This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 112 – Super Luxurious Party

“You found a hidden room in the dungeon in the valley?”

When I told them about the room at the back of the dungeon, both Crash and Emily-san listened with great interest.

“There was a rumor going around the Adventurer’s Guild that it was a dungeon off the beaten path.” 

“This morning I went deep inside and was able to go all the way to the bottom by chance. It looked like a room where they were researching some kind of resuscitation drug or something like that. And this is what I found there.”

When I pulled out a diary that seemed to have garbled letters on it, Emily’s eyes widened.

Crash was tilting his head, so maybe he couldn’t read it.

“These characters are very old. I’ve probably only seen them in the elf village before. May I take a look inside?”

“I brought it here without permission, so it’s a little late for that. By all means.”

Emily-san smiled bitterly at my reply and carefully opened the diary.

“The 23rd day of Sanmitsu, hour 3 of the age-day, it has already been 3 days since my companion passed away. No matter what documents I search, I can’t find any clues. I have no idea how a life that is about to disappear can be returned to its original body.”

Emily-san read the diary fluently. It was completely different from what I deciphered. It’s like the difference between an elementary school student’s essay and a college student’s essay.

As I glanced and listened, Emily-san glanced at me.

“This month that’s called Sanmitsu[T/N: sanmitsu means “three full moons”] in the calendar must have been used before the existence of the demon continent. And this “age-day” represents time. I’m not sure what date or time this calendar is, but I’m sure the village elders who have been around since the time this calendar was used would be familiar with it.”

Woah. An elf that old was still alive? I wondered how old they might be. It was an elvish mystery.

“The fact that they used this as their normal calendar means that this laboratory was used by someone from a long time ago. It’s been said that, in the past, that canyon used to be more like a creek down there and not that deep, so this person must have built the hidden room in that cave around that time.”

Emily-san, who continued to explain her reasons one after another, flipped the diary shut.

“I’d like to go to that room sometime.”

“I also want to go.”

Crash also raised his hand. I’d gladly take them along. But weren’t they both busy people?

“In my case, all I have to do is close the store.”

“I’ll say I’m doing field research. It’s required in the guild.”

Oh, those were some great words.

“I’d like to show this to the elders for now. But Crash doesn’t know the Elf Village and… Sage said he went there the other day, but it hurts that I can’t contact Sage at a time like this. Besides, it’s bad enough that I have to ask him to come out every time for my convenience.”

“Ah, I can contact Sage. Telepathy magic is something I learned from Sage.”

While I watched the conversation between parent and child, Crash instantly drew a small magic circle.

When the magic circle glowed, Crash slowly opened his mouth.

“Sage, I have a small request to ask of you.”

Crash moved his gaze and nodded, it was like he was talking to Sage. It was a little unnerving to only hear Crash’s voice, like I was standing next to someone on the phone.

“Ahh, yes. I’m sorry, I know you’re busy… yes, then, I’ll be waiting for you.”

With Crash’s words, the magic circle turned into light and disappeared.

Crash was smiling gently, and I realized that Sage was coming. Seriously, it seemed like Sage was really Crash’s guardian.

“I wonder how old Sage is. Even though he doesn’t look all that different from us, his behavior and the way he does things are like he’s Crash’s father.”

The moment I muttered that to myself, Emily burst into laughter.

“He thinks he’s his guardian.”

“Is that so? Is that why Sage-san is staying at Crash’s house? Is this something that is alright for me to ask?”

Emily-san and Crash didn’t seem particularly concerned about the questions that came up and answered.

“It’s fine if it’s Mac. You see, I inherited that store from my parents. After they left, saying that they were old enough to spend the rest of their lives in a peaceful place, Sage suddenly came to my house. He said that he was an old friend of my mother’s. After that, he started coming to my house often, and he was always worried about whether I was in trouble.”

As I thought, Sage-san was a parent by heart. When I was convinced that this was the case, Emily-san patted her son, who was now taller than her, on the head a little and lowered her eyes.

“The couple who raised Crash lost their precious only son in the recent subjugation of the Demon King. That’s why, they took care of Crash in their son’s stead. Sage knew this too, saying that if they moved to the countryside, Crash would be the one taking care of them. I owe a debt of gratitude to that couple, and to their son, that I can’t repay.” 

Emily-san laughed out loud as if she remembered it. Then she opened her mouth to add, “And you know what? Sage has a bad mouth, but he’s a caring and kind person. I’m also busy with a lot of things. Mac, if it’s fine with you, please also support Sage. I’m sure you, who can handle Sara’s things, will be a great help.”

“I don’t know how much help I can be, but if you’re alright with me.”

“Thank you.”

I see. There was such a situation. Sage-san must have been worried about Crash being alone. 

However, I couldn’t help but find it strange that he was Emily-san’s old friend, even though they seemed to be so different in age. If anything, even though he was old enough to be a parent to Crash, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t see him that way, atmosphere-wise.

As I was thinking about this, Sage-san appeared in front of me.

“What’s wrong, Crash? I see Mac’s here too.”

“Hey, Sage, could you please take a look at this?”

Emily-san handed the diary she was still holding to Sage-san, who had just appeared.

As Sage-san opened it and looked through it, his eyes widened in surprise, and he began to read the text with great interest.

“This is… where on earth did it come from…”

“I found it today.”

The moment I said that, Sage-san grabbed my arm. Sage-san looked straight at me with a serious face.

“Can you take me to where you found this?”

“Ah, yes, that’s fine, but…”

They said that the river would be dammed until the bluetails left the nest, so I guessed we could enter the dungeon in the meantime. Hopefully, there won’t be too many people.

“Are we going right away?”

When I asked that, all three of them nodded. Wow, what a wonderful party it turned out to be.

Since we didn’t want to waste time, Sage-san teleported us to the bridge, and from there, we went down the canyon through the collection point.

Emily-san and Crash seemed to be enjoying themselves, looking at the ivy with great interest and looking up at the bridge above, giving off a bit of a wanderlust vibe. That’s right, both of them were experienced travelers. 

But Sage-san had a strained expression, as if he had just entered a secret dungeon.

The area in front of the dungeon, which had been so crowded in the morning, only had a few people left, and no one seemed to be inside.

I guess someone had posted on the bulletin board that it was a dungeon off the beaten path. It would seem that the contents were also written in detail.

As we walked in, we were greeted by a wolf, and after Emily-san instantly defeated it, we continued onwards without collecting anything. 

Emily-san, who stood in the lead and held a sword in one hand, actually defeated the wolf with a single swing. It was scary that she didn’t even need to slow down.

In the second area, I couldn’t even defeat one in three hits. And the final room required me to use items. In the end, Emily-san was a swordswoman. As expected from a true hero.

“Hey, Mac. Here? Is this the entrance of the room in question?”

Sage-san looked back at me while standing in what appeared to be a mere dead end.

When I nodded, Sage seemed to be able to sense it, and the magic circle in the ancient magic language appeared on the wall.

“This is… not a single contact, it’s the least fuel-efficient magic circle I’ve ever seen. It’s from the early days when magic circles were first devised.”

So that’s what it was. That was why it consumed so much MP. He was able to understand it at a glance. All I could say was as expected.

“Then, let’s go.” 

After saying that, Sage-san quickly put his hand on the magic circle and disappeared.

“Wait, you’re too fast Sage-san!”

“Seems like we got left behind. What do we do? I’m not good at sensing magic.”

Both of them stared in dismay as Sage-san disappeared. The magic circle also disappeared when Sage-san did.

I held out my hand to them, wondering if this magic circle could teleport all of us if we held hands.

“[ Detection ]. As the number of people increases, the amount of magical power consumed will also increase. I wonder if it’s enough.”

I was hesitant to touch the circle, thinking that three people would be difficult since I was down to one-third of my MP with just one person, but Crash, who could also see the magic circle, touched it first.

Immediately, the scenery in my field of vision changed completely.

Apparently, I had used Crash’s magical power, and my MP had only decreased by the amount I used for my detection.

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