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Chapter 17: Maintenance of public safety 

The attack that was lead by the hardcore guilds, starting with Genesis, thus began. 

The main guilds that participated in were 【Genesis】, 【Cube】, 【Dark Forest】, 【Holy Heavenly Knights】, and 【BlueUnion】, all of which are well known as the five major guilds of hardcore players. 

They started raiding the very first boss. 

There were five episodes in this game, but I heard that they had already finished two-thirds of EP1. Generally speaking, it’s been said that once you clear EP1, you’re no longer a novice, but in this situation, that’s probably not the issue. 

In each of the five episodes, the enemy’s attributes and weaknesses change, and so does the equipment needed.


I wondered if I should just leave it to them. Should I really not do anything at all? 

Lately, I’ve been making miso soup with my crafting skill, pondering about such things. 

That was because I caught some miso in the pond in my garden. It’s also possible to catch salt and miso with a fishing rod.1

Apparently, the other members of the guild are also working hard on their fishing skill, so Mashed Potato’s dining menu is steadily becoming more luxurious these days.

“Hey, Neji…”

Nachi stood next to me in front of the gas range in the guildhall.

“Is it really ok for us to do nothing?”

I guess Nachi has the same thought as me. I turned to look at him as I clutched the ladle and nodded slightly. After the last time, I received a letter from Basara again, and we exchanged some letters about whether we could at least discuss public safety among the guilds that have their headquarters in Clock Town.

“ーBasara said the same thing, too, so I’m thinking maybe I should hold a meeting for once.”

Among the casual players, our guild, Mashed Potato, has a long history and many guild members. I mean, a guild can have up to a hundred people in it, but we have a lot of active users.

“When it comes to public safety, neither casual nor hardcore players are irrelevant, so are you going to contact Heath?”

I almost groaned at Nachi’s words. I think Heath is busy with the raid. But as Nachi said, he had helped us a lot, and I guess we have close ties. Besides, I don’t think any good ideas will come out of a discussion among the casual players alone.

“I’ll ask him.”

After I replied that, I made sure that the miso soup was ready, and then made the bowls come out of the storage for the guild members. Then, after eating, I selected Heath from my friends list and opened a window with the mail function that appeared below.

“I’d like to hold a meeting. What days are you available?”

I wrote down the reasons and sent them. If he was busy, there would probably be no reply, but that couldn’t be helped. Just as I was thinking like that, I got a reply from Heath right away.

“The day after tomorrow and five days from now are the days of the attack. Other than that, I’m free.”

His positive response made me happy. I sent that content to Basara as well. It was then decided that Basara would invite the other guild masters to join us. I also have a wide circle of acquaintances, so I decided to write to the guild masters in the clock town to let them know when the meeting would take place.

Thusー make hay while the sun shines, It was decided that the meeting of the guild masters would be held today at nineteen o’clock at a tavern in the east section of the clock town.2

There were thirteen guilds participating. 

One guild master was to participate in the meeting and not a single guild refused. The tavern was the place established in the game right from the start. As for the official stores, others exist such as cafes. It was now more realistic and you could actually enter. NPCs and players are also almost indistinguishable.

“Please take care of me today.”

I arrived at the meeting place a little early and saw Basara, who had blond curly hair. Basara is a necromancer by profession, and he leads a guild that is quite large for a casual players guild. He used to be famous for indulging in one-night stands, but his now-real face was the same despite my thoughts of it being only his avatar, he was a handsome man in his late twenties.

“It’s hard to stay calm and make love in this situation. In my opinion, we should take control of the situation as soon as possible so that we can at least enjoy our daily lives and wait for rescue.” 

“I too think it’s definitely better to have better public safety.”

As we were having this exchange, a young man with silver hair that was perfectly styled came through the door. Basara and I both looked at him. It was Ruki, the master of the solo guild, who came in. It was a solo guild, meaning that Ruki was the only member of the guild. Guilds have guild skills and guild levels, so you get buffs just by being in them, and it’s better to join them, but if you don’t want to get involved with the surrounding world, you can soloーー you can have your own guild by yourself. It seems to be the case for Ruki. I’ve also helped Ruki when he was a novice. I contacted him today because we became friends then, but there’s a rumour that I’m the only person in this clock town who has Ruki’s contact information and has him added as a friend.

“Long time no see. I’m glad you’re here.”

I greeted him with a smile, and Ruki shook his head lightly, smiling. Ruki is an assassin, an occupation that specializes in PKーPVP. He is very strong. He seems to be a PVP hardcore player. I’ve never fought one, so I have no idea, but I’ve also heard scary rumours that if Ruki holds a grudge against you, he’ll kill you to exhaustion. He looks kind on the outside, though… He looks like a bisque doll.

“I was a little interested, so thank you for inviting me.”

As I looked at Ruki’s beautiful face and gave him a small nod back, people began to arrive one after another. I blinked a few times when I spotted Heath among them. Heath looked at me directly in the eyes and stood in the area beside me, that of which was empty.

“Let’s sit down.”

I pulled out the chair in front of me and Basara sat to my left and Heath to my right. Ruki sat in front of me. It’s a round table. The thirteen of us all took seats just as the bell rang for the meeting.3 Basara announced the start of the meeting and cut to the chase.

“ーand, the town is not very safe right now. I’ve been talking with Neji to see if we can do something to maintain security.” 

“Indeed. I think there are many people who are having a rough time, partly because they don’t have access to food, clothing, and shelter. In the meantime, as for me… as for Mashed Potato, I’ve been asking the guild for opinions on distributing emergency food on a rotating basis.” 

When I stated that after nodding to Basara, Heath made a small jaw movement next to me.

“In Genesis, it was a consensus that we should send out patrols in pairs. The ones with the attack power would rotate between shifts.”

Hearing this, I turned my head energetically without thinking. So reliable… Distributing emergency food is a good idea, in my opinion, but I don’t think it could compete with the idea of having someone actually patrol the area.

“It’s a good idea. Then, let’s make a list of the people from each guild who are available for patrolling and decide on the arrangement another time. I’ll work on that. I would also like to request emergency food distribution. However, as for emergency food distribution, it would be more efficient to go out into the field and kill even the weakest monsters, since ingredients for cooking would be needed. For that, it might be better to organize a party to go and collect with the members who aren’t in the attack team and are confident in their skills.”

Basara, who wasn’t much of a leader during the game, summed it up precisely. Everyone, including Heath, nodded.

“Does anyone have any objections?”

When Basara said that in conclusion, I thought it would all settle as it is and end.

“I won’t be joining.”

But then Ruki suddenly said that. When I looked at him in surprise, he was standing up quietly with his smile still the same from the beginning.

“Please do your best, everyone. I’ve lost interest. Excuse me for now.”

Ruki uttered and left. As I watched him go in surprise, Basara cleared his throat.

“If there are others who don’t want to join, that’s fine. Just because you don’t join doesn’t mean you can’t stay in this town or anything. It’s just that we should help each other out in times of trouble.”

There was no one else who objected, so that was the decision for the moment.

TN: I don’t know what’s up with Ruki. I think Neji is pretty amazing. Even though he doesn’t think so for himself.

Editor: I’m not going to lie with you, when I saw “Mashed Potato” I kinda forgot that it was Neji and Nachi’s guild… so I had to edit in a little part that reiterated that it was their guild and not the food. XD!!! 

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Lol mashed potato reminds me of another translator who did Beloved Husband.
Is there a chance that Ruki was interested in MC but then he saw how close Heath was to him and so left? I think that’s it.
Thanks for the chapter!