This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 103 – A Ticket Reservation Crisis

I took out the evening primrose that I ground up yesterday along with the Cacti that wasn’t actually a cactus species. 

Then, I took out all the ingredients I could think of, including limone fruits, which I lined up next to them.

“First, I’ll just try mixing the ones that can be used in making potions.”

I added the potion materials one after another, then poured them into a beaker-like bottle. The suitable ratio that I thought of was distributed between each ingredient. It was because I wasn’t thinking of making just a potion. 

Now I put the non-potion materials into the bottle, limone juice, its skin, and Cacti, including the Ribemaro flower I bought yesterday. I had also added a few other ingredients. 

I was sure this was gonna fail with the way I was randomly adding one thing after another. 

Then, I filled up the bottle with water until it was almost full and put it on the fire. As I swirled and mixed the ingredients with the stick, the water gradually became cloudy as the contents were extracted. 

“Now, this looks scary.”

The murky water boiled with bubbles, which was not a pleasant sight to witness, and it produced a nasty smell. 

I used appraisal along the process and as expected it showed [ Failed Product ]. I stopped and took this failed sample. 

“I knew it.”

I was a little hesitant to throw it away, so I transferred it to a new bottle and shoved it into my inventory, just in case. 

Now this time, I would carefully choose the ingredients.

“Materials that have medicinal properties…”

Unlike last time, I wouldn’t randomly add things, but I instead added them based on their properties. Then, I added honey to adjust the taste along with limone juice. 

I added some water and put it on fire again. 

As I was mixing the ingredients, this time the water turned green. 

I hoped this would be something I guessed.  


The result was a potion with rank B. It was an existing item. So it could be made like this.

When I tasted it, it was sweet and sour at first but later, the bitterness hit my tongue. It had a complex flavor. I should probably just stick to my usual potion-making method. 

This time, I tried to avoid the potion ingredients as much as possible and put them all into the beaker. 

As I was swirling it around, the color became cloudy again which was a sign of failure. 

I let out a sigh and put this second [ Failed Product ] into my inventory.

And thus, the day ended up a series of failures. 

Creating something new is really hard. 

As soon as I woke up, I checked if my phone was fully charged and then headed to school. 

Today at 11 am, the lottery for the reservation tickets for “Autumn Online Game Fest” will start. My attendance was fine, so I’m sorry sensei! Just for today, please let me be absent!

When I arrived at school with a beaming smile, Yuuta was already there.

“Yuuta, morning!”

“Morning! Kengo, have you already registered your number? If not, do it now. That way you can enter with a click.”

“Ah, that’s a great idea.”

Following Yuuta’s instructions, I entered the numbers. 

Now it’s done.

“I heard the people using the audio-visual room during their class hour will sneakily make reservations with the computers in the room.”

“No, I don’t think that’s possible. The server is going to be so busy, so it’ll probably go down.”

“I see. The odds are still better with mobile phones then.”

As we were both talking, the classroom door opened and our homeroom teacher walked in. 

I turned around and put my phone in my pocket. 

“Good morning. As you probably know, there’s a ticket lottery for a certain event today. Some of you might be thinking of sneaking out and making a phone call, but this is a place where people study. Anyone who sneaks out during that time will receive a negative evaluation without mercy, so please take that into consideration. Do you all understand? You won’t be allowed to leave early unless there’s a good reason to, like vomiting blood or having a serious high fever. Of course, you’ll need to have a proper assessment, and if the nurse tells you to go home, then you can,” said the teacher when he arrived.

The whole classroom erupted in booing and I was no exception. It was also not my imagination that I could hear Yuuta’s tongue clicking behind me.

The teacher just let out a sigh of exhaustion and said,

“You know, I want those reservation tickets too, but I have school, so I can’t do it. I gave up, so you guys should give up gracefully, too. Let’s get along and go as regulars, okay?”

This too was greeted with another booing session. Because if we went as regulars, we would only see human heads instead of a game festival. It would be so miserable to have the same fate as last year. 

I hung my head in disappointment as I heard my homeroom teacher say, “Let’s start the class.”

In the middle of a disappointing class, the first period was world history, so I just struggled with sleepiness. Those words in the textbook, I wondered if there was a sleep-inducing magic circle attached to them somewhere. Instead of a long boring list of letters, couldn’t they put a concise chronological table in the textbook? And please write the important parts next to the text, like annotations. 

These endless streams of letters only made me feel sleepy. I wished someone would make a textbook that was easier to understand. 

Biting back a yawn, I changed into my gym clothes for second period PE class. I heard someone say today was basketball, so I let out a defeated sigh. 

I didn’t mind being physically active, but it was just that they showed no mercy in an attempt to hit me, so it was quite troublesome. Yuuta hit back at those who tried to hit him, unlike a certain someone who was always at the receiving end of this abuse. 

I dragged myself next to Yuuta. I had already given up on the fact that we had a lover-like height difference when we stood side by side.

Along with the sound of the teacher’s whistle, I dragged myself to do some warm-up exercises. Then, I stood back-to-back with a guy of similar height to me and crossed our arms. The kind of exercise was where you lifted the guy behind you on your back to stretch. Last time, when I did it with Yuuta, he told me that doing it with me couldn’t be called an exercise because his feet never left the ground, so we had been doing it separately ever since. Needless to say, he had a bruise on his shin for several days after that day. 

Amidst the sound of the ball hitting the ground, I was absentmindedly watching Yuuta’s manly figure.

His movements were flawless, with no pointless movement. It was just like him to be good at sports. I felt like I had already done those moves just by watching him and I was satisfied with this.

But nothing went as planned. 

At the sound of the whistle, all the guys who were competing on the court left at once.

“Next—. The third game will start soon—” the gym teacher shouted.

I lazily sat up. But as I was a boy, once on the court, the melancholy that I felt earlier disappeared, and I began to have a competitive spirit that I didn’t want to lose. 

I played the game pretty hard. When we scored a point, my teammates and I rejoiced together and ran around shouting. It was frustrating but fun. 

Everyone was under our basket, fighting for the rebound.1

We were in a desperate match. I was also getting caught up in the atmosphere and jumped frantically. It might have been because I was in the right position, but the ball bounced right at me. 

Got it! Just when I thought I had it, the guys from the enemy team, who had gained too much momentum, all rushed in at once. 

The moment I thought something wasn’t right, I was already underneath a pile of students. 

H, heavy…

I was quickly rescued by the teacher, but I was not unharmed. 

“Sensei… I think I just twisted my leg… It hurts.”

I couldn’t stand up at all and looked up at the teacher beside me. 

In an instant, Yuuta scooped me up and carried me. 

“Sensei, I’ll take Kengo to the infirmary.”

“Oh? Ah, Takahashi, take care of him. If it looks bad, have the nurse take him to the hospital.”


While being carried on Yuuta’s shoulder, I raised my hand towards the teacher.

“Sorry to trouble you. Aren’t I heavy?”

“You’re light as a feather, so it’s fine.”

“Do you think I’d be happy to hear that?”

“No, it would be funny if you were happy. Anyway, Kengo.”

He walked with such ease that I couldn’t believe he was carrying me. 

Hey, wasn’t this the classroom, not the infirmary?

Yuuta strode up the stairs and arrived at our classroom. 

Then, he skillfully rifled through his backpack and mine with one hand. Meanwhile, I was on his shoulder. 

Yuuta took out our phones and put them in his pocket. And this time, he headed for the infirmary. 

“Kengo, you did well. Now we can call for a reservation without hesitation.”

Yuuta walked through the door of the infirmary with me on his back with a big smile. 

The doctor put a cold patch on my swollen leg, bandaged it, then looked at me and said,

“This is going to hurt. You’d better go to the hospital. What do you want to do? Do you want to call your parents?” 

“My parents can’t get out of work.”

“Sensei, I’m his neighbor and we go to the same hospital, so I’ll carry him and have him checked there. It’s not too far from here.”

“Oh, you’re from the same neighborhood? Then, Gouno, let Takahashi carry you to that hospital—the orthopedic department.”

Yuuta was grinning and the doctor was making a face like this kid made a good point. So did that mean I would be carried by Yuuta the whole way to the hospital? Was this some kind of shame play or something?! Nooo… 

When I said this, the doctor thought a bit and told Yuuta.

“Takahashi, I think Gouno likes the princess carry instead of being carried on your back.”

That’s not true at all!

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