This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 104 – In the Park with Yuuta

“I’m going to quickly grab our bags from the classroom. We should still have time.”

Yuuta looked at his watch for the time.

It seemed that the reason he brought his phone along earlier was because he was ready to make the call here if it was going to take a while.

But I guessed our unexpected early departure would mean a change of plans.

“Then Gouno, write your reasons for leaving early here. And Takahashi as well. Go straight to the hospital and don’t make any detours.”

“Yes, sensei.”

Yuuta dashed back to the classroom while I wrote our names in the early dismissal file provided by the doctor.

The doctor reminded me to keep my receipt, telling me that if I was leaving to go to the hospital, I would have to submit the receipt to the school.

Yuuta soon returned with both of our bags.

“Well then, sensei, I’m taking Kengo with me, so please inform our homeroom teacher.”

“Yes, yes. So will Takahashi be taking Gouno there in a princess carry? I’m sure it will be quite tiring for you.”

“Sorry, but I decline.”

When I quickly refused, the school doctor laughed hysterically. I’m not trying to be funny, okay?

“If you lend me your shoulder, I can walk.”

“Absolutely not. If you push yourself now, it will be worse for you later on. Let him carry you on his back. Or maybe call a cab? You’ll have to ask your parents to complete the various formalities later.”

“Don’t worry, sensei. I’ll give him a piggyback ride. Kengo’s small, so it’ll be easy.”

Stop saying I’m small. I already know.

With my cheeks puffed out a little, I grabbed onto Yuuta’s back as he crouched down.

I waved goodbye to the doctor, and we left the school.

A short distance from the school, Yuuta turned off the road and walked into a small park.

“Anyway, I don’t think we can call from the hospital, so let’s call from here and we’ll go to the hospital after.”


I asked Yuuta to put me down on a park bench, and with our phones in hand, we waited for 11 am to come.

“Hey, Yuuta, how many people can participate in the lottery this year?”

“Isn’t it 30,000?”

“And 1000 people, that’s how many can win, right?”

“Yeah. The odds aren’t so bad.”

We nervously waited for 11 am.

With two minutes remaining, we opened our screens, and the instant the clock turned to 11 am, we both immediately made a call.

“This line is busy at the moment. We will connect you in order, so please wait patiently, or you can try your call again later.” 

The busy line announcement kept playing, and Yuuta and I continued to listen to it in silence.

But still, I wondered how so many people were calling, even though I had called immediately myself. I guess that’s just how much people were anticipating it.

We were all trying hard to get tickets for the [ Autumn Online Game Fest ].

The two-day event was held every year on a Saturday and Sunday in the fall, and it was said to draw 300,000 to 400,000 visitors over the two days. People came from all over the country to attend this gaming festival. I lived a little far from the event, but it was only one stop away on the bullet train, so it wasn’t too difficult to get there if I had a little extra money in my pocket. The previous year, I went there by myself first thing in the morning on a regular train. The bullet train would be faster, but the fare was more expensive. But if I could secure a reserved ticket, of course, I would take the bullet train to get there as early as possible. But I didn’t know if I was going to get the ticket.

As I waited, holding the phone to my ear impatiently, Yuuta started playing with his screen faster than I did.

Oh, shit, Yuuta connected? I wondered if it was my turn soon!

“Okay, it’s done. Lottery number 598.”

I didn’t expect triple digits! Me too, me too! I waited for a few more minutes and then my phone also connected.

“Thank you for your patience. Please follow the instructions on your keypad.”

As I was prompted, I entered a variety of information. After entering my name, address, the number of people I was reserving for, and my phone number, a message was immediately sent to me.

[ Lottery ticket reservation complete. Your lottery number is ‘No. 10145’. ]

“Woo-hoo! Just in time! But I’m number 10145. It’s crazy to think that 10,000 people made reservations in just those few minutes…”

“I’ve heard that they accepted all reservations for the lottery before, and the turnout was outrageous. I bet they already exceeded 30,000. It’s a race against the clock.”

I patted my chest in relief that I had successfully made my reservation in the lottery.

Now, if either I or Yuuta got selected in the lottery, we would have the right to buy priority tickets for 5 people. So, in reality, if 1,000 people were accepted, plus additional tickets for the number of people they applied for, the total number of people who would be given priority would be around 5,000. The maximum number of reservations per person should have been 5.

But if these priority tickets were to be distributed on the Internet and sold to others at inflated prices, there would be a penalty, I believe. But I guessed the people who really wanted them were willing to pay any price. I didn’t think I would buy them though, because I heard that if the person who bought them is found out, he or she would also be in trouble.

Anyway, I would just wait for the result of the lottery.

“Well then, now that you’re relieved, let’s go to the hospital.”

“Oh, yeah. I was so excited I forgot.”

I once again climbed onto Yuuta’s back, and this time he took me to see the orthopedist.

I came home from the hospital on crutches, without borrowing Yuuta’s back. First, I sent a text message to my mom that I had sprained my leg and had to go to the hospital, and then I headed to my room.

It was just lunchtime, so I quickly ate my lunch and turned on my computer.

I didn’t want to waste time eating. Gather information, gather information!

I looked at the list of materials that could be found in the area, took a quick look at their benefits, and popped some food into my mouth.

What I had was only a small part of the list.

Maybe the fact that there was no deadline set meant that I could return to the workshop once, gather lots of materials, and then take my time to work on it.

If I could get to my workshop’s storeroom, I’d have dozens of times more materials stuffed in there than I have in my inventory. Maybe I could try using all of that. Perhaps it was too much to expect me to use only what I had on hand.

I wondered how long Vidello-san would be in Sei. The gatekeeper in Tre had said it would only be for a short period of time.

If Vidello-san was going back, I would go back to Tre with him. The prime minister would have to wait a little while. Although it bothered me to drag out the quest like that, it was the only way to clear it.

Closing the lid of my empty bento box, I said “Thank you for the meal” and clasped my hands together. Then I struggled my way down the stairs, being careful to protect my leg, and put my bento box in the kitchen sink.

After logging in, I found that Yuuta was already online as well.

It was so strange that my leg hurt so much when I walked around when I was logged out, but here I could walk around normally without any problems.

As I left the room, I bumped into Crash, who was carrying his luggage.

“Ah, Mac. I’m heading back to Tre. What about you, Mac? Are you going back with Vidello?”

“I want to complete the prime minister’s request, but I want to go home soon too…”

When I replied with some concern, Crash took my hand and said, “Well then, let’s go see Vidello now. How about we ask him how much longer he’s going to be here and then leave together? There’s something I’ve been wanting to try. Mac, please come with me for it.”

“Something you want to try?”


Crash held onto my hand and started walking with a smile on his face.

Then, when we reached the middle gate before the inn, we stood in front of Vidello-san, who was wearing cool armor.

“Vidello, can you go back to Tre yet?”

“Crash. Take your hand off Mac.”

Before he answered the question, Vidello-san grabbed my hand like he was taking me away from Crash. His hand was brushed away, but Crash seemed to be unbothered by it.

“We’re going back to Tre, so Vidello, you better hurry back too.”

“You’re taking Mac with you?”

“Of course I am. How dare you monopolize our resident pharmacist, Vidello? It’s about time I got my Mac back.”

“I’m not giving him back. Mac’s mine.”

The other gatekeeper was giving me a suspicious look as the battle for me unfolded in front of him. It was about time to stop this.

“Mac, can’t you wait four more days? In four days, they’ll send someone else to take my place, and then I can go back to Tre.”

“Eh, well then—”

I was about to say I’d wait when Crash interrupted, “Too bad.”

“Vidello, four days is easy to say, but four days is a long time. I’m sorry, but I have something I need Mac to do with me. So, Vidello, just stand here quietly for the next four days. If all goes well, we might be able to pick you up in four days.”

Crash quickly moved on and waved goodbye to Vidello-san. Then he beckoned, “Come on, Mac, let’s go.”

“Vidello-san, I’m going to go with him. I’ve got some things I need to do in Tre, so I’ll be waiting for you when you get back. Good luck.”

“Mac… I see. Well, I’ll do my duties well and return to Mac quickly. Be careful on the road. I’m so glad you came.”

“But I’m sure Vidello-san had a hard time because of my visit. I’m sorry. But…”

I like you so much.

I took Vidello-san’s hand, which was covered with a metal gauntlet, and kissed it to convey my feelings to him.

I looked back at Vidello-san and waved to him as I walked over to Crash, who was hurrying me along.

I wondered if it was my imagination that I heard Vidello-san’s voice behind me asking the gatekeeper next to him, “Hey, can the deputy come any sooner?” to which the other responded, “I don’t know!” 

I had to get going, but Vidello-san… you’re so cute. I like you ❣️.

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