away.

I knew the current location of the Witch so, if I wanted to, I could force the fight to happen early and win.

Because I have the dark power inside me, even if my firepower was greatly reduced, I could damage the Witch, though on the other hand perhaps she could also pierce my defense.

By game standard, a level 70 Vernell could manage a solo fight evenly with the Witch.

By the way, if Eterna was in the party, you could win easily even during level 40s.

And… according to the game standard, my stats were way higher than a level 99 Vernell. I could easily defeat enemies that level 99 Vernell would have had a hard time with, and none of those enemies would be able to pierce through my magic barrier.

That is to say, if I fought the Witch now, my attack would then be “greatly reduced in power but still effective due to the stats difference”, while the Witch’s attack towards me would then be “supposedly super effective but, due to the stats difference, it wouldn’t leave any damage”. It seemed like there’s no way I could lose.

It’s like if a level 99 Fire Pokemon fought against a level 5 water Pokemon.

But there’s a reason I decided not to do it now, or rather that I couldn’t.

Even if I did do it, it would be after I’ve witnessed Eterna’s Happy END.

I will just merely repel Witch until then.

With that, my schedule was decided.

First, to find Lina Thomas and cast Healing Magic on her.

I also could ask Leila to investigate Aina Fox and then wait for the moment she strikes. Come if you dare.

Ok, thinking time is over.

It’s time to cancel the barrier.

“Good morning, Elrise-sama”

The person who knocked on my door and entered was Leila who came along to the academy as my guard.

She looked cool today too.

Who was the fool who called this beauty Stocco?

Wait, it was me.

I followed Stocco to the classroom.

The surroundings got noisy then, students and teachers had all stopped and stared at me.

Fuhahahaha, it sure felt great. Worship me! Your head is too high, you commoner.

Ah, most of the students here are nobles. It’s I, who was the commoner for not having a family name

I shall worship thee. My head was too high yes, there.

But this indeed made me feel great.

It made me feel like I was a great person.

Perhaps it couldn’t have been helped that Elrise (True) ended up arrogant since she was raised in such an environment all her life.

Even so, that wasn’t a good reason to justify everything she did.

But it sure made me wonder. If Eterna was raised as to how Saint had been, would she have still grown as such a kind Saint?

Or would it be the opposite, would Eterna have turned out like Elrise (true) who became tyrannical and selfish… things like that.

Humans were all clean slates in the beginning. How they grew depended on their surroundings. The addition of one color could then change everything.

If I considered that then… perhaps Elrise (true) was also a victim, strictly speaking.

Me? I was pitch black from the beginning. Therefore, nothing has changed even when I reincarnated like this.

Doesn’t matter what color you mixed in, black stayed black.

Ok, I had reached the front of the classroom.

All I had to do was enter, but someone was sitting in front of the class that prevented me from doing so.

Who the heck was this old man?

“You dare block Elrise-sama’s  way… ”

As Stocco was about to move forward, I panicked and brought up my hand to block her. 

Oi, stop it Stocco, that’s the action of an arrogant villain.

Like the follower that would say “You dare block the path of XX-sama!” and then goes to cut them off.

Are you trying to turn me into that kind of villain?

“Aah… you look prettier up close… I have been waiting for this day… for you to come and enter this academy… ”

No, who were you again?

Even as I examined this person, I still didn’t recognize him.

Or rather I didn’t even bother to remember this guy’s character.

His age… looked like it was around the mid-20s. His face would have been considered as handsome, irritating was to admit it.

He had narrow eyes, a high nose, and the outline of his face was rather long.

His black hair was pulled back, with a few stray strands in front of his forehead.

Also, he wore glasses, completely ignoring this world’s setting, and gave an overall impression of intelligence. 

His face gave him the look of a character who would act friendly at the beginning but then would betray you later in the story.

Er, who was this guy? I did think he existed in the game but… 

No choice, time to ask the dependable Stocco.

As I glanced at her, she seemed to understand what I meant. she coughed and surreptitiously answered.

“He is one of this academy’s instructors. His name is Supple Ment”

Ah, I remembered him now. He was the enemy Character.

Yes, there was such a person.

He was Supple Ment. His character creators sure must’ve been lazy when they came up with his name. Just because there were supplement boxes nearby he was named as such, he was that kind of character.

Fan Nickname: Perverted Glasses Bastard. He was 25 years old.

He would become Vernell’s enemy regardless of the route, and would always end up defeated, such a minor role bastard.

He was a fanatic believer of Saint, who imposed absurd ideals regarding them and also forced them on others.

Obviously, Elrise (true) was not his Worship target, he found the truth about her quite early.

The reason being “there’s no way such scum is a Saint”, it was through such prejudice.

Well, he was right about that.

He started being active after Elrise (true) got the punishment she deserved, happily saying “as expected, she was not the Saint” and he would then search for his true Saint.

Supple Ment would then start stalking the heroine with the highest favorability, and would then kidnap her to force his ideals on her. He’s such a troublesome guy that should just die.

But his ideal Saint only existed in his imagination.

He wouldn’t be satisfied regardless of who he kidnapped, as they would always differ from his ideal. He’d say things like “the Saint won’t say such a thing” or “this isn’t the Saint I had thought she would be”, and would try to shape the heroine by attempting to train them. Vernell would then come running to beat him up and he would end up getting expelled from the academy… that’s all his role was within the game.

By the way, the event would still be the same even if the one he had kidnapped was the real Saint Eterna.

In the end, his “ideal Saint” had never existed anywhere except in his head.

The world sure was horrible bleak for having such a guy as an instructor.

Well… as minor a villain he is, I should still be vigilant against him at least… 

Once he starts acting strange, I will forcefully remove him from the plot.

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3rd Citizen
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